Most people are sheep

Humans are like sheep- about alpha humans and herd animals.

According to a study by British scientists, thinking for yourself is far too exhausting for the majority of people. They prefer to follow a small group of alpha humans (bellworms) like herd animals without thinking too much about it and hope that everything will somehow go well. Just stupid sheep.

The study by scientists from Leeds University, published in the journal Animal Behavior, puts this very clearly in a nutshell: on average, it only takes 5% of an amount that shows the way, then the remaining 95% follow them without really thinking about it. It doesn't even need any signals or comments, it is enough to act as a role model.

This has also been found in some Experiments on mass phenomena demonstrated, which the scientists carried out to find out whether humans behave like herd animals or not. To do this, a group of people had to move freely in a hall without being given any instructions. Only a few were given a specific path.

Interestingly, it turned out that the larger the group, the smaller the proportion of alpha people it takes to influence a crowd. With a crowd of 200 people, there were only 10 people left (5%) with a clear goal needed to influence the haphazard rest. To do this, the “informed” didn't even have to know or discuss each other. Just by “showing” they managed to form a self-structured snake that followed the given path.

As in our "normal" society, the majority of the test subjects did not even notice that they were being led, or that they were simply running after the others like stupid sheep.

When you see that Herd instinct of people can be influenced even without verbal or visual communication, one becomes aware of the power that self-appointed or artificially created “idols” and role models have. Every new tattoo from Madonna, the new haircut from Pink, the favorite politician from Bono, the mini from Kill-Bill, etc.

Without being aware of it, millions of people around the world follow the role models of a profit-driven corporate strategy.

So ask yourself: where and when do you yourself follow any dubious leader like a sheep in the herd? Are you perhaps an alpha person yourself who is a role model for others, perhaps even consciously manipulating you?

Keep your eyes open and be aware of your actions - also, or precisely because it is exhausting to think for yourself!