What is the deadliest animatronics in FNAF


The Animatronics are the main attraction for Fazbear Entertainment and the antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's. They are represented in all the dishes. They are divided into different series, each with their own peculiarities.

Although the animatronics are often made up of the same four names, they are divided into different models and versions, which means that there are several different series.

Canonical series

These animatronics are canonical and either play a major role historically or are at least secondary characters in canonical content.

Old animatronics

These special animatronics are the first and also the oldest animatronics in the series and even play chronologically before the prototypes of the classic animatronics. So far only two representatives are known, both of which can also be worn as costumes. They are the first known animatronics and have been performing in a restaurant since the 1970s. Until they were taken out of service because of the Bite of 83 and the Spring Bonnie suit was also used by William Afton to lure and kill the children. He died in this one too and became Springtrap.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
FredbearIn UCN, Fredbear is very similar to Golden Freddy. His ears are rounder and less pointed, his top hat is smaller, he has smaller eyebrows, his whiskers are placed in different positions, he is a little rounder and his head is different from Freddy. Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Jump BonnieHis suit is a light golden color with light green hues, as well as a lighter color of the insides of the ears and the belly plate. He wore a purple bow tie from his chest and two black buttons underneath. Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Golden FreddyIn Five Nights at Freddy's, Golden Freddy is not that different from Freddy, but he is yellow and has no eyes. In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, he's in a shabby state. Five Nights at Freddy's

Classic Animatronics (Originally)

These prototypes are actually the classic animatronics, which have not yet been updated or improved and are therefore badly damaged. They were created after Spring Bonnie and Fredbear / Golden Freddy, but are older than the toy animatronics. They only appear in FNaf 2, which plays chronologically before FNaf 1.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Withered FreddyIt has a very dirty, dry brown coloration with light brown tint on its snout, belly and in its ears. He has square teeth on his upper and lower jaw, thin black eyebrows, a black hat and two small semicircular ears. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Withered BonnieHis face is completely missing, leaving only the back and lower jaw of the head with wires. His face and red / white pupils are barely visible. He has round, thin teeth on his lower jaw. He has holes exposing his limbs, the suit on his left foot and right hand is almost completely torn off, exposing the metal underneath. His left arm is completely missing below the shoulder pad. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Withered ChicaShe has pinkish-purple eyes that are always wide open. Her jaw is wide open, her endoskeletal mouth is clearly visible between a tangle of wires. A couple of rods hold the jaw in place. It has four feathers on the top of its head. She has two mutilated arms that are constantly in a T-pose. Her hands are missing; wires bulge in their place. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Withered FoxyIt has a round head with a triangular snout and a small black nose. He has a few small hairs on his head and a thin, oval ear. The fabric is missing from his left ear. He has yellow eyes and a black eye patch that covers his right eye. Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Classic Animatronics (Updated)

The classic animatronics are those that we see for the first time in FNaF 1. They have now been repaired and restored, which is why they now look significantly less damaged, despite the fact that these are now older than they were in FNaF 2. Some visual differences are also visible, as some parts, such as Foxy's snout or Chica's head, have been changed or replaced.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Freddy FazbearFreddy is a plump, tall and anthropomorphic teddy bear. He is about 1.92 m tall. He is brown, the snout and belly are highlighted in beige. Its ears are small, rounded and chocolate brown on the inside. Five Nights at Freddy's
BonnieHe is quite dense and of average height. He has thick limbs with tight pads on his shoulders and knees. Bonnie has an impressive round belly with a bright purple spot in the middle. It has a large round head without a neck. Five Nights at Freddy's
ChicaThe body of Chica consists of a matt fabric skin covered with dark colored areas. Chica has a round head. On the head is a tuft of four small, circular, teardrop-shaped pieces that imitate feathers. Under the upper part of the beak is its trapezoidal lower half, which is rounded. Five Nights at Freddy's
FoxyHis costume is crimson, his chest and belly are beige, the top of the snout is skin-colored and the tip of the nose is pitch black. The upper side of the snout shows eight "freckles", they are actually suggested vibrissae. The ears are conical-pointed and slightly oversized. Five Nights at Freddy's

Toy series

The toy series represents the next generation after the prototypes and was designed more child-friendly, which is why they were all much cuter. However, they were discarded for cover-up purposes and some of their parts were used to restore and re-use the prototypes. They made their first appearance in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Foxy was also replaced by Mangle here.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Toy FreddyIts face is more square and a little flatter, the ears are proportionally much smaller than those of its predecessor. His eyes are sky blue, slightly larger and now surrounded by eyelashes, and large, bright red, circular patches on his cheeks adorn his cheeks. His black bow tie sits a little lower and is proportionally a little larger, now there are two black buttons underneath. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Toy BonnieToy Bonnie is light blue, its snout, the insides of its ears and its belly are light pastel blue, almost white. His cheeks have strong red beauty spots, his eyelashes are greatly elongated and his eyelids are made up of lilac. There are six whiskers on his nose and his eyes are emerald green. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Toy ChicaShe is yellow, has pink patches on her cheeks and long eyelashes. Her eyes are blue and her lids are made up in purple. Toy Chica's beak is proportionally slightly smaller and she now has three eye-catching feathers on her head. Her big bib now says “Let's party!” (German: “Let's celebrate!”). Five Nights at Freddy's 2
MangleMangle has red cheeks and lipstick randomly dotted on her elongated muzzle. They also have pink eyelids and long eyelashes. Her teeth are also smaller, but the teeth of her endoskeleton are also visible. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
The puppetPuppet has three-fingered hands and no feet - her legs end in simple points. The body is pitch black, has several white cross bars near the ends of the arms and feet and has three white buttons at chest level. The eye sockets are empty and black and are designed in such a way that the viewer can succumb to an optical illusion. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Balloon boyHe has big, blue eyes, a pointed, red nose and brown, cheek-length hair. He wears an umbrella-less, round cap with a propeller on his head, a buttoned shirt with elbow-length sleeves and dark blue trousers. Cap, shirt and socks all have alternating red and blue vertical stripes. Five Nights at Freddy's 2
JJShe has blue cheeks and magenta eyes, a purple nose and eyelids, and the red stripes on her propeller cap are bluish-purple instead, and the button from above is blue, with blue propellers and a yellowish-orange button. Her shirt also has the same pattern as her propeller hat. Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Funtime series

The Funtime series also looks child-friendly at first glance, but in reality it hides deadly and ingenious mechanics for catching and killing children. They are extremely technologically advanced and their adaptability is second to none. They also have a few things in common, almost all of them have a loudspeaker on their body and their face is made up of four parts, which can be folded out if necessary. Most of them have their first appearance in Sister Location and play the leading role there before they finally merge into Ennard.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Circus babyShe has doll-like, emerald green eyes and short, heavily pomadized, dark blue eyebrows. Her face is made up like a clown: two large, red patches on the cheeks adorn the white background, the nose is also red and her mouth is decorated with an equally red smile. Circus Baby's clothing consists of a red top with large shoulder ruffles, she also wears a red tutu and red dance shoes. Sister location
BalloraBallora is in the form of a young girl. Her hairstyle is close-fitting and tied in a classic, tight knot (so-called "bun"). The hair color is an intense lapis lazuli blue. The eyebrows, eyelids and eyelashes are also blue. The lips are painted mauve and the cheeks have mauve beauty spots. Small, gold and circular ear studs adorn her ears. Sister location
Funtime FreddyHe is completely white, the top of his snout is pink, the inside of his ears, hands and toes are also pink. He has blue eyes and magenta patches on his cheeks. His snub nose is black and his eyebrows are black too. Funtime Freddy wears a pink and white jacket with two black buttons and a black bow tie. He also wears a small, black top hat. Sister location
Funtime FoxyFuntime Foxy is snow-white, has a pink top of the muzzle, a red kissing mouth and magenta cheek patches. It has white ears with pink inside, its fox tail is white with pink tail. The palms of the hands are also pink. Funtime Foxy has a circular, silver-chromed loudspeaker on his chest. Sister location
Funtime ChicaShe still has orange feet like Chica, but she has orange waist instead of pink. She has a built-in speaker on her stomach. Funtime Chica also has purple eyes with long lashes and pink lipstick-like markings on the beak. FFPS
BidybabThey have a triangular orange / red nose, square teeth in the style of a classic nutcracker, an orange / red lower lip and eyelids, five-fingered hands, smaller ears, and a single metal button in the center of their chest. Sister location
SweetBon-Bon is blue, has the insides of the ears highlighted in pastel blue, a pastel blue snout and an equally light bulge. A single black button is emblazoned on his chest and a large red bow tie is tied around his neck. His head looks slightly disproportionate and his googly eyes are pink. Sister location
BonnetBonnet looks exactly like BonBon, but is colored pink, has lighter accents on the ears, snout, paws and stomach and has light green eyes. Sister location
Mini mereenasThey are about 90cm tall, very petite and humanoid in shape. Their bodies are pastel colors, their necks and the back of their heads are black. The minireenas wear white tutus and white ballet shoes. Sister location

