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Build muscle fast: 5 tips and exercises for more muscle growth

You want to fast muscles build up? Then you mustfeed you properly andtrain sensibly. In this post we will show you5 tips and 9 exerciseswith which you will achieve your goal. Including onefree PDF with our 9 exercises for fast muscle building.

Rapid muscle building is possible, but requiredDiscipline in terms of training and nutrition and - willy-nilly - a little patience. With the first results you canafter approx. 6 weekscalculate. Once you have made a start, you will quickly see further successes in building muscle that are impressive.
A plan and the right diet are essential for building muscle quickly. In our muscle building package, you get all of this together. All you have to do is train yourself. Try it out.

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Fast muscle building - 5 tips for your success

1. Eat enough protein

For fast muscle building you should take approx.1.7g protein per kilo of body weight take to you daily. Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles. They are made up of various amino acids. To put it simply, amino acids are the building blocks that your body uses to build proteins. Every food that contains protein contains different amino acids.Fast muscle building is simply not feasible without sufficient protein.

Which products are useful for rapid muscle building?

It is therefore best to combine different protein-rich foods and alsovegetable sources of protein to integrate. This is how you supply your body with all the amino acids.Protein shakes are the ideal supplement to meet your daily protein needs.

Meat and dairy products are high in protein. It is important to choose productsresponsible animal husbandry to buy. Antibiotics and drug residues in the chicken are just as unhealthy as highly processed sausage products. Milk from cows that graze regularly in pastures contains better fats than milk from cows that spend their entire lives in the barn and only eat concentrated feed.

That is why we only use milk for our whey and 3K proteins from cows that stand and graze on the meadow for more than 320 days a year. For comparison: the average grazing time for German cows is 120 days.

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2. Meet your calorie needs

Fast muscle building works best when your body is getting the amount of energy it needs. He gets it from food. You have a certain dayCalorie requirement. It is made up of yoursBasal metabolic rate and the performance turnover together. The basal metabolic rate includes all the calories that your body uses up to keep your breathing, heartbeat, etc. working and you are awake. So you burn those calories even if you just sit on the couch.

With thePerformance turnover Added to this are the calories that you also consume during activities - for example at work or sports. The service turnover can therefore vary from day to day. So that a faster muscle building can take place, you should you are between 300 and 500 kcal above your calorie requirement every day. One then speaks of a calorie surplus.

The calculation is easy: Basal metabolic rate + performance metabolic rate = calorie requirement. You can easily calculate how many calories you need to build muscle mass quickly on our calorie calculator.

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Do you find it hard to eat so much? Then ours areInstant oats the right one for you. Calories from 100% organic oatmeal that you can dissolve so finely that you won't even notice them. A serving of Instant Oats is whole 380 kcal and can be perfectly dissolved in your whey protein shake. Or in your cereal. In orange juice. Or wherever you would like them to be.


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3. Exercise with weight

The fastest progress in building muscle is achieved withStrength training with weights. Of course, you can also build muscle with bodyweight training. However, it is faster with weights - especially at the beginning.

The background is that weights offer you the possibility of yourTraining weight optimally based on your body and your individual muscle building goals to vote. Strong, large muscle groups such as legs in particular require a lot of strength and skills in order to be visibly trained with bodyweight training. Weighted squats, on the other hand, are an effective and relatively easy exercise to quickly build up your legs and glutes.

Fast muscle building works particularly effectively with free weights. Your advantage: In addition to the muscles that are the focus of the respective exercise, you also always train the stabilizing core muscles.

The only exception: you are working on building muscle for the first time and want to see results quickly.Exercising on machines is more effective as a beginnerbecause they guide your movement and the risk of injury from improper exercise is lower. If you are new to muscle building, it is best to have an experienced trainer instruct you.

4. Push your limits

No pain, no gain. Requires rapid muscle buildingintensive training. There's not much that comes out of doing a bit of bicep curls and posing in front of the mirror. Find the weight that challenges you, but not overwhelms you. A clean execution should always remain in the foreground.

Guide value: You can do it3 times 8-12 repetitions. After the last set, your muscles are so exhausted that you couldn't do another rep. As soon as it becomes easier for you, increase the weight. 3 x 12 sets are ideal for beginners who want to build muscle quickly.

If you want to build muscle effectively, you should see an increase in performance over time. The keyword is Progressive Overload and belongs in every muscle building workout. Without an increase, your body has no reason to change.

Have you been training for a long time, know your training weight and are only making slow progress? Then give it a tryPyramid training. Here you set different stimuli within a training session. Especially when your training stagnates and you still want to build muscle quickly, pyramid training can help you to achieve your goals.

The right training weight, a well-founded, well thought-out muscle building training plan and a tailored diet are the prerequisites for building muscles as quickly as possible. We asked someone who knows how to do it: Together with foodsprings trainers, sports scientists and nutritionists, we have one12 week muscle building plan designed to help you achieve your goals. Here you can find out everything you need to know about muscle building and motivation. Including training and nutrition plans.

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You can do pyramid training in 2 directions:

The ascending pyramid:

You start with your normal training weight and do the number of reps that you normally do in one set. For example 10 squats weighing 30 kilos each. In the next set you increase your training weight and reduce the number of repetitions. For example 8 repetitions with 32 kilos. For example, the last set would have 6 reps with 34 kg.

The inverted pyramid:

Works the other way around. If we stick with the above example, your inverted pyramid would look like this: 1st set = 6 reps at 34 kg. 2nd set = 8 repetitions with 32 kg. 3rd set = 10 repetitions with 30 kg.

The inverted pyramid is only recommended if you are sure of your training weight and have mastered the exercise that is involved perfectly.Always warm up properly and do 1-2 warm-up sets with little or no weight.

5. Take breaks

If you exercise too much, you risk injuries that can put you out of action for months. And: your success. Just because your muscles aren't sore doesn't mean your muscles have fully recovered. The so-calledSuper compensation effectinstead of in the muscle.

You have to imagine it like this: Your training challenged the muscle - it had to exert itself more than usual. He remembers that. To be better prepared for such a challenge the next time, the muscle builds up more substance during the regeneration periodby repairing and thickening the existing muscle fibers. In short: your muscle grows.

If you train again in this phase, this process will be disrupted. That throws you back a long way. The muscle cannot give full throttle during training and regenerate at the same time. So give him time and enjoy your day off from training.

How Often Should You Train For Fast Muscle Gain?

To build muscle quickly, you should train with a sensible training plan 3-4 times a week. A full-body workout, like the one we do together with our foodspring trainers and sports scientists, is ideal Muscle building guide have conceived.

It is just as important that younon-training days abide by. Even if your muscles are already feeling fit again, ligaments, cartilage, bones, intervertebral discs and joints often take longer to adapt to the new stress. During this phase, it is important that you provide your muscles with sufficient protein and nutrients such as zinc and magnesium that support normal muscle function.

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Rules of thumb for regeneration are:

  • Wait until the sore muscles go away.
  • Take at least a day off your body before starting the same muscle group again.
  • Sleep 7-8 hours a night.
  • Eat a protein rich and balanced diet.
  • Drink enough water and avoid alcohol. Especially on training days.

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How long does muscle building take?

How fast muscle building goescannot be said for everyone. Age, genetic and hormonal situation also play a role, as do your initial situation and your training plan. Anyone who has already been well trained will tend to build muscle again faster than someone who has never been fit and is just starting out. However, there are also beginners who can achieve muscle building successes quickly.

You can expect the first improvements in your strength performance and your body awareness after about 6 weeks of disciplined training and a sensible diet.Clearly visible results after approx. 12 weeks.

However, building muscle faster does not mean that you automatically have a defined six pack.Belly fat doesn't go away just because you build muscle. Proper nutrition plays a crucial role here. Once the muscles are in place, you can start working on belly fat.

A protein-rich diet is at least as important for muscle definition as it is for building muscle. Our3K protein In addition to whey protein, it also contains casein. Casein supplies your muscles with protein for up to 7 hours, ideal in the definition phase.

Exercises for rapid muscle building

Also, if your primary goal is to build muscle quickly to look good on your summer vacation, it isimportant that you train your whole body. In this way you avoid injuries, look good and get all-round fit.

Basic exercisessuch as squats, deadlifts, bench and shoulder press should be an integral part of your muscle building training. In addition, it makes sense functional exercises to integrate. With them you build muscles quickly and at the same time optimize the interaction of your muscle groups. This is healthy and ensures a flowing sequence of movements. In short: your movement looks better during training.

Do you already have a certain basic level of fitness? Then it can occasionally make sense, too Isolation exercises to incorporate into your muscle building workout. They allow you to work specifically on individual muscles and to set a specific stimulus.

Our7 free weight exercises train your whole body. With it you support your rapid muscle building and areperfect for the beach season prepared. All exercises also strengthen your core muscles. Called:Tighten your abdominal and back muscles as you exercise to stabilize your core.

9 muscle building exercises for quick success

10 minutes of cardio + relaxation exercises. Before each exercise 1 warm-up set without weight, another with 50% of your training weight.

You scale the intensity of the exercises using the weight. Take a workout session to find the weight and repetition rate for each exercise that best fits your goal of building muscle faster.

Number of repetitions
8-12 repetitions per set, 3 work sets
60 seconds rest between each set.

Cool down
Relaxed cardio or mobility training.

In the following you will find all exercises as GIFs. Proper exercise execution is essential for your success. If you'd rather take it with you to the gym as a print, print out your free training plan for fast muscle building here.


1. Butterfly with dumbbells


Pectoralis major. Auxiliary muscles: front part of the deltoid, arms

You should pay attention to:

  • Palm points upwards, thumb rests over the rest of the fingers.
  • Elbows are minimally bent and dumbbells are in line with the shoulders.
  • The stomach is tense, the lower back is pressing against the bench.
  • Feet are firmly on the ground.

2. Butterfly reverse with dumbbells


Middle part of the hood muscle, posterior part of the deltoid, large and small rhomboid muscles, subbone muscle. Auxiliary muscles: lower and upper part of the hood muscle, front and side part of the deltoid muscle, core, back extensor, thigh

You should pay attention to:

  • Palm points down, thumb over the rest of the fingers.
  • Elbows are minimally bent and dumbbells are in line with the shoulders.
  • Elbows are minimally bent and dumbbells are in line with the shoulders.
  • The weight is distributed over the entire foot, knees are in line with the ankles.

3. Incline bench press with dumbbells

Pectoralis major, triceps. Auxiliary muscles: anterior part of the deltoid and saw muscles.

You should pay attention to:

  • Palm points down, thumb over the rest of the fingers.
  • Just stretch your upper arms almost completely.
  • Lower your elbows to chest level.
  • The stomach is tense, the lower back is pressing against the bench.
  • Feet are firmly on the ground.

4. Bar Row


Broad back muscle, posterior part of the deltoid, hood muscle, rhombus muscles, lower bone muscle. Auxiliary muscles: arms, core.

You should pay attention to:

  • Palm points down, thumb over the rest of the fingers.
  • Just stretch your upper arms almost completely.
  • Pull your elbows up to your ribs.
  • The stomach is tense, the lower back is straight.
  • Feet are firmly on the ground.

5. Russian twist with weight plate


Complete abdominal muscles. Auxiliary muscles: back extensors, broad back muscles.

You should pay attention to:

  • Palm points down, thumb over the rest of the fingers.
  • Keep your lower back straight. That will not do? Then stand up and try again. Still does not work? Take less weight.

6. Kettlebell Farmers Walk


Core, the whole body.

You should pay attention to:

  • Stay upright, arms tense, elbows minimally bent.
  • Don't let the weight pull you down.
  • The whole body works. Tighten all your muscles, take small steps.
  • Lift and set down the kettlebells with your back straight and your legs bent. Like the deadlift.

7. Back squat


Gluteus greater, quadriceps, hamstrings. Auxiliary muscles: core, back extensors, adductors

You should pay attention to:

  • Both heels stay on the ground.
  • Don't let the weight pull you down.
  • The back is straight, the upper body is erect.

8. Walking lungs


Gluteus muscles, quadriceps, stabilizing deep muscles, coordination auxiliary muscles: core, hamstrings, arms.

You should pay attention to:

  • When you put your foot down, your knees and ankles are roughly in line.
  • Avoid sideways movements in the thighs and knees.
  • The entire movement is stable and well coordinated. If in doubt, train without weight first.

9. Calf raises


Twin calf muscle, clod muscle.

You should pay attention to:

  • Stand hip width apart, thighs and core are active, knees stay calm.
  • The back is in its natural minimal hollow back position.
  • Lift both heels at the same time as high as you can each time.


  • Fast muscle building requires the right diet and a sensible training plan.
  • For rapid muscle building you need about 1.7 g protein per kg / body weight daily.
  • Women can only build up to approx. 0.5 kg, men approx. 0.9 kg of muscle per month. Your starting position is also crucial.
  • Even with rapid muscle building, you have to adhere to the regeneration time.
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