How can I promote my international giveaway?

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This gave entrepreneurs the most important criteria to put together the right promotional items for their marketing strategy. But it still won't be an easy undertaking. There are numerous possibilities to weigh up and aspects to be included in the selection. These factors should be taken into account when selecting and putting together promotional items:

1. Topicality of promotional items

It seems to be quite logical: being up-to-date makes promotional items interesting and useful and at the same time shows that the company is moving with the times and constantly striving to attract its customers. And in fact, promotional items that are based on modern trends have a high success rate. Originality and innovation have always been a real magnet, especially for young people.

A good point of contact for new ideas in the field of advertising material is PSI, the leading European trade fair for the promotional products industry. The latest trends in the field of promotional items are presented here. Entrepreneurs can get a foretaste of the advertising material of tomorrow and plan their own marketing strategy right on the cutting edge.

However, promotional items with a trend factor are not only beneficial. Such products can trigger a real hype or join an already existing one. In most cases, however, the success is short-lived. Current advertising media are by no means as long-lasting as tried-and-tested ones, and this is exactly where the risk of swimming on the trend wave lies. Particularly innovative products are usually only of interest for a short time and are rarely used again after the initial euphoria has subsided.

If you still don't want to do without the latest promotional items, you should weigh the use carefully and rely on small quantities for a selected clientele. This makes it possible to benefit from new trends in advertising without having a negative cost-benefit balance after a short period of time.

2. Carefully weigh mass-produced goods and exclusives

When it comes to promotional items, the question arises again and again whether cheap mass-produced goods or expensive exclusives are better received. There is no general answer to this. Advertisers know that there are several factors involved. However, all promotional items should have one thing in common: functionality and quality must be right so that the customer does not get the impression of cheap junk goods.

Bulk goods are ideal for reaching a large group of customers at low cost, for example at larger events or seasonal occasions. Pens, lighters, flashlights and baseball caps are among the most popular promotional items that can be mass-produced and distributed. Due to their use in everyday life, such products often remain with the owner for a long time and thus strengthen the connection to the company.

Exxlusives are a great way to celebrate special occasions or promising business relationships. For example, companies should definitely have their promotional items cost a little on public holidays, anniversaries or other larger occasions, but more for a select clientele. In this case, an expensive present can convey appreciation and thus leave a positive impression in the long term.