What happens when we eat raw vegetables

If you only eat vegetables. What if there are only raw vegetables and fruits? nutrition

There is a diet that uses foods and fruits in foods. But no matter how you prepare. They can be used with raw, cooked, or a guy. The fact that all menus are based only on plant foods is important. There are positive and negative sides to a fruit and vegetable. A short diet will benefit, and if it is long to observe such a diet, it will negatively affect your health.

What happens when there are vegetables and fruits in a short time

The benefits include:

  • Helps get rid of edema.
  • Has high efficiency.
  • Strengthens immunity.
  • Allows you to eat deliciously.
  • It combines well with yoga classes.
  • Prevention of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, cancer incidence.
  • Improves wellbeing.
  • The skin becomes smooth.
  • Cleans the blood, liver and kidneys from harmful substances.
  • Natural products are very useful for health.
  • Detoxification at the cellular level.
  • It helps to reduce body weight.
  • All dishes are easy to prepare.
  • With the proper performance of nutrition, the effect of weight loss is easy to save for a long time.
  • Leaves blood pressure behind.
  • Reduces the likelihood of osteoporosis.

Important With a diet a day, it is necessary to drink several liters of fluid. For example water or fritters.


  • Unbalanced amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the diet.
  • The likelihood of getting helminthosis due to fallen or poorly washed fruit.
  • Acids contained in fruits, caustic teeth, enamel, mucous mouth and stomach.
  • The list of allowed products is limited, so it is not very easy to create a menu and find recipes.
  • Monotonous dishes are bored, so the risk of breaking into the forbidden food increases.
  • In the presence of diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract, such a diet is prohibited.
  • It is difficult to stick to the diet outside of the home, such as visiting.
  • Food fiber can cause diarrhea.
  • The lack of vitamin D, which is needed for healthy bones, calcium metabolism, energy maintenance.
  • The lack of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for the health of the heart, eyes, brain.
  • Inadequate protein intake.
  • Saturation takes a short time.

reference Vegetable and fruit diets are contraindicated for children and pregnant women.

Cons long diet on vegetables and fruits

Deficiency in minerals and vitamins

Fruits and vegetables contain fiber and carbohydrates, but they do not have all the necessary substances that are in meat and milk: protein, vitamins of group B, D, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron. Fats are also necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Without it, the brain and psyche will not be healthy. Proteins and fats are necessary to effectively cleanse the body, strengthen immunity, good metabolism. If we only use plant-based foods, muscle mass is lost over time. Avitaminosis can develop, dizziness, dry skin, headache, hair loss. Some vegetables like rhubarb, sjey, spinach, artichokes have oxide acid that is associated with minerals in the intestines. Molecules are created that prevent minerals from being absorbed into the blood.

Loss of Energetic.

Men need to consume 2700 calories per day and women up to 2000 calories. The vegetable food of a small calorie so that it is impossible to receive a sufficient number of calories. With nuts, grains, seeds, vegetable oil, it is impossible to provide a sufficient level of energy. Even if you try to distribute the energy needs, the use of fruits and vegetables will be a lack of carbohydrates, which will help you focus and be vigorous. There is also a lack of vitamin D, which is responsible for maintaining energy. A person has severe fatigue, weakness is pain, irritability. Productivity and concentration of attention are reduced. The constant feeling of hunger will cause discomfort.

Rapid weight loss

Such a diet allows you to lose weight quickly, but it does not happen because of the layer of fat and muscle mass. Outwardly, it looks nonethetic as the skin does not have time to adapt to new amounts of the body, which leads to a loss of elasticity, causing stretch marks, wrinkles and bags to appear. After a diet, many are returned to the calorie feed, resulting in double the size of the weight return. The body will be under great strain. Women can have hormonal violations, malfunctions in the work of the endocrine system, stopping the menstrual cycle, which is dangerous for reproductive function. There will be a hint of the skin of the face, bruises under the eyes.

When eating vegetables and fruits in the stomach, a large number of gases are formed. With long-term consumption of some carbohydrates, the stomach is troublesome. A person feels heartburn, nausea, colic in the stomach and intestines. This is how poorly digestible food manifests itself. The food in the body is under heavy load and contributes to the development of meteorism. The main cause is the high fiber content in vegetables and sucrose in fruits. With a large use of fruits and vegetables, non-fructose and fiber become a nutrient medium for bacterial microflora in the lower intestines, thereby breaking the enzyme system.

Cool decrease in cholesterol

Diet low in fat but more carbohydrates greatly reduces blood cholesterol. Studies have shown that moving food lowers cholesterol levels by 35 percent. The state becomes unstable. Depression, nervousness, aggressiveness or apathy begins. There is increased stress on the kidneys, liver, brain, and lungs. The pathology develops. The likelihood that the appearance of malignant tumors will increase. Hormonal disorders can occur, thyroid problems, diabetes of the second type. The sensitivity is reduced, reflex fills appear.

Reduced exposure to inflammation

Proteins and vitamins are most affected by strengthening immunity. Without these components, the protective function of the body from the development of inflammatory processes is reduced.

reference A large amount of fructose causes inflammation in endothelial cells, the miserable blood vessels.

The unbalanced diet disrupts the digestive process, causing an imbalance in the intestinal microflora in which the cells of the immune system accumulate. With imminent immunity, resistance to pathogenic bacteria is lost. There is laundry, fatigue, drowsiness. Frequent colds and viral diseases are inflicted. Chronic illnesses are exacerbated. There is an increase in the lymph nodes. Wounds do not heal well, fungal lesions can appear on the skin. Reduces protection against malignant tumors. The body cannot withstand disease because immunity is not working the way it should.

As much as possible, to lose weight in a month, if there are only vegetables and fruits.

Due to the low calorie content of plant products and a large content of fiber that is not broken down in the stomach, it can create a feeling of satiety, which you can lose well. Depending on the initial weight, such a diet is really set back 10-15 kg for the month. After all, the weight does not return, it is necessary to come out right and not return to the strength of harmful foods.

To improve health, you can go into a fruit and vegetable diet. As a result, the weight is noticeably reduced. But such a diet should not be in short. Otherwise the opposite effect turns out and all organism systems suffer. Dangerous diseases can appear. Even before such a diet, even in the short term, it is better to consult a specialist. The performance must be balanced and include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins that are suitable for the body, as well as fiber and necessary trace elements. The content of fats in fruits and vegetables is minimal, and therefore most often they are included in dietary nutrition. Despite the mass of PLUSs, there is practically no natural protein in fruits, such as meat and fish. It is due to the lack of protein that puts the issue of a pure fruit and a plant-based diet at a dead end for many professionals. Then let's try to understand this problem in more detail, as well as get to know the nutritional tips.


The golden rule states that everything should be in moderation. The human body should be given a balanced diet that includes vegetables and meat and fish. As for vegetables and fruits directly, then with the right nutrition, bring them exclusively to any body, namely:

  • normalize blood pressure;
  • reduce the likelihood of serious diseases associated with the cardiovascular system;
  • reduce the risks of occurrence in the body of the tumors;
  • contribute to the cleansing of the body from harmful waste products and toxins, and also support the weight at an optimal level;
  • improve digestion and the operation of the gastrointestinal tract overall;
  • reduce the risk of developing diabetes and also reduce blood cholesterol;
  • Fruit diets are a form of detoxification for the body.

In addition, raw vegetables and fruits largely strengthen immunity and increase the barrier functions of protecting the body, especially in the cold season. Using a large number of fruits and berries (but at the same time not more kilograms per day) will allow you to protect your body from various viral and bacterial diseases.

Doctors also noticed that using raw fruits and vegetables helps improve brain activity, focus, and retain new energy.

However, all rawlings and vegetarians are very important in establishing a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and nuts, as well as the use of vitamins, otherwise all benefits of eating exclusively plant-based products can simply be shut down.

Damage food

Despite the bulk of the antics of the herbal diets, they can harm the body, especially unprepared.

  • Often times, the people sitting on the raw diet lack the vitamins and minerals found in meat and milk. We are talking about group B vitamins, as well as such elements as potassium, calcium and zinc. Of course there is a lack of protein.
  • In very common cases, vegetarians have to use artificial protein, which felt the lack of natural due to the abandonment of meat and fish. That in the body there are normal numbers of vitamins in some fruits and vegetables in the body, and therefore the lack of vitamin D is associated with the development of bone diseases.
  • The use of fruits and vegetables can impair the activity of the human brain as well as lead to a lack of useful amino acids necessary to keep the heart, brain and eye device working.
  • In addition, this type of diet can provoke anemia and a sharp decrease in blood hemoglobin levels.
  • Fruit and vegetable diets can also provoke serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract: frequent constipation or diarrhea. This is due to the fact that there are many diet fibers in raw products that are difficult to digest in the intestines.

