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School closed because of Corona: The best apps for homeschooling and tutoring

Because of the corona pandemic, many students have to study from home again. Online tools and learning apps help to convey the necessary material in an understandable way - we will introduce you to the best apps.

The notorious "Second Corona Wave" ensures that many students are encouraged to stay at home again in winter and catch up on the material in online classes or on their own. This first requires a lot of technical aids and even then learning alone is not for everyone. Fortunately, there is now a wide range of different learning apps in Germany that support schoolchildren and students in learning. CHIP has put together the best offers for you.

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Stark high school trainer and learning videos

There are many learning apps, StudySmarter is a particularly outstanding one. The app for iPhone and Android adapts to different types of learners and, in addition to content from over 2,000 schools and universities, also contains the complete compendium of popular Stark high school graduate trainers. High school graduates should also look forward to the examination tasks from recent years.

The popular simpleclub app, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS, scores with thousands of learning videos. Pupils from 8th to 13th grade will find their learning material clearly explained and well prepared. The learning giant Duden also has a learning platform. LearnAttack offers learning videos and suitable exercises as well as clear statistics on the lessons learned.

Many schools rely on the textbooks from Klett Verlag. During the Corona crisis, it offers tons of Klett worksheets with solutions for free download. There is also access to the content of the books and online webinars.

Abiunity also has its own Abitur community for all prospective high school graduates. If you want to use Germany's largest Abitur community on your smartphone, you can download the corresponding iOS or Android app onto your smartphone. There is then a forum with more than 50,000 topics and a database with over 24,000 student projects.

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The most popular learning platforms

German schools now also have learning platforms through which content is made available to pupils. In order to access these as comfortably as possible, students and schoolchildren should have the right apps right now.

The best known is now Moodle. The platform is available for PC, Android smartphones and iPhone. Teachers can use this to share course content with you and collect donations. Review of grades and online tests are also possible. Mebis, the digital platform of the Bavarian Ministry of Culture, can also be used via these apps.

The Google alternative called Classroom is a little less common in this country, but still very useful. The connection to Google Docs makes it extremely easy to work paperless, to create courses and to submit content.

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