How do people gain Instagram followers all the time?

How to get 300 real and targeted Instagram followers per day

A few years ago I wrote a post on Instagram explaining how to get more followers and likes.

But there is a problem. The article is from 2012!

Instagram is now onecompletely other platform. If you read through my old article, you will already get some useful tips and tricks. But you don't know how to use all of Instagram's new features.

Instagram changed its entire look!

The shiny new Instagram has more users, more power, more performance, more functions and more potential than it had in 2012.

It was time to write a new article on Instagram. That is the main reason I am writing this article.

But there is another reason as well. I want to help you to be successful on Instagram.

Which does ______________ meansuccess? You should get a lot of followers, likes, mentions and comments.

It also means that you need to communicate with your audience on a deeper level. You need to build a real connection with your target audience.

In this article, you will learn how to get 300 or more real and targeted Instagram followersper day can win.

I will now show you step-by-step how to do this.

Instagram - an introduction

If you're new to Instagram, let me give you a few quick facts about Instagram.

Instagram is a mobile photo sharing app. It was released in 2010 as a typical free app. There were plenty of other photo apps out there, but Instagram caught the spirit of the times and grew continuously.

The app grew so quickly that Facebook showed interest and bought it for $ 1 billion in April 2012.

In June 2016, Instagram had 500 million monthly active users!

Instagram used to be a very simple app. You took a picture. Then you could put a filter over it (to improve the look). And then you shared it with your small community of Instagram followers.

And that's it. No frills. Nothing fancy.

It's different now.

Today Instagram is packed with tons of features. When Snapchat hit the scene, attracting millions of followers, and using apps like Periscope Live Video, Instagram struggled to bring these features to life as soon as possible.

You can now edit your photos with the more advanced photo editing functions instead of just using the built-in filters.

You can also share stories. Stories appear at the top of your friends' feed and only stay there for 24 hours. If you want to keep your stories discreet, you can only send them to selected friends or specific groups.

[vimeo 192220333 w = 640 h = 480]

As with Snapchat, you can add text, drawings or other special effects to pictures.

Unlike Snapchat, there is no filter that makes you look like a dog.

Instagram's live video feature still needs a bit of work. It doesn't work like most other live video platforms because the video disappears once you stop streaming. You can watch live videosjust see while they are being recorded.

In this article I want to show you how you can gain new followers. I don't want to teach you how to use each function.

Still, it's important to understand these features because you'll be using them as you grow your audience by thousands of followers per week.

The first five steps are fundamental. So I'll just briefly go into each of them. Then, in steps 6 to 8, you get down to business.

Step # 1: Create a profile for maximum engagement

First, you need to create an Instagram profile that will grab people's attention.

This is important: Your picture, your name, your profile name and your description are your digital billboard. The peoplebecome view your profile, browse your photos and visit your website.

Everything starts here.

If you're just starting out, don't worry. The registration process is simple and not complicated.

If you already have an Instagram account, you can change your profile and username if necessary.

First click on the profile icon in the lower right corner.

Then click on “Edit Profile”.

Now change the following information so that it accurately reflects who you are and what added value you are providing.

  1. Name: I recommend that you use your real name.
  2. Username: Your username must be unique. If your name is already taken, add a few words or phrases to distinguish it from others.
  3. A URL: Pointers to your website, if you have one. This URL is the one clickable link that you can provide.
  4. Information: A brief description of yourself. Make this description as warm and welcoming as possible. An emoji or two won't hurt either.

Step # 2: Share photos that grab people's attention and engage them with you

Instagram is all about pictures. In this step, you build a collection of posts that will grab attention.

And so.

Publish original images

Nobody wants to see an Instagram account crammed with stock photos or “stolen” viral images. Use your own pictures.


Make sure your images are relevant too

As soon as you publish an image, think about the audience thatYou want to attract with it. Who are these people? What is catching your attention? I'll show you some examples below.


Add a location

When you add a location, you increase your visibility. Why? Because your photo then “lives”. Whenever someone searches for pictures that were taken in a certain environment, they will see your picture.

To do this, click on “Add Location”.

Instagram gives you a list of possible locations to choose from.

But you can enter any location you want. Then Instagram will show you a list of popular places nearby.

I recommend that you choose a popular location so that your post gets more visibility.


Step no. 3: Add a comprehensive description of the image to your post

This is one of the most overlooked tactics when it comes to picture sharing. You should write and add several paragraphs of valuable content.

You can use up to 2,200 characters for it.That's quite a lot! For comparison, 2,200 characters in this article range from the beginning to the “curated groups” paragraph. (Click CTRL + F to find this paragraph, then you can see how many 2,200 characters can be!)

Instagram only shows three lines of your image description in the users' feed. But that's okay. If you can get their attention with these first three lines, you've already won.

Instagram has the unpleasant quality that it does not allow line breaks. The easiest way to get around this problem is to write my posts in my Notes app, then copy and paste them on Instagram.