Scrap series

These animatronics come from the most diverse series and have developed and learned their own consciousness to a great extent, despite the fact that they have been disposed of, to keep themselves alive and to develop. For the most part, they have adjusted themselves purely to functionality and recreated them from various scrap parts. Scrap Baby and Afton play the most important role story-wise in FFPS.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Molten FreddyMolten Freddy looks a lot like Funtime Freddy. In contrast to Funtime Freddy, he has a block-shaped chin from the lower jaw and his black nose has nostrils. His right eye is covered by several wires, while the left eye glows orange. Molten Freddy is silver and rusty instead of white and purple. It has a number of sharp teeth FFPS
Scrap babyScrap Baby is a heavily damaged, damaged and recycled version of Circus Baby and thus also depicts a child with a clown drawing, but looks as if it would fall apart any moment. On her oversized head she has "hair" made of colored cables, which makes it appear more realistic and human-like. FFPS
AftonHe lacks the right part of his forearm, which ends in a bony spine. He also has large molars on the upper jaw and his lower jaw is covered with small, needle-sharp teeth. His head appears to have had cheeks, as did his lower and upper jaws, but they appear to have either crumbled or torn off, revealing Afton's human head and ears below. FFPS

Rock star series

Like the Toy series, the Rockstar series is child-friendly and includes the Freddy Fazbear Band in a new form. It is significant for everyone that they have at least one star on their chest and that they look similar to classic animatronics, but look more childish. They can be purchased in FFPS, with Lefty having the most important role story-wise.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Rock star FreddyIts upper head is similar to that of Toy Freddy, its lower jaw is severed but connected with metal bars on the upper part. He has pink cheeks like the Toy Animatronics, his top hat and bow tie are shiny purple, and his muzzle is brown. FFPS
Rock star BonnieTBA FFPS
Rock star ChicaRockstar Chica is very similar to normal Chica but has blue cheeks, beak and head merge. She also carries two maracas with her instead of her cupcake and, like Toy Chica, has three eye-catching feathers. FFPS
Rock star FoxyIt is crimson with the exception of the muzzle, eye sockets, inside of ears and torso, which are lighter. His left eye is amber, he has a yellow star on his upper body, and he has 4 tips of his hair that stick out from his head. His knees, elbows, the toes of his right foot and his eyebrows are colored dark red. FFPS
LeftyHe has red patches on his cheeks and his body color is a rich anthracite. He has pitch black eyebrows, a pitch black snub nose, red eyelids and red kneecaps. He wears a red bow tie and a gold star on his chest, and a red top hat sits on his head. He also has round ears that stick out strangely from the head. The inside of the ears and the belly area are light gray. The tips of the toes and the top of the snout are also light gray. FFPS

Mediocre Melodies

The Mediocre Melodies are their very own series and band and therefore contain completely new characters, with the exception of Nedd Bear, who is definitely a modification of Freddy. They can be acquired in FFPS, but they don't have a very important role in the story.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Orville ElephantIt is orange in color with a lighter shade on its nose, inner ears, torso, feet, and eyes. He wears a purple cylinder with a white stripe at the base. Similar to Mr. Hippo, Orville has a large flower on his chest and two small black buttons. He is holding a black wand with a white tip in his left hand. FFPS
Happy FrogShe has magenta eyes and yellow accents on her jaw, fingertips, belly, both feet and eyelids. Happy Frog is holding a microphone and has a yellow ball connected to her head by a rod.She has two pairs of buck teeth, green shorts, and an electrical box with circuits and wires. FFPS
Nedd BearNedd Bear looks very similar to Freddy Fazbear, so it is also a brown teddy bear, but has a few small details that differentiate it. He has green eyes, a smaller nose, light brown eyebrows and also wears a red tie and a red hat instead of a black hat and a black bow tie. FFPS
Mr. HippoIt is purple in color and has a few lavender-colored particles. He has blue eyes, a black top hat, a red and yellow flower and two black buttons on the chest. Behind him is a gray box connected to his back, presumably his power source. FFPS
PigpatchA pink navel can be seen on his torso and a spiral-shaped tail on his back. Similar to Happy Frog, Pigpatch has a different colored pelvis and thighs that resemble pants. His cheeks are red and he has one green eye and one royal blue eye. He wears a brown banjo with brown accents. FFPS

