Why Does Your Business Need Online Marketing

Online Marketing Strategy - for your company's success on the Internet

Online marketing comes with a number of first-class benefits for you and your business. You reach your target group in the channels that use them and they benefit from the excellent reach of the Internet. This means that you - often pleasantly inexpensive and convenient for you - get more clicks through precise marketing measures online. And more clicks mean more leads for you - and ideally, of course, more sales. That is why an online marketing strategy is essential for your digital success.

But what is online marketing anyway? What strategies are there for B2B and B2C? What does a specialized online marketing agency do?

All of this is summarized for you in this overview.

What is Online Marketing?

There is a whole series of studies that impressively demonstrate that a prospect - and thus a potential customer of your company - researches online today instead of turning over brochures or wandering from one store to the next. With the ability to compare offers with a simple click of the mouse, to order and to have everything sent to you, many consumers today use this convenient and also more cost-effective form of the customer journey.

But the network is full of websites - across industries and for all regions of Germany. For you as an ambitious entrepreneur or responsible decision-maker in your company, this has two important consequences for modern marketing: On the one hand, the website as a virtual business card on the Internet has become a real must for every company. On the other hand, it is essential to include the search engines in your marketing concept. Because - here too, the studies are conclusive - nine out of ten users “google” the Internet.

All of this demonstrates to you that online advertising differs significantly from “classic” advertising in terms of its strategy. A solid online marketing strategy is essential - for the efficiency of the measures and for your business success.

What is an online marketing strategy?

Actually, the name says it all. Marketing as an indispensable element for the presentation and marketing of your products and services is specially designed for the special features that the modern online area has. Success online is no accident either. A tailor-made strategy and tailor-made campaigns are therefore important so that the best possible efficiency can be achieved.

The effectiveness of measures can change again and again in the dynamic environment of the Internet. For the layman, for example, the criteria of SEO (what exactly that is, we will describe in more detail) and the ranking of websites are difficult to understand. Investing in the services of a specialized web agency is therefore an investment in the success of a company.

What online marketing strategies are there?

The classification of strategies for the online area is different. As a good example of the variety of measures with which we can realize your success story on the Internet, the following four pillars are:

  • Web design
  • SEO
  • SEA
  • Social media

Web design is important to you as the basis and supplement to our online marketing strategy. Before the topics SEO and SEA are dealt with, a categorization and explanation of terms is useful. With these explanations, the abbreviations used around an online marketing strategy are no longer technical jargon for you.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - translated from English: Search Engine Optimization

SEA - Search Engine Advertising - translated from English: search engine advertising
SEM - Search Engine Marketing - translated from English: Search Engine Marketing

SEM is the generic term for SEO and SEA.

They are also highly relevant

SERPs - Search Engine Page Results - translated from English: Search results

It is absolutely essential for any business to be found on the first page of Google. Because only there the links are clicked. Where would you hide a corpse? Yes, exactly, on the second page on Google. Therefore, the SERPs and their ranking are highly relevant, due to which we offer you a tailor-made SEO concept.

Online marketing strategy tools

SEO - What is SEO?

SEO is a mix of orientation measures with which an online marketing agency pursues a very specific goal. The aim is to ensure that Google lists a website particularly well in the list of SERPs. This listing is known as a ranking in technical terms. It is trivial that the ranking of websites is the be-all and end-all in competition online: Because of course the best website is of no use if it cannot be discovered by the target group. A top placement in the SERPs is therefore the be-all and end-all. The better the website is listed, the more attractive the click stimulus is for the user.

With the SEO agency seonative we have top SEO experts in our agency.

SEA - Paid traffic for my website

SEA is also an instrument that must not be neglected today. With this effective online marketing strategy, the online agency also uses the search engines and their functions. It is possible to have ads displayed online that are above the organic results. Ideally, traffic can be generated on the site immediately.

An example:

You have an IT system house that is based in Stuttgart and whose core business is a fault service around the clock. You can get a good ranking with SEO. The first SEO measures have been established - and ideally they will take effect soon. But in order to get potential customers straight away, we place ads on relevant keywords for the business so that we can immediately draw the attention of new users to this page. If you and your company are represented with a suitable advertisement via the SERPs, the click incentive is particularly high.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have faced modern competition. Today, for example, there is also Instagram and Twitch. In the professional environment, there are also XING and LinkedIn. We specialists think about modern online marketing across all channels and only succeed with precise strategies for the respective instrument. Specifically, that means: where the customer is looking, the company must be.

Campaigns can be implemented particularly well in social media today. On the one hand, this form of online marketing can reach the target group particularly well. On the other hand, attractive content is not infrequently shared on social media channels, so that you are recommended without incurring additional costs for you.

Why does my company need a digital marketing strategy?

The era of digitization makes the optimal online marketing strategy a must. Potential customers do research on the Internet, something 90 percent “googled”. Everyone has a website - and that's why it's so important that you are uniquely presented.

Of course, we also have customers in our online marketing agency who - before they came to us - carried out online advertising on their own.

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An example that this is often unsuccessful should be documented in the SEO area. Many companies create “SEO texts” with no added value for the user. But SEO today has real content with added value for the user and a clean and fast technical website is the be-all and end-all. And SEO is much more:

  • Landing pages
  • Links and backlinks
  • Meta Title and Meta Description
  • headlines
  • Graphics and videos
  • and and and …

Are these all the famous Bohemian villages for you? Then the support of your online marketing strategy by a specialized agency is really of great importance to you.

What Do Online Marketing Agencies Do?

Every company is different. So it is imperative that every online marketing strategy is different too. A competent (and of course also creative) online marketing agency does not offer a blanket standard. She develops a really tailor-made concept for each customer.

This online marketing strategy is

  • professional
  • precise
  • perfectly fitting
  • personally
  • plannable

And: It selects from the available methods for an efficient online marketing strategy those that promise the best possible success for the respective company. The success is measurable, so that changes in the strategy can be implemented ideally.

Development of online marketing strategies for B2B and B2C

In our agency, we develop your online marketing strategy for B2B or B2C in a concrete and conceptual manner. That means: we always have your target groups in our sights. This is how online marketing is efficient and leads to clicks, leads and sales. Of course, we combine your unique online marketing with an exact analysis of the activities of your competitors. This is the basis for us to present you in a unique way.

A solid initial consultation by our experts is free of charge and without obligation. We explain to you which online marketing strategy can bring sustainable success for your company. Arrange your desired date and start with the right online marketing strategy on the Internet.

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