As a rule, a doctor cannot prescribe a diet that includes the use of raw fruits and vegetables alone. Every nutritionist stands for balanced nutrition, tested by time, with the exception of some diets that involve the predominance of fruit for a period of time. If there is a desire to completely change the diet or sat on a fruit diet, then the advice of a specialist is mandatory anyway. It is also very important to pass a number of analyzes (if necessary) so as not to have contraindications for the transition to a new diet.

Completely contraindicated to consume women and fruits for women who want to have a child, pregnant women and children.

When moving to a fruit or vegetable diet, it is very important to use several gallons of fluids per day. You can also produce purified mineral water and Brosse yourself.

Of course it is possible to live with the use of the fruits and vegetables, especially if the diet is balanced, and the vegetarian also uses grains, nuts and dairy products. However, the opinions of nutritionists on this occasion still diverge, especially when people go for a whole raw food diet. What happens when there are only vegetables and fruits can only tell the time and state of the human body. Someone feels good and someone only gets worse.

For the complete change in your diet on the fruit vegetables, it is very important to weigh everything in and against and against, and only then gently to it. It is best to have a balanced diet and you do not choose a diet for a long time and only for a few weeks. It is also very important not to choose strenuous diets because you can easily go to the hospital.

Read more about what happens when there are only vegetables and fruits, learn from the following video.

On the eve of spring and the upcoming beach season, are you determined to get rid of excess fat savings? Among the numerous nutritional systems that can help, many choose diet, including just a berry-fruit and vegetable base. So-called fruit vegetable diet. It even eliminates the consumption of grain and leguminous crops. How effective are effective and harmless for health and weight loss?

Fruit vegetable diet: PLUSES

Among the benefits of fruit and vegetable diets, we note the following:

  1. A large number of ballast substances (fiber), after modifying its part of the microflora of the stomach and small intestine, changes into substances that can reduce the peak of bad cholesterol. This value can reach up to 35%, which is possible with the "usual" diet by receiving special medication.
  2. Fruits and vegetables contain a large amount of water. Together with the fiber, it is very voluminous. A quickly filled stomach sends signals to the brain - stop, I'm full. There is a saturation. But with a large volume in most vegetables and fruits a little calories. Therefore, the body draws energy from other sources and the person loses weight. However, sitting on a carbohydrate diet shouldn't count on resetting 6-7 kg per week as encouraged on some "female" locations, but minus 3-3.5 kg is an achievable result for weight loss.
  3. The same fiber and fluid help free the thick intestine quickly and easily.
  4. The fruit-vegetable diet allows you to quickly restore hepatic and muscular glycogen speakers, reduce the level of the creature's painful syndrome and its duration.

If you decide to only eat vegetables and fruits for some time, keep in mind that the number of simple sugar limits is recommending 10%, and consequently the remaining 90% needs to be split between complex carbohydrates, vegetable proteins and fats.

Vegetable fruit diet: minus

Let's start with the fact that from the late 1980s onwards, instead of a system of balanced food behavior, nutritionists were actively promoting adequate electricity postulates. Among them is an article that and how necessary, depending on the ambient temperature and the region of residence. Based on this, they advise to adhere to diets, the basis, the basis of which (and not quite the whole diet!), It consists of vegetables, berries and fruits, it is not recommended not to do the winter spring, but in the summer-autumn period. And this advice is not based on any money saving.

Food that is almost a carbohydrate provides energy, but not the body's plastic needs. We are losing weight, you will lose, but it will happen by reducing muscle mass. The fat just doesn't have to be broken down as the source of energy is eliminated, but to maintain old volume and create new muscle cells is just not made of anything. Therefore, the lost kilograms return pretty quickly. Once proteins become the body, muscles begin to recover.