To speed things up, I open Notes on my Macbook. I enter the complete description of the image and do a spell check.

Then I open the note on my phone and copy it. Then I open Instagram and paste the content into the image description.

Zack. Interesting content with line breaks where I want it.

A long and interesting image description is the surest way to get people to comment and like my posts.

You have to have a great picture, of course. An average picture is not enough. Anyone can do that! You mustmore added value offer by youmore Provide content.


Step # 4: add #hashtags

You can post on Instagram all day, but if you don't use hashtags, you won't get any audience growth.

As simple as that.

Hashtags give you visibility. Instagram users jump back and forth between hashtags, just like someone who is bored switches back and forth between TV channels. You click your way from one hashtag to the next and then another, and occasionally pause for a moment to take a closer look at an interesting post.

But which hashtags should you use?

If you use generic hashtags like #happy and #selfie, people will notice you, but they're notright People.

You want to collect targeted followers, right?

Here you can find out how to do it.


Add hashtags as a comment, not in the photo itself

I recommend that you put your hashtags in a comment.

Why? It looks better. Your image description should be clean and visually appealing. Hashtags tend to look messy.

Second, your image description remains clear. Hashtags aren't there for that, by peopleseen to become. They are there to let people know youFind can.

Third, it allows you to add more hashtags. If you have exhausted the maximum number of characters in your image description, no problem. You have even more space in the comments.


Start by entering a general hashtag related to your industry or audience.

Go ahead and enter a general hashtag that is relevant to your audience.

You could #digitalmarketer Enter (digital marketer). Check out what happens on Instagram when you do this.

Instagram shows you a list of the popular hashtags!

You must notguesswhich are popular because you can see the number of posts on the right.

Add as many of these hashtags as you can, as long as they are relevant. This will give you a clearer idea of ​​which hashtags to use and where to use them.

If you find a list of hashtags that generate a lot of engagement, I recommend that you copy it and save it as a note on your phone. Then you can copy and paste them into your comment instead of having to write them out every time.


Use 30 hashtags

How many hashtags should you use?

Here's a good rule of thumb: No less than 5. No more than 30.

Why not more than 30? If you add more than 30 hashtags, you will not be able to post the comment.

Step # 5: Create an editorial plan

If you don't post anything on Instagram, no one will follow you either.

Here is my advice:

  • Share 1-2 photos or videos per day.
  • Add 5-30 Instagram stories per day.
  • Do 1 live video per day,at the same time every day.

Let me explain each of them in more detail.


Share 1-2 photos per day.

Post the most popular Instagrammersmany manyImages.

There is a connection between how often you post and how many followers you have.

Why should you post every day? Because you have more followersand want to get more visibility (which in turn brings you more followers).

Don't just focus on photos. As you can see at Nike, you can generate a lot of engagement with videos.

Add 5-30 Instagram stories per day

Wow. That's a lot of stories!

Sure, but that is done relatively quickly. You can share videos or photos. I recommend a mixture of both.

Your stories will automatically play like a video playlist. Even if each story is only 15 seconds long, you can stitch them together to make a long video.

This Instagrammer has a regular supply of 30 or more stories. This technique is effective because it regularly appears at the top of your followers' news feed.

Share 1 live video per day, at the same time every day

Live video isn't as well established on Instagram as it is on Facebook, but it still has potential.

You should do your live video at the same time every day.

Why? Because a live videojust is displayed while it is being recorded. When you send at random times - times when your followers are not actively on Instagramon road- no one will know that you were in a live video at all.

But there is an easy way to get around this limitation for live video.

  1. Share a photo on your feed that will announce the time you will be broadcasting live.
  2. Post a story each day that will announce your next live broadcast.

Then you can get started. Your audience will tune in to your broadcasts and tune in.

To start a live video, click on the camera in the top left corner.

Then scroll left to go to “live”.

Then you will be shown a 3 second countdown.

Then you are live!

Live videos appear at the top of the story carousel. In other words, as long as you're live, more people will see you too.

The more often you can post live videos, the better. Experiment with different times of the day to see which times work best.


Step # 6: Locate your targeted users and follow them

Believe it or not, everything we've covered so far has been just an introduction.

You may be thinking now:What?! And the many followers?

If you follow the steps above, you will attract users at a rate of 20+ per day, no more.

At the beginning, the followers slowly roll in and then the whole thing picks up speed over time. For the first few days, you may only get 5 followers a day.

Within a week, however, the stone will start rolling.

But now you have to shift up a few gears. In this step I will show you how you can find your “herd” and prepare yourself for an avalanche of followers.


First, you need to identify your strongest competitors.

Who are the Instagram users who already have a lot of fans in your niche?

Find them and follow their followers.

And so.

Tap on the search symbol in the Instagram feed.

Popular videos and posts will then be displayed to you.

Click on the "Search" bar above.

Click on “Tags” and