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Who does not know that: After 400 kilometers on the motorway you are already lying on the beach in your mind and then it occurs to you: You have forgotten something important at home. Whether it's the open window, the children's passports or the grandparents who are still waiting on the living room couch to leave - the way back is long and leaves plenty of time to regret your own forgetfulness.

But you don't have to worry about remorse, grim mothers-in-law and additional fuel costs - at least if you follow our recommendations for the best note-taking apps. So you always have important things in view and can write down brilliant ideas when you reach them again at the most inopportune moments. Many of the clever note-taking apps also give reminders of particularly important entries at exactly the right time, which not only pleases the grandparents.

With these twelve top apps, however, it is not enough with simple lists: Here you will find interactive shopping lists where completed entries can be checked off quickly, lots of practical templates for notes, lists and memos of all kinds and who likes to play it safe, who appreciates note safes and encrypted storage records.

Many of our note-taking apps can also be used productively in groups via cloud support. You can efficiently delegate work in a team, share shopping lists with family members or work through them together and have important reminders when you talk to your contacts on the phone. To do this, the app is hidden Notes on a call As soon as a connection is established, you will automatically receive a note that you still need to clarify with the person you are talking to.

Current apps also support multimedia formats in which you can not only write simple texts, but also attach pictures, videos or graphics to your notes and memos. Not only do you write beautiful travel diaries, your own hobbies and projects can also be comprehensively documented.

Regardless of which notes, memos or lists you want to write, everyone will find a suitable virtual memo among these twelve free Android apps. The only disadvantage: You can no longer claim that you accidentally forgot your in-laws.

My Dark Diary

Sounds gloomy, but it's completely harmless: This memo and note app comes with an attractive dark design on the smartphone and scores with good ideas and great handling.

My Dark Diary is a handy and well thought-out note-taking app with a chic look and very solid operation. Whether memos, reminders or to-do lists: the nifty Android notepad is suitable for short entries as well as for longer texts and records everything from personal diary entries to mundane shopping lists quickly and easily. Because the content of the app can be locked securely with a password, we can also entrust private information to the virtual diary. In the app, entries are saved by default with the date, time and (if necessary) with your own location. Various icons help categorize even extensive databases, an option to attach images is on board and tags are also supported. This makes it particularly easy to find entries again. Small drawback: Unfortunately, the tablet format is not yet supported, so users have so far been limited to smartphones.

Top control with just one finger

Advertisements disappear from the Memo app at the low price of 99 cents (test time), but a German version is not yet available. However, the developers have thought of many other extras: The app knows and saves the current weather at the location in the form of icons, priority filters are available and tasks can be clearly summarized in a weekly view.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app My Dark Diary

Although this app has not received an update for a long time, the tool with its intuitive layout and simple and fast operation is ideal as a note or diary app.

English speaking, free of charge

Notebook - record notes

With smooth operation, well-thought-out content and with cross-device synchronization, even on a Windows PC, this note-taking app can quickly make an impression.

Virtual notepad with ease of use and a cool design: Notebook - Record Notes is a free and comprehensive memo and note-taking tool that leaves nothing to be desired. On request, we can also create entries here with audio files or with attached images - checklists can even be created within the notes. With the device camera, we effortlessly create photo notes or scan documents and when it comes to attachments, the tool is particularly flexible: it even supports PDF files and Microsoft formats. Thanks to cloud synchronization, we keep entries identical on multiple devices, which also works with tablets or a Windows PC. If you want, you can use the app together with colleagues, family or friends.

Particularly well organized

The notebook also shines when it comes to keeping things tidy: individual notes can be grouped thematically and leafed through with simple swiping gestures. If plain text is not enough, we can also create hand-made sketches here and all entries can be copied and moved within the created groups. The app can be easily locked with a fingerprint or password. Great: The use of the cache can be deactivated in the settings, so copied texts cannot be accessed by other apps or users.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app? Notebook - record notes

Whether in the office, at home or at university: This free note-taking app does without advertising and saves lists, memos, sketches or audio recordings with password protection.

German-speaking, free of charge

To do list

Whether privately or professionally: With this clever app, we have to-do lists and daily routines comfortably and securely under control.

Less stress thanks to better organization: If you hardly have time for a peaceful lunch break because of all the meetings, tasks or projects, you may finally find the solution with the task list. The clear and responsive tool provides clever to-do lists with which we have a better grip on the daily office routine. We are allowed to add attached videos, images, voice recordings or documents to entries here and a well thought-out folder system with search function ensures a good overview. We can automatically move urgent tasks up in the lists, colored markings make it particularly easy to differentiate, and lists can also be moved quickly and intuitively within the folder structure using drag & drop.

Including task archive

The task list saves completed and deleted tasks in a separate archive. So if you accidentally delete the wrong entry, you can easily restore it, and an often exciting review of completed tasks and projects is also possible. There is no shortage of functions and convenience with the app: We can lock lists, create backups, widgets are on board and we create recurring tasks particularly easily. Attention: The app can only create more than 10 lists at the same time after an upgrade for 1.99 €.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app to-do list

We have tasks and daily routines better under control with this productivity tool. Reminders can also be set with it and the app also creates entries for the device calendar.

German-speaking, free of charge

Memorix notes + checklists

With reminders, an integrated safe and a convenient note function, Memorix Notes + Checklists makes a promising impression.

Whether short shopping notes or long memos with photos: With Memorix Notes + Checklists you can record as much or as little as you want. If you use your smartphone like your workplace and stick a colorful piece of paper on every free space, you won't lose track of things, at least with the app: With color markings for various categories as well as powerful filter and search functions, you can quickly find what you are looking for even in the utter chaos of notes. The app sorts alphabetically according to subject, creation or modification date as well as drag & drop according to your own ideas. A praise for the search functions: This finds notes even using words hidden in the text and works in no time at all. The tool also collects plus points for automatic reminders in the status bar, an encrypted safe for important or personal data and notes as well as the optional cloud synchronization and the included widget. This allows shopping lists to be checked off directly on the home screen without having to switch to the app beforehand.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app Memorix Notes + Checklists

With lists to tick off, cloud support and the encrypted memo safe, this app quickly grows dear to the heart in daily use.

German-speaking, free of charge

ClevNote - Notes

Whether general notes or specific checklists: ClevNote - Notes is a flexible memory app including a widget on your smartphone.

Simple, fast and still functional: With ClevNote - Notes we have little to complain about. The tool reacts in a flash, is tidy and businesslike and offers four predefined masks for easy creation of various notes. This includes, for example, account lists in which you can store various bank details including short notes. By default, the storage is encrypted on the SD card. There is also a template for shopping lists on board, with which entries can be ticked off and deleted from the list as a whole, which promises a maximum overview in the supermarket. The templates also include birthday lists and notes for accounts on Internet platforms. If you don't need templates, you can also use simple, unformatted text fields. The advertising of the free app can be deactivated for a one-time price of 4.99 € (test time), before you can extensively test the program at your leisure.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app ClevNote - Notes

With templates for shopping lists, accounts and accounts as well as a practical reminder function in the status bar, this frenzied note-taking app has what it takes to be the best in its class.

German-speaking, free of charge