What are the benefits of multiculturalism

Advantages and disadvantages of a multicultural society

As long as the advantages for each individual outweigh the disadvantages, the adventure of a multicultural society, in which everyone can learn from everyone, can be an exciting experience. A certain degree of tolerance is certainly the cornerstone of success.

Living in a multicultural society - broadening your horizons

  • "Where there is a lot of light, there is also a lot of shadow" - this slightly modified, lesser-known quote from "Götz von Berlichingen" also applies to the subject of grasping the advantages and disadvantages of a multicultural society. It is certainly exciting to learn or experience how other cultures deal with one another within families, what significance the family community has in itself and to compare these impressions with one's own habits and values.
  • Today, for example, the descendants of former Polish immigrants and even their terminology have become an integral part of the Ruhr area and have made this region of Germany, together with the "locals" of that time, what it is today.
  • In the case of two nationalities, it is a bit presumptuous to define the description of the multicultural society with all its advantages and disadvantages, but this shows that cultures that have certain similarities that cannot be found in the language can still find each other very well and merge without harming the other culture or completely destroying it.
  • Everyone can learn something from other people and adopt what they consider to be good practices, and follow the example. What applies to each individual can of course also apply to groups, citizens and entire peoples. Because learning and accepting is to be seen in this sense as an absolutely voluntary act that should not be started by any kind of influence.

Disadvantages that are not of an existential nature can be tolerated

  • If an independent culture in its own cultural area runs the risk of being taken over by a foreign culture, this is to be seen as one of the greatest disadvantages of a multicultural society that is becoming ever larger today.
  • Certainly, due to mutual consideration, one or the other acceptable disadvantage will occur again and again, but this is within an acceptable framework and should be tolerable in the interest of the human coexistence of cultures.
  • Every existing culture has the right to continue to exist unaffected in its ancestral culture, as long as it has not brought injustice to its own people since time immemorial.
  • An infiltration of foreign cultures, with the intention of appropriating them in order to carry one's own culture further into the world, would be the wrong understanding of the intended international understanding.

You don't necessarily have to have the same beliefs, eat the same food or have the same worldview in order to be able to understand each other all over the world and to be able to treat one another as equals.

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