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OneCoin: is Ruja Ignatova Bitcoin Billionaire?

Ruja Ignatova is said to have owned a total of 230,000 bitcoins since 2015, which would be worth around $ 13 billion today. The “crypto queen” would have become rich not only with her own fraudulent crypto currency “OneCoin”, but also with the competition she has often criticized. Curiously, the former Schrambergin Ignatova owes this fortune at least indirectly to her OneCoin.

The London lawyer Dr. Jonathan Levy made his claim. Levy represents "OneCoin" victims. He reports that it is about 500 million US dollars in cash, as well as values ​​amounting to one billion that are still available in Dubai and that "in several proceedings by representatives of Ruja, Sebastian Greenwood, the second man in the OneCoin- Hierarchy, a Sheikh from the Emirates and others related to OneCoin ”.

Ruja and Konstantin from Schramberg

Ruja Ignatova and her brother Konstantin Ignatov grew up in Schramberg, both of them attended grammar school in Schramberg. After graduating from high school in 1999, she made a steep academic and professional career, she "invented" OneCoin - and went underground in October 2017.

Her brother Konstantin did his Abitur in Königsfeld and studied in Tübingen. Before his sister in Bulgaria brought him to the OneCoin organization in 2016, he drove forklifts for Porsche in the Stuttgart area. After Ruja's disappearance, Constantine became the face of OneCoin, traveled around the world and promoted the cryptocurrency. After a business meeting in Las Vegas, the FBI arrested him at Los Angeles Airport in March 2019. He is currently under house arrest in New York. The accusation: fraud in the billions. He faces a long prison term.

Ruja and the sheikhs

OneCoin founder Ignatova apparently started smuggling funds into Dubai shortly after founding her cryptocurrency in 2014. Among other things, she is said to have had accounts at the United Arab Bank. According to the London lawyer Levy, the son of the bank chief, His Excellency Sheikh Saoud bin Faisal Al Qassimi, helped Ignatova obtain diplomatic confirmations to make her travel easier.

However, as early as 2015 there was a suspicion that Ignatova and Greenwood were laundering the OneCoin funds in Dubai. As a result, the bank froze their accounts.

The son of the bank boss then bailed Ruja out and in return for the frozen accounts gave her 230,000 Bitcoin on four USB sticks, at least that's what the aggrieved lawyer Levy wrote. At that time, the Bitcoins were worth around 50 million dollars. The lawyer sees it as the highest transaction in Bitcoin that has ever taken place.

Levi presents, for example, a contract that Ruja and the sheikh are said to have concluded as evidence. In it, Ruja Ignatova sells her OneCoin company in Abu Dhabi to Al Qassimi and in return receives the four USB sticks with the BitCoin. A second document published by lawyer Levy confirms receipt and contains Ruja Ignatova's signature.

Exotic islands

The London lawyer is litigating in the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT), a group of islands in the Indian Ocean with just 3000 inhabitants - almost all of them US soldiers or military employees. The internet domain .io is often used by crypto criminals, but it only exists on websites and not actually (by crypto criminals with no real presence other than websites), according to the London lawyer Levy. According to his own statements, he represents a "Crypto Currency Resolution Trust" in the Bahamas. The BIOT Supreme Court is based in Great Britain.

The Bafin investigates against insurance agents

Meanwhile, OneCoin has hit the headlines again in Germany. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin) is investigating a website operator, the website According to the Bafin, this person has no permission to conduct banking business, provide financial services or payment services.

As Business Insider reports, it is an insurance agent who bought OneCoin himself years ago. He probably also organized promotional events. If he had known that the homepage was a criminal offense, he would have switched it off long ago, Business Insider quotes him.

Konstantin Ignatov: the judge postpones the verdict

At the request of the public prosecutor's office, on May 12, Judge Edgardo Ramos postponed the date for the next hearing on a verdict to November 12. The prosecution asked for a delay of about six months.

Ignatov had undertaken in his deal with the prosecutor to testify as a witness in other proceedings in the OneCoin complex. Next up is the trial against Karl Sebastian Greenwood. But this process is also being delayed.