Vegetable fruit diet and its unconditional disadvantages:

  1. After a meal that contains a large amount of vegetable and fruit fiber, wait for a quick return from hunger. Especially when you've stretched your stomach. Fiber quickly goes to a 12-point bowel, where the body begins to feel cheated - the lack of protein and fats. In addition, the stomach begins to send impulses to the brain to ask, to fill it. As a result, the number of food ingestions under the spoon increases. To get rid of these effects will require a considerable amount of time and the power of will in the future.
  2. The lack of fats in food leads to a decrease in not only bad (low density) but also good, extremely necessary for the normal functioning of the body, high density cholesterol.
  3. The carbohydrate diet is definitive and does the pancreas, kidneys and liver. In some cases, it can lead to purulent acne.
  4. The passion for sour fruits and berries can cause gastritis.
  5. Exclusion from the diet of proteins, especially animals, leads to indispensable edema. And here the advice on the daily restriction of table salt up to 2 mg and less - the dead cartilage. Maybe worse. NACL is the desired mineral nutrient that is lost intensely during exercise and requires recovery rather than complete.
  6. The carbohydrate "silo" is no less effective at producing intestinal gases than legumes or meat.
  7. The lack of proteins and fats creates a deficit:
  • hormone-like substances necessary for the gastrointestinal tract, which, by the way, creates more hormones than all other endocrine glands and adipose tissue combined;

  • c-reactive protein, precursors and neurotransmitters themselves, as well as some amino acids that have unique functional meaning, such as omega-3 and omega-6;
  • minerals - calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, chromium;
  • vitamins - D, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, H, RR, lipoic acid.

Finally, we'd like to recommend that you lose yourself on a diet that limits carbohydrates and fats. Fruit Vegetable Diet For Weight Loss Let it be like a supplement. Leave fruit or vegetable days after the low-calorie unloading days necessary for the body to extend life expectancy.

You will lack important macro elements

In what quantities there are fruits and vegetables, the body cannot provide them through macro-elements. Despite the large content of macroelements in legume crops, their volume cannot cover the necessary daily minimum. Such kind of food leads to muscular dystrophy and the impaired metabolism in the body.

They lower the level of inflammation

Vegetable feed is a source of antioxidants and fiber. These substances are able to reduce inflammatory processes in the body, as well as protect against the adverse effects of endotoxins produced by bacteria. Especially useful to use fruits and vegetables on people with chronic inflammatory processes such as atherosclerosis and autoimmune diseases. With an increase in the preservation of products of plant origin in the blood, the level of C-reactive protein is noticeably reduced - the specific indicator of inflammation.

You become less energetic

It is known that carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body. However, if you split the same amount of fats, then the energy will be allocated twice as much. The lack of animal products greatly lowers the energy sources for the body. Mandatory number of calories required for one person per day (1800-2800), it is impossible to choose, use only fruits or vegetables. In order to maintain the energy, the processes in the body slow down. Therefore, on such a diet, the body becomes sluggish and unmoving, and mental processes are boring.

You will be left without essential vitamins and minerals

A particular deficit occurs in the vitamins of group B, on which the main source is meat and dairy products. The lack of vitamins and minerals negatively affects the posture, which leads to a violation of the work of the heart, muscles and a circulatory system. In the blood there is a decrease in hemoglobin, which is necessary to carry oxygen in tissues and organs.

You are losing weight

With this kind of power there is a deficit in energy substances. Energy is spent significantly more than it comes from eating. To cover the necessary costs, the body begins to break down existing fats and glycogen. In addition, the fiber gives a feeling of satiety and people eat less food. These two factors lead to a decrease in body weight.

You will experience gas more often

Vegetable foods are a source of fiber that is useful for the normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract. However, in large quantities, it can lead to a violation of GTS function, as the body cannot digest food fibers. This leads to increased gas formation in the intestines, diarrhea or, conversely, against constipation.

You will drop cholesterol dramatically

Lack of fats in vegetable feed leads to a violation of the exchange of these substances in the body. With this type of food, after a while, the level of cholesterol in the body is reduced by almost a third. For one, this is useful for people who are overweight and have high blood cholesterol levels. On the other hand, cholesterol plays an important role in the development of hormones, especially testosterone. Reducing the required amount of incoming fats can affect the hormonal background of the body.

A diet that only includes vegetables and fruits seems useful at first glance. However, products of animal origin are required for the normal functioning of all organism systems, especially in children and the elderly. An excess of fiber and long-term absence of protein in a daily diet can affect the state of health. To get to a completely plant-based type of food, you need to consult with a specialist.

Process up to 8 kg in 14 days.
The average daily calorie content of 690 kcal.

Vegetable diet - a useful and effective method of transfiguration of the figure. If, in the season of vegetables, you want to get rid of the excess fat picture device on your body, it is best to tell many specialists to refer to this method. Method of weight loss on vegetables (both duration and through a variety of diets). Choose the one that is right for you so that weight loss is easy, enjoyable and efficient.

