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10 countries where you can get away with English without any problems

Which traveler does not know these unpleasant situations on vacation, in which one would like to communicate with the locals, but one does not speak their language. However, if you speak English, you should go to the following countries, because you can get away with it there.

In the annual edition of the EF English Proficiency Index (EPI), the language travel provider EF Education First compares the English proficiency of 72 countries worldwide. The result: Above all the Nordic countries, but also the German-speaking countries, impress with their fluent language skills. So if you speak good English, you will have absolutely no problem in Norway, Denmark & ​​Co. chatting with the locals in English.

A stay abroad in the following countries around the globe can also be arranged without any problems with good English - in the countdown:

10th place: Argentina

When you think of Argentina, tango, Patagonia and football immediately come to mind, but the second largest country in South America has so much more to offer: from exciting metropolises with European flair to breathtaking natural landscapes - Argentina has it all. Definitely worth a visit are the cities of Buenos Aires and Córdoba. From there you can also ideally admire the natural spectacles of the country, such as the endless steppes, tropical rainforests, unique glaciers and dreamy beaches. If you cannot or do not want to rely on your Spanish, you can get along well with English in Argentina, especially in the coastal regions and large cities. However, it is of course a good idea to practice a little Spanish, as it is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world.

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9th place: Hungary

Magnificent cities, flourishing vineyards, the wide steppe of the Puszta and beautiful river landscapes along the Danube and Tisza characterize Hungary. The capital Budapest is particularly worth seeing, with its Art Nouveau buildings, countless thermal baths and a lively art and cultural scene. But there is also a lot to explore in Budapest apart from the capital, for example the flat southern shores of Lake Balaton, the Mediterranean-looking city of Szeged and the enchanting Esterházy Palace in Fertőd, which is considered the Hungarian Versailles and is a World Heritage Site. Hungarian is probably one of the most difficult languages ​​to learn because it is also a very unique language. But anyone who speaks English will get along very well with it all over Hungary.

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8th place: Portugal

If you are looking for a sunny travel destination but don't want to fly far, Portugal is your ideal travel destination. The north attracts with the wine region of Porto and numerous historical buildings, such as the Palace of Sintra, the Alcobaça monastery or the Templar castle Tomar, while the south of the country attracts with golden sandy beaches, steep bays and green natural landscapes. Portuguese is a very melodious language, but if you don't want to learn a new language immediately because of a vacation, you can also use your local knowledge of English in Portugal, as the population throughout the country speaks English very well.

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7th place: Philippines

The Philippines also enchants with endless white sandy beaches, turquoise water and many a pristine island. Whether diving, trekking or just pure relaxation on the beach - the Philippines have it all and are a true paradise on earth. And best of all: English is the second national language there. This means that there are no language barriers to overcome and as a tourist you can get around this extremely hospitable country easily and without problems.

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6th place: Malaysia

Malaysia offers a varied mix of tradition and modernity. The country is particularly interesting from a cultural point of view, as the Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cultures meet here. This interesting mix can be seen particularly clearly in the capital Kuala Lumpur. If you want to escape the hectic driving force of the metropolis, Malaysia also offers many beautiful hideaways for every taste. Not only lonely sandy beaches attract, but also colorful coral reefs and tropical rainforests. Malay forms the basis for several regionally spoken languages ​​and, with 200 million speakers, is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world. If you are not one of them, you will get along very well with English throughout the country.

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5th place: Belgium

Of course, German is also spoken in parts of Belgium, but if you travel to the other parts of the country, have already forgotten your school French and do not understand Flemish, you can easily cope with good English in this country. In addition to the capital Brussels, there are plenty of other must-see cities in this beautiful country, including the lively port city of Antwerp, the world heritage city of Bruges and the cozy student city of Ghent.

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4th place: Singapore

As one of the most important metropolises in Southeast Asia, Singapore has developed into a country of superlatives in recent years. The multicultural city-state proudly presents its strong European influence, which is particularly reflected in the Central Business District. Here you will find spectacular skyscrapers, shopping streets and architectural marvels. But that is by no means the only reason to visit Singapore, because the Lion City is also extremely safe, green and clean. Incidentally, English is one of the four official languages ​​in Singapore alongside Chinese, Malay and Tamil and is used a lot in everyday life thanks to the diversity of cultures.

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3rd place: Finland

Finland is often referred to as the northern hidden gem, and not without reason. In winter, the landscape turns into a white winter wonderland, while in summer you can go to one of the countless lakes and relax in a Mökki, one of the traditional Finnish holiday homes with sauna. If you want to go on a discovery tour, you should start in the south of the country and visit cities such as Helsinki, the port city of Turku and the artist city of Porvoo. Culture lovers will love Rauma, while ski fans can enjoy the Lahti winter sports center. At the end of a perfect Finland tour, a visit to Lapland should of course not be missed - the breathtaking view of the northern lights awaits here at the end. Finnish is a very unique language, similar to Hungarian, but English is spoken very well by a large part of the population.

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2nd place: Sweden

Cozy small towns, endless forests, innovative cultural landscapes and a surprisingly mild climate - all of this makes Sweden a unique travel destination. But also the Swedes with their warm and hospitable manner make the country definitely worth visiting. The cities of Sweden also attract visitors to the fascinating country, for example historical charm and modern attractions meet in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Culture lovers, on the other hand, should head to multifaceted Gothenburg, while the south coast city of Ystad impresses with medieval sights and Kiruna offers endless outdoor adventures. Similar to its neighbors in Norway and Denmark, English is spoken by around 80% of the population in Sweden, as it is also very common on television (foreign films are not dubbed and often only have subtitles).

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1st place: Netherlands

Endless tulip fields, huge windmills and hundreds of rivers, canals and canals characterize this country. Without a doubt, the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam is the main attraction in the Netherlands. Numerous exciting museums, green parks and a never-ending nightlife beckon between the narrow houses in the historic center of the city. But many other places in the Netherlands should not be missing on a trip to the country, above all the young and dynamic port city of Rotterdam, the cozy art and culture city of Maastricht or the unique Wadden island of Texel with its golden beaches. Like German, Dutch belongs to the West Germanic language group, which also includes English. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Dutch not only understand and speak German well, but also speak very good English.

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And here are even more fantastic holiday destinations where you are in good hands with English: