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Arunachal Pradesh

Go on a voyage of discovery and get to know the original tribes

The state of Arunachal Pradesh is located in northeast India. The name means something like "land of mountains at dawn". The state is often referred to as the “land of sunrise”. Around 1.4 million people live on the 84,000 km² area. The state is located in the Eastern Himalayas and borders Bhutan, Tibet and Myanmar. There is a humid monsoon climate and you can find tropical, evergreen rain and cloud forest vegetation, as well as arctic cold high mountain areas. The local fauna and flora is very diverse and invites you to go hiking and enjoy nature. Rice, fresh apples and juicy oranges are the main crops in the state. The largest cities of Arunachal Pradesh are the capital Itanagar, Naharlagun and Pasighat. The population is ethnically mixed, with most of the inhabitants belonging to Indian tribal peoples for whom the Indian constitution contains special rights. Due to the many different tribal peoples, there is an extreme diversity of languages ​​and also a religious mix, consisting of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims.

Tourist Attractions

Itanagar has also become the capital of the state due to its convenient traffic location. The young city has a Buddhist temple, which is relatively small and can be easily recognized due to its yellow roof. The city is an important trading center for local agricultural products, which are sold in local markets. Nishi warriors can also be seen there.

The second largest Buddhist monastery in the world is located in Tawang. The 400 year old monastery is located at an altitude of almost 3000 meters in a permanently covered snow landscape. The three-storey building contains, among other things, a large library with valuable manuscripts and a famous Thangha collection. 500 monks and 45 nuns live around the monastery. There is also an arts and crafts center on the site where Monpa masks and scarves are sold. The morning puja is very interesting for the visitors. The local Monpa donate millet to the monks for their meals.

The town of Bomdila is located at almost 2500 meters and offers a picturesque, quiet and wonderful view of the surroundings. There are three monasteries there. The largest of these monasteries belongs to the Gelugpa order and was opened personally by the Dalai Lama in 1997.

Visit the Parasurama Kund site. The place lies on the banks of the Lothi and has a deep mythological meaning. Here the sage Parasuram is said to have washed himself to cleanse himself of his sin, the murder of a mother.

Every year, many visitors come in mid-January to celebrate the Makar Sankrati festival. This is dedicated to Parasuram and of course invites you to cleanse yourself in a bath. Many different peoples are at home in Arunachal Pradesh. Each of these tribes has its own traditions and cultures. In the town of Ziro, for example, you can get to know the Apa Tani tribe, who are famous for their rice-growing culture. The Adi tribe live by the raging Siang River in Pasighat. This tribe is known for its colorful and happy dances.


    Most peoples are scriptless, which means that there is no historical evidence. During the colonial era, what is now the state of Arunachal Pradesh was known as the Northeast Frontier Agency. Conditions were difficult in this state-like territory. Since India's independence, efforts have been made to integrate the region into the young Indian state. Then in 1962 the Indo-Chinese border war took place because the two countries did not agree exactly to whom the region belongs. Since 1975 Arunachal Pradesh has been a separate federal state as it is known today. However, China has not given up claims and is still interested in the region. Because of this special situation, there are special Indian permits for foreigners as well as for the Indians themselves.

    getting there

    In Itanagar and Naharlagan there are train stations and train connections that take you all over the country or to train stations where you have connections to the national network. There are several small airports in Arunachal Pradesh. The neighboring airports of Assam are more important.

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