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Blast! PENNY stops selling THIS product

In the future, PENNY will refrain from selling fireworks throughout Austria. Fireworks are not only an enormous noise nuisance for people and animals, but also lead to high levels of particulate matter. Every year, the fine dust values ​​in many cities reach their maximum value on New Year's Eve.

In addition to the serious consequences for the environment, the high level of heavy metals in the air can also be harmful to health. "We have therefore decided to stop selling fireworks and thus make an important contribution to nature and species protection in Austria," explains PENNY Managing Director Ralf Teschmit.

No more fireworks

Fireworks reach a sound level of up to 190 dB within a radius of 15 meters. For comparison: a jet engine at a distance of 25 meters creates a sound level of 140 dB. Not only the noise, but also the light effects and the sulfur content in the air are dangerous for animals: Because wild animals, dogs and cats perceive the deafening noise, the bright flashes and the unknown smells as a life-threatening situation and panic and Stress.

"Many of them are seriously injured or even die when trying to escape. We have therefore been calling for a ban on private fireworks for years and appealing to retailers to remove pyrotechnics from their range. We are therefore very pleased that PENNY has followed this call and is working with us to improve animal welfare in Austria in the future, "said Madeleine Petrovic, president of Tierschutz Austria, the operator of Austria's largest animal shelter.

Mountains of garbage at New Year

Up to 1,000 tons of additional waste is caused annually by burned fireworks - a large part of it, as is well known, on New Year's Eve. While the garbage in the cities is removed with great effort by the garbage disposal, a lot of fireworks remains are often left behind in nature.

Relief for employees

The decision not to sell fireworks also relieves the burden on the 300 PENNY branches and their employees throughout Austria. This additional effort for logistics as well as safe storage and handling is now also ended with the sales stop.

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