What are the best PDF converter apps


The PDF format continues to play an important role when it comes to the simple and efficient exchange of documents. There are various tools available to convert documents into PDFs. In addition to the well-known tools from Adobe, there are also many other manufacturers who often offer their products for free. Numerous tools are also available for reading PDFs.

In addition to PDF readers, tools for editing PDF files (PDF editors) also play an important role. Users often want to convert PDFs. Here, too, tools are available that you can either install or use online. We have gathered the best tools for reading and creating PDFs. Incidentally, PDFs can not only be created with tools, but also with classic application programs such as Microsoft Word. Our photo gallery gives a quick overview of the best PDF tools. You can find out what the tools can do in detail on the following pages.

  1. PDF-01
    Microsoft Word can create PDFs by saving Word documents as PDF.
  2. PDF Exchange
    PDF-Xchange Viewer is a very flexible tool for displaying and expanding PDF documents.
  3. nuance
    Nuance Power PDF is not available for free, but it does offer every imaginable feature to read, create and edit PDFs.
  4. Bullzip
    The free version of Bullzip requires some extensions that the installation wizard can download automatically.
  5. Bullzip 2
    Bullzip offers extensive options for customizing the PDF files to be created.
  6. PDF-02
    PDF Creator creates a PDF from any document using the printing process.
  7. Online2PDF
    With the online service Oneline2PDF, users can create PDF files and convert documents quickly and easily.
  8. PDF editor
    With the PDF Editor from CAS-KAS, users and companies receive an inexpensive and easy-to-use PDF editor.

The most famous free tool for reading PDFs is safe Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, this tool is quite cluttered and offers numerous functions that most users do not need at all. That is why many users rely on other PDF readers, which are also available free of charge, but are much smaller in scope and easier to use.

Free PDF Reader: Foxit PDF Reader

One of the most famous examples of a free PDF reader is Foxit PDF Reader. Foxit is much leaner, faster and more resource efficient than Adobe Acrobat Reader. The tool is quick to install and also allows PDFs to be viewed in browsers. Foxit sometimes causes problems under Windows 10, which manifest themselves in uncontrolled crashes. Otherwise the PDF Reader runs without any problems. Users only need to complete the installation to use the tool.

The functionality of the free version is of course limited, especially compared to Adobe Acrobat Reader. However, the tool can also be used to generate PDFs and comments are also available. There are also numerous different views with which users can improve the interface and the display. Unfortunately, the developers are also increasing the functions of the reader from version to version, so that it is now a bit overloaded. However, when it comes to reading PDFs, Foxit is in no way inferior to other readers, including Adobe's. Large PDF files can also be opened with the tool without any problems.

In addition to comments, Foxit also supports highlighting words in PDF as well as underlining and strikethrough. The developers also provide a PDF editor that complements the range of functions. Foxit PDF Reader also works with cloud services like Alfresco and Box. In addition, documents can be checked in and out of teams so that teams can work together more efficiently. Foxit PDF Reader also works with MacOS X and Linux. The developers also provide a portable version that does not need to be installed.

Free PDF reader PDF-Xchange Viewer

PDF-Xchange Viewer is also a free and slim tool that also works fine under Windows 10 and can display PDFs. The installation is completed quickly. The developers also provide the option to edit PDF documents. In general, PDF-Xchange Viewer can also be used as a PDF editor and PDF converter. In the meantime, the tool has become the favorite of many users when it comes to reading PDF files. This reader also offers many advantages and advanced functions for reading PDF files.

The tool offers numerous advantages when it comes to opening large PDF files. Because all pages can be displayed in a preview. When viewing PDF documents, PDF-Xchange Viewer can be adapted very flexibly to the requirements of the user. Page displays can be displayed flexibly for all documents. In general, Foxit Reader and PDF-Xchange Viewer can also be used in parallel, so that the advantages of both tools can be combined.

Like Foxit Reader, PDF-Xchange Viewer can also perform actions on PDF files. Users can also read and edit comments here, including comments that were inserted by other users. In addition, PDF files can also be exported and areas of the PDF can be copied to the clipboard. Notes and markings can also be inserted. Like Foxit Reader, PDF-Xchange Viewer can underline, strike through or highlight text in PDF files. When highlighting, users can of course also work with different colors.