Glam rock series

The Glamrock series is very reminiscent of the Toy series, but looks much more adult, perfect for teenagers and adults. They have a complex structure and a punk demeanor in common. The band composition has also been changed.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Glamrock FreddyIt has a top hat with a blue stripe and a black bow tie with a punk design that is reminiscent of the 1980s style. His eyes are blue / purple, his body fur is mainly orange, but otherwise more yellow in some places. He wears large red shoulder guards, spiked bracelets, a red earring for his left ear, and a face paint with light blue and red colors. Security breach
Glamrock ChicaGlamrock Chica is a white chicken with an orange beak, blue eyes, purple eyelids, pink armor, and orange feet. She has a couple of stray "feathers" sticking out of her head with a pink hair bow. She also wears two green triangular earrings. Security breach
Montgomery GatorHe is strongly built, he has pointy sharp teeth, black nails, a red Mohawk, a green colored suit armor with legs with a reptile structure, spots for arms and cheeks, yellow color for the belly and some segments for the tail. His eyelids are a striped tattoo, the feet and hands (excluding the fingers) are also colored purple. Security breach
Roxanne WolfShe has silver hair with lime green fringes, light fur, a gray-white muzzle, a small black nose and whitish-gray fur in the ears, around the eyes and on the tip of the tail. She has long, sharp yellowish-green nails. She has a red chest piece, a narrow metal waist, and red shoulder pads over her segmented arms. Her forearms are wrapped in a purple, tiger-like pattern that is also found on the heels of her legs (which look like leg warmers). Security breach


Endoskeletons are the skeletons that are inside animatronics. They work in a similar way to the human skeleton.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
TBA Endo-01Endo-01 is a two-legged humanoid robot made up of thinner, tube-like structures for the limbs and stomach. Its flat, rectangular head consists of a movable mouth with teeth and a pair of blue eyeballs. Five Nights at Freddy's
TBA Endo-02Endo-02 is shaded with a range of gray and silver colors and has three rib-like cages, cylindrical limbs with coil springs, a wide mouth with square teeth, and flat, three-pronged feet. The head is lined with tiny connecting wires that contain wires for the insides of some parts of the limbs, and a bundle of long wires can be seen protruding from behind its back Five Nights at Freddy's 2
TBA Nightmare EndoIt is a large and massive metal skeleton with huge curved claws and razor sharp teeth. Unlike the Endo-01 and Endo-02, it has very thick, complex limbs that have been specially elongated to keep a bulky body stable. He has five long thumbs on his clawed hands like other Nightmare animatronics. On his back there is a small steel vortex that is soldered in a line. Help Wanted
EnnardEnnard is completely mechanical, he has an almost humanoid shape. His body is composed of the endoskeletons of the other animatronics. This can be seen, among other things, from the various artificial eyeballs that now adorn his body. At first Ennard is unmasked (he wears no costume anyway), on the official last night of Sister Locaton he wears a mask that he stole from the main control room. Sister location
YenndoTBA Sister location

Special characters

In addition to the conventional animatronics, there are some special characters that do not belong to the regular list because, strictly speaking, they are only hallucinations or have nothing to do with normal animatronics.


The phantoms look badly damaged and are kept in green-black tones. You can't kill the player.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance
Phantom FreddyHe also shares some similarities with Golden Freddy's model from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, namely the missing left ear and the wires coming out of his right eye socket even when his hat is tilted slightly to the left. Five Nights at Freddy's 3
TBA Phantom ChicaPhantom Chica has essentially the same model as Chica from Five Nights at Freddy's, but her eyes are missing and she has white, pungent pupils instead. It also appears charred or burned. Five Nights at Freddy's 3
TBA Phantom FoxyPhantom Foxy is basically similar to Withered Foxy, but has no eyes and instead has a white pupil in its left eye socket. He is missing his right forearm and hook. The same arm is in the box full of parts that can be seen in the office. Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Phantom MangleIt has no eyes and instead has white needle pupils. Phantom Mangle appears to have half of the left eye missing, although it could be obscured by something else. As seen in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, the normally pink accents on the feet seem sickly green and there are soot stains all over the endoskeleton parts. Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Phantom BBPhantom BB has essentially the same model as BB from the second game, but is missing the eyes and has two white buttons. Instead, it has small, glowing, white pupils. Both his sign saying "Balloons" and his balloon are missing. His rosy cheeks appear to be deep green in color. Five Nights at Freddy's 3
TBA Phantom PuppetPhantom Puppet has essentially the same model as in "Five Nights at Freddy's 2", although her body is charred and her eyes have tiny white pupils. The three buttons are also very dark in color, and the top button is almost half broken. Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Nightmare series

This series breaks with the traditional appearance of animatronics and shows them as gruesome monsters. Most have pointed claws and teeth, as well as human eyes. However, many of them only exist in a child's dream or are severely limited in their actions in the earthly world. At Jack-O-Chica, Jack-O-Bonnie, Plushtrap, Nightmare Balloon Boy, Dreadbear and Grimm Foxy you know that they also exist in reality. Plushtrap is shown in a mini-game from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 in reality as a plush toy, the others appear in UCN or Help Wanted and play a more or less relevant role there.

Animatronic Surname Description of the animatronics First appearance