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GoDaddy construction kit under test

With GoDaddy's website builder, even beginners can quickly get their own web presence.

Conclusion GoDaddy website builder

With GoDaddy's website builder, anyone can easily create complex websites. The clearly structured and easy-to-use editor, however, offers little scope for individual adjustments. If you don't need your own domain, you can at least publish the website permanently free of charge.


  • Easy entry
  • Hosting in the EU (France)
  • Free tariff
  • Minimum contract term one month
  • Telephone support also for free users
  • Mobile editor
  • Lots of hosting plans


  • Few similar layouts
  • Elements cannot be freely placed
  • Few payment providers for online shops
  • No permanent free email

Test rating from the editors


Gone are the days when you had to hire an expensive expert for your own website, because nowadays everyone can do it easily themselves - at least that's what the providers of so-called website builders promise. Extensive projects should also be implemented without training or prior knowledge. The question arises, of course, whether it can really be that simple. Well, you have to make a little effort, but then you can often get good results. COMPUTER BILD has looked at the most important offers and checked how good they actually are. Read what GoDaddy's Website Builder can do here.
1) GoDaddy: What Does the Website Builder Offer?
2) GoDaddy: Helpful functions for companies
3) GoDaddy: Using the Website Builder
4) GoDaddy: Costs and Benefits
5) GoDaddy: The conclusion of the test

Website builders: the best providers in comparison

GoDaddy construction kit: what does it include?

A brief overview of the features GoDaddy offers its customers:
Easy start: Thanks to the wizard, the basic structure of the website is created quickly.
Free version: The homepage can be operated permanently free of charge under a GoDaddy subdomain with basic functions.
Domain: Your own internet address is free for the first year.
Responsive design: Pages created with GoDaddy adapt automatically to smartphones and tablets.
Your own web shop: With the GoDaddy website builder, you can easily set up an online shop with individually presented articles and inventory management.
Email marketing: Personalized newsletters can be designed and sent without additional software.
Mobile editor: The homepage can also be edited comfortably on mobile devices.
GoDaddy is the world's largest domain registrar based in the USA and has been active in Germany since the beginning of 2018. With the website builder, the company is primarily aimed at small businesses and the self-employed, but it can also be of interest to private individuals. If you don't necessarily need your own domain, get by with basic functions and don't mind a GoDaddy advertising line, you can even use the offer permanently free of charge - with SSL encryption. This may be enough for a wedding page or an internet diary. Existing content can be transferred when switching to a paid package. All websites created with GoDaddy's website builder are responsive, which means that they adapt automatically when they are accessed from a smartphone or tablet. This is not only important because desktop pages are poorly displayed on mobile devices and are difficult to use. Google rates responsive pages higher than those that only know one view. The mobile version of the editor is practical, with which minor changes to the homepage can be made on the go.

With the GoDaddy Website Builder Mobile Editor, minor changes can be made quickly on the go.

GoDaddy construction kit: Helpful functions for companies

There are many useful building blocks for the business homepage in GoDaddy's website builder. Medical practices and companies such as photo or yoga studios can, for example, offer online appointment booking. However, only individual appointments are possible up to the standard package for just under ten euros. For group events and regular events, at least the more expensive premium package is required. Upon request, there is also an info text message for a new registration, and the participants can be automatically reminded of upcoming bookings by e-mail. Restaurants can offer table reservations via the OpenTable portal.
A forum for communication with customers cannot be set up, but a blog can. Links to social networks are also possible. However, the maximum number of monthly contributions and answers depends on the package booked and is very limited in the cheaper tariffs. No extra software is required for email marketing, because GoDaddy's website builder enables the creation and sending of personalized, lavishly designed newsletters with images, banners and plugins for social networks and other services. In order to measure the success of the homepage, a connection can be established to Google Analytics and for a small additional income to Google AdSense. Additional functions can be implemented via HTML, for example embedding Google Maps with your own location or a TripAdvisor widget. Unfortunately, it is only from the standard tariff that there is extended SEO support for search engine optimization.
Anyone who builds an online shop with the GoDaddy website builder can offer both material and digital goods such as software, e-books or videos. The products can be presented individually; in the case of discounts, the prices are shown in comparison to the standard price. Existing parts databases can be imported. In addition to PayPal, the only payment provider available for online payments is Stripe. Not everyone will enjoy such a significant restriction on freedom of choice.