Let's stop on the most popular variants of herbal transformation of the figure, which goes out for 3, 7, 14 days and a month.

Plant nutrition requirements

Start with the types of vegetable diets we offer from shortest - three days - Possibility. If the festive fenders go through with the Kalirage, the excellent solution with this diet will work on the figure. Specialists are offered on it daily to consume up to 1.8 kilograms of vegetables (other than potatoes). It is necessary to eat them in the raw form, as well as boiled and baked. You can also prepare salads by adding a light vegetable oil in them. You can fill them with low-calorie mayonnaise. But for a more remarkable result, weight loss wisely chooses soft yogurt or kefir for stocking up on salad. In addition, this product is significantly more useful. The daily diet should be divided by about 5 servings and eat when the feeling of hunger appears. Drinking in any version of a plant-based diet allows clean water and unglued tea (it is desirable to choose green). If you want to arrange mini-unloading, just give the gastrointestinal tract a rest, spend a day on vegetables.

A little longer is weight loss techniques seven days Vegetable diet. Now it is not necessary to eat vegetables alone. The company can sell some fruits (more details on the MAI menu), low-fat dairy and dairy products, berries, legumes. It is recommended to eat 4 times (breakfast, lunch, afternoon school and dinner). However, if you are visited by a feeling of hunger and between breakfast dinner, it is permissible to arrange a light vegetable snack (for example, to eat cucumber). Listen to your body to avoid the breakdown.

Vegetable base two weeks Diet consists of vegetable salads and fruits. Use as condiments for salads, use vegetable oils and fresh lemon juice. Also in this diet version there is a small amount of dry fruits and nuts. Encourage a four-meal deficiency in food for the next 3 hours before starting to sleep.

The longest version of the herbal diet continues month. If we lose weight sooner, you can stop. The diet should have a place for a sufficient number of vegetables: pumpkins, zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, various greens, green peas, etc. Prepare fresh salads, vegetable soups and stews from these products. Now the vegetable company can be protein products. Some meat is allowed in the diet, boiled beef or chicken are good choices. You can also add a few dairy products to the menu (defatted cottage cheese and kefira). The diet must be distributed so that the daily food meals were at least five years old, and it is possible. 6. The strict number of servings is not registered. Given the frequency of evios, it's easy to guess that they shouldn't be massive. Worm and await the next meal. Of course, a meal should not equate itself to the size of the saucer, but should also be made out of three dishes, of course not visible. Listen to your body and don't take over. Salads can be filled with vegetable oil. Salt can, but in moderate amounts.

Vegetable diet menu.

Approximate version of a plant-based diet for 3 days

Breakfast: vegetable salad (we use tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers), the olive oil and lemon juice splash.
Snack: Several carrots in general or chopped with a grater.
Lunch: Make a salad with finely chopped white cabbage with fresh cucumber with slices.
Soon: boiled beets.
Dinner: baked stuffed pepper with eggplant.

Approximate version of a plant-based diet for 7 days

day 1
Breakfast: coleslaw with apples; A glass of berry compote.
Lunch: a plate of vegetable soup; Green tea.
Ancender: Stodit carrot and oil-olive oil.
Dinner: pepper fell with eggplant and tomato and baked; Berry juice or compote.

Day 2.
Breakfast: low-fat house yogurt or kefir; Fresh berries.
Lunch: Bulgarian pepper, tomato and cucumber salad; some cheese and olives; A glass of fruit jelly.
Afternoon person: mostly baked apple.
Dinner: part of the cabbage broth.

Day 3.
Breakfast: radish salad with greens; Green tea.
Lunch: several baked potatoes baked without oil; Sauerkraut; Tea.
Soon: bake the beet.
Dinner: vegetable stew (without potatoes); A jar of dried fruit compote.

Day 4.
Breakfast: cabbage broth and green tea.
Lunch: low-fat soup made from non-private vegetables.
Half-date: salad made from boiled beets and a small amount of plants.
Dinner: Non-private Vegetable Salad, as well as a Glass of Low Fat Kefir.

Day 5.
Breakfast: 1 banana and a glass of low-fat yogurt with no additives.
Lunch: vegetable stew; Green tea.
Afternoon Person: Apple in Cheese or Baked.
Dinner: vegetable broth and unsweetened compote, cooked on dried fruits.

Day 6.
Breakfast: a glass of vegetable stock and berry compote.
Lunch: low fat soup cooked on cabbage broth.
Sferdnik: Cucumber Tomo Salad.
Dinner: Baked pumpkin on a reddish crust without additives; Green tea.

Day 7.
Breakfast: salad made from different fruits, preferably non-historical type.
Lunch: pea puree without oil and green tea.
Soon: Stodita carrot and oil oil oil.
Dinner: steamed zucchini plus a glass of low-fat kefir.

Approximate version of a plant-based diet for 2 weeks

Breakfast: juice from orange and lemon (preferably fresh); Any citrate.
Lunch: vegetable salad made from a non-private vegetable.
ALMOUNT BOOK: Several Monnonylivin and Dates.
Dinner: salad made from raw vegetables or cooked products of this type (in the priority of beet, spinach, cauliflower, carrots); Any non-private fruit or nuts as a dessert.

Note. This diet is not unchanged from a 14-day diet. You can create a menu with the most important diet recommendations.

Approximate version of a plant-based diet for 1 month

Breakfast: tomato and cucumber salad.
Snack: grated carrots sprayed with olive oil.
Lunch: boiled beef; Lettuce leaves and vegetables at your discretion (non-keyword type).
Afternoon school: several tablespoons of low-fat cottage cheese.
Dinner: baked pumpkin; A glass of skim kefir.

Plant-based diet contraindications

  • You can not stop on such a diet in the presence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and the exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Also strictly on a herbal technique should not be pregnant, while breastfeeding, children, old men and allergies to any of the products offered in the diet.

Benefits of the plant-based diet

  1. The indispensable weight benefits of vegetables should include the beneficial properties of the main diet vegetables. If the consumption of other foods in large quantities can cause negative consequences, then vegetables, on the contrary, enrich the body with a variety of substances that you need.
  2. The process of losing weight with a sensible approach will turn into an easy and enjoyable time where you will change the rainbow, both in figure and appearance.
  3. The benefits of vegetable diets also include a low cost of these products, especially in their season. Not buying, say, meat and fish products, you can save significantly.
  4. Only one ideal version of this diet is for people who have their own vegetable garden or the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland where these beneficial goodies grow.
  5. Vegetables have a soft cleansing eyes on the body, contribute to the natural normalization of the digestive process, increase immunity, which gives the body strength to fight viral diseases.
  6. Vegetable products are also excellent prevention of cardiovascular, oncological diseases, against the appearance of edema and the formation of kidney stones, reduces the risks of meeting with diabetes and diseases of the joints (rheumatism and arthritis).
  7. The abundance of vitamins and nutrients in vegetables has a positive effect on our appearance, strengthens the nails, hair, creates healthier and smoother skin. In the future, do not minimize the amount of vegetable products in your diet regardless of whether you are going to lose weight.
  8. Many who transform their bodies with the help of vegetables happily state that with a smooth outlet from the diet, the result obtained will be preserved for a long time.
  9. In the feeding period, due to the low calorie content of the proposed diet, the body gives extra kilograms quite quickly.
  10. The presence of complex carbohydrates helps adjust blood sugar.
  11. And the diverse diet will not make the process of losing weight with the same type and boring and will not make you want to stop everything.

Cons of the plant-based diet

  • The minutes of a plant-based diet, probably, may be due to its non-rigidity. If you want weight loss to be effective not only for the figure, but also useful for health, it is worth noting to do it in the season of vegetables. Otherwise, he will not only have to poorly acquire products on useful substances, but also be able to harm the body due to the abundance of chemistry, which is stacked for long-term storage and attractive species.
  • If you do not adopt this technique, it can be meat (exception - monthly diet). Because these luxurious plant-based diet options are not rich. Although most of the weights consider the easy tolerance of this diet, such a technique can be complex for people who are used to eating meat all the time. In this case, nutritionists recommend not to torment yourself and choose a more acceptable diet for you, in which vegetables will also be involved, but there is also a place for meat (for example). Not all nutritionists consider a plant-based diet that is fully balanced on the content of beneficial substances and minerals.

Repeated herbal diet

A three or seven day diet can be repeated once a year and a half. If you want to lose weight within two weeks, then you shouldn't repeat this marathon anywhere near 1-1.5 months. However, after a monthly weight loss on a herbal methodology, ideally it is recommended to wait six months.