How can I delete my fake Facebook?

Facebook: Deactivate or delete account

There are two ways to end your membership on Facebook: the account can either be deactivated or "completely" deleted. However, there is no way to safely remove the data once it has been published on the network.

By deactivating "the profile is no longer displayed to other users, it is also not deleted." The reason for this is that many users want to revive their Facebook account later and then expect to find their data. After deactivation, users can restore their profiles at any time.

If you want to leave Facebook permanently and do not intend to return, you have to delete your account. The account's name and profile picture will then be separated from any content they were associated with.

If your own content is not removed before the account is deleted, it will be retained on Facebook. Has one z. B. Leave comments, they stay online. The author of the comment is then called "anonymous Facebook user". Even pictures of friends on whom you are depicted are retained, as they do not belong to your own photo albums.

If you don't want any more photos of yourself on Facebook, you should find them and ask the owner of the album to delete them. In addition, Facebook reserves the right to continue to store data, even if deletion has been requested, for reasons such as avoiding identity fraud.

Conclusion: Facebook reserves the right to decide which data of an account is saved. Complete deletion of all data is not possible. Once on Facebook, always on Facebook.

Step-by-step instructions

If you are not sure whether you really want to delete your Facebook account forever, you can try the exit. The account will be closed and all content such as photos or user information will be invisible to other members. Even your own Facebook friends and search engines can no longer find the account. The function for deactivating the account is located in the account settings under "Security" (steps 1-3).

Then the user is presented with a few selected friends who will miss him or her. You will also be asked to provide a reason for the deactivation. If you do not want to comment on this, you can select "Other" here. Finally click on "Confirm".

If you change your mind later and want to reactivate your Facebook account, all you need to do is log into the home page. This will cancel the deactivation and the account can continue to be used.

If you want to leave Facebook for good, you should cover your tracks beforehand. This includes, for example, asking friends to delete photos that show you.

The request to delete the account can be accessed via the help area (click on the drop-down menu in the header→ Help Visit the help section):

On the left side there is an overview of topics, here on"Manage your account" click and then"Deactivation, Deletion & Commemorative Accounts" choose:

Under "Delete accounts"first the question appears"How can I permanently delete my account?". If you click on this, you will find a link in the response text that leads to the request for deletion (on"... fill out this form"click).

A dialog box will appear, click on "Delete my account". Entering the correct character string (pay attention to upper and lower case) confirms that a real person and not a computer program is performing the deletion.

The deletion process must now be confirmed one last time.

The Facebook user will be informed of the further process by email. It can take about 14 days for Facebook to permanently delete the account.

Important: You should not log into your account again until you have received the confirmation email from Facebook, otherwise the deletion process will be canceled!