Is it Safe to Swallow Pomegranate Seeds?

Sarcoid, also known as Boeck's disease, can cause inflammation with nodular tissue changes throughout the body. The lungs are most commonly affected. However, sarcoid can also affect the liver, eyes or even the heart and, in the latter case, trigger dangerous cardiac arrhythmias.

Pomegranate juice can therefore be part of the holistic accompanying therapy for sarcoid.

The results of another study suggest that pomegranate juice can also prevent diabetes. In the model, pomegranate juice was able to reduce insulin resistance, one of the risk factors for diabetes.

Pomegranate juice against cancer

In addition to sarcoid, pomegranate juice also combats other serious diseases, such as B. Cancer and Arthritis.

In the case of breast cancer, the pomegranate juice is even said to stop the formation of metastases. And due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant secondary plant substances, it helps with chronic inflammatory diseases of almost all kinds.

The secondary plant substances in the pomegranate are said to have an anti-cancer effect that is three times stronger than that of green tea.

You can read more about this here: Pomegranate against breast cancer

Pomegranate juice for sore muscles

Athletes can also use the pomegranate juice for themselves, as it seems to help against such mundane niggles as sore muscles.

After intensive training, the pomegranate juice ensures that muscles can regenerate more quickly.

A study had shown that sore muscles and feelings of weakness decreased more quickly after exceptionally intense training when the test subjects consumed pomegranate juice.

So if you want to combat one of the problems mentioned, then eat one or two pomegranates a day during the pomegranate season (October to December) or drink 330 ml pomegranate juice per day (divided into two servings).


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