The choice of payment service providers is very limited with GoDaddy's website builder.

GoDaddy construction kit: operation

If you want to try creating your own homepage first, you can simply get started after registering with GoDaddy. In fact, the website builder can be used free of charge with no time limit, and the result can even be published. The Internet address is generated automatically according to the scheme A fee-based package is required for booking and linking your own domain, with an assistant helping to set up the page. Some of the website's features are also reserved for paying customers. For example, an online shop that has been set up is displayed online in the free version, but cannot be used.
Getting started is easy, but not particularly flexible. After specifying which category suits you best and assigning a name to the homepage, the GoDaddy website builder automatically creates a basic page with suitable illustrations, which can now be expanded and adapted. A clear and easy-to-use editor is available for this purpose. However, it is not possible to freely position the elements using drag and drop. Some of them can be exchanged, rearranged or zoomed, but everything is done using menus and buttons. An import function for the content of an existing website would be desirable.

The GoDaddy website builder start wizard determines the basic structure of the homepage after a brief query on the subject.

There is a license-free image collection for the visual design, but your own images can be uploaded and used at any time. Curious: If the gallery is called up, it only shows a small selection that match the topic selected at the beginning. If you want to see more, you have to enter a suitable keyword in the search window and you will then be presented with the corresponding results. You will look in vain for a complete overview to browse. Text in boxes can be displayed in bold, italic, underlined and as a list. The font and size can only be changed globally, as can the color scheme. The individual pages are available in different views, and there are 22 templates for the entire layout of the website, which can be exchanged at any time. The result can be called up in the preview and is displayed there in the desktop and mobile version. So that nothing is lost in the event of errors or unintentional changes, the system regularly creates backups, and you can create your own backups. A click on "Publish" puts the current version online. All websites, including the free ones, are SSL-secured.
It can be problematic for companies that the GoDaddy website builder and thus also the homepage that they have created themselves are hosted in the USA. This may result in conflicts with the GDPR if its provisions are not complied with in the USA. After all, the pages already contain a data protection declaration, an imprint and the mandatory cookie notification. However, the website operator is responsible for ensuring that these comply with the legal requirements, which is why it is advisable to obtain additional information or professional advice here. If you need help designing your website with GoDaddy's website builder, detailed instructions are available on the help pages. Sometimes, however, these are automatically translated from English or not at all and may contain information that does not apply in this country. For further help there is telephone support in German, which is also free of charge for free users.

Phone support for the GoDaddy Website Builder is also available for free users.

What does the GoDaddy kit cost?

Anyone who operates the new homepage with their own Internet address and would like to enjoy additional functions can choose between the Basic, Standard, Premium and E-Commerce packages. In the basic version for 4.86 a month with annual payment, the extended SEO support is missing, and only a social network or other platform for entries can be integrated, and only 5 contributions per month are possible there. E-mail marketing is limited to 100 mailings per month and online booking to individual appointments. The standard package also includes SEO assistance, three platforms can be enriched with 20 articles per month, and the number of newsletters that can be sent increases to 500. However, this meager increase in performance costs € 9.74 per month, twice as much. It only becomes limitless on Facebook, Linkedin and Co. in the Premium version. In addition, recurring bookings of group events are possible with SMS messages for new appointments and reminder e-mails for the participants. With a limit of 25,000 marketing emails per month, quite a lot of customers can be regularly advertised. In return, the price increases by a further 50 percent to 14.62 euros per month. If you want to do e-commerce, you can get it with 19.49 euros per month.
Contracts with a monthly term and payment are also possible, but for a surcharge of up to 40 percent on the standard price. In addition, there are then no discounts, as is sometimes the case with term contracts for the first twelve months. A domain is free for one year, anyone who already owns one can also link it. The option to set up a mailbox with your own e-mail addresses is also free for one year. After that, it costs a generous 5.79 euros per month and user.

GoDaddy construction kit: conclusion

With the GoDaddy website builder, even beginners can quickly find their own homepage thanks to the wizard and the easy-to-use editor. Since there are only a few possibilities to customize the not very numerous templates, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd with the Internet presence. What is nice for private users is that the result can be published permanently for free under a GoDaddy subdomain. Companies can look forward to features such as online appointment booking and the newsletter function, but less so about the fact that these can only be used extensively in the premium package. The easy-to-use mobile editor is practical and allows you to quickly make changes on the smartphone or tablet while on the move.

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