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Language trip (English) - where and when?

The headline shows quite clearly that I am planning to do a language trip, but as you can see from the question I am currently quite undecided what to do.

I want to go on a language trip for 4 weeks in 2014 (longer is not possible, as I have to go on vacation as a professional).

First of all:Money does not play a role in Rolex because I get 90% paid through a scholarship So the price for the flight and the accommodation (probably host family) should be secondary.

My thoughts so far:

I can always go to England, it is certainly great to learn the language there, but otherwise I am less tempted, even if there would certainly be a lot to see there ...

America is an option, but if to America then which state / city

Possibilities would be:Seattle, Portland, Berkeley, San Francisco, Denver, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Diego, Honolulu , Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Fort Lauderdale, Miami

I'm sure everyone is interesting and I find it visibly difficult to make a decision, I don't want to get information from everyone

Of course, I want to combine the whole thing with my hobby a bit, so there would be a weekend for 2-3 theme parks. The rest of the time I deal with the country and its people.

With Australia, I would have the advantage that all the major theme parks are only a few kilometers apart on the Gold Coast. So the CC card would be happy ... and the region is not bad for vacation ... (I could add 3-4 days on the beach).

So the questions are:

1. America or Australia (or somewhere else entirely ... New Zealand maybe)?
2. Are there major linguistic differences between Australia and America (apart from the dialects)?
3. Which period in which country (I tend towards autumn)?
4. Have any of you already done a language trip, if so with which provider and where to?

Many will think to themselves: "You have to make the decision yourself anyway", but I would be grateful for a few helpful tips.

As the planning progresses, I will certainly have other questions that need to be clarified

The whole thing is a little different from the topic in an amusement park forum, but since I also want to go to amusement parks, it fits again