What are some beginner apps to develop

Learn to program an app for beginners

With this online course you will be guided through the typical process of app development and you will learn step by step to program your own app with Ionic in connection with StencilJS.

You will test and improve the app and prepare it to be offered at the end in the official AppStore (iOS) and Google PlayStore (Android).

The app development course consists of 5 parts (more on this above in the "Course schedule" tab):

1) 👶🏼 Introduction | 15%
In this module you will learn the most important basics of programming apps. You will be introduced to the various app types and typical mobile app development tools that we will also use in the course.

2) 💻 Project setup | 10%
Here you set up your computer to program the app and install the necessary programs - all for free.

3) 📱 StencilJS | 30%
StencilJS is the tool that will form the code base of your app. Instead of laboriously programming the app with your own JavaScript, HTML and CSS, you work with prefabricated components from Stencil.

4) 📲 Ionic Framework | 30%
Development only really starts in the fourth module. So-called user interfaces are used to operate the app and add functions. One of the best-known and easiest user interfaces is the Ionic Framework.
In this module you will get to know the basic functions of Ionic so that you can later flexibly program your own apps and add functionality.

5) 🤳🏼Native interface and create your own app | 15%
In the last step you have to link the app programmed on the computer with your smartphone and its operating system (iOS or Android). This module simply shows you how it's done.

If you have any questions, you can ask them at any time using the feedback field, which is located in the lower left of the app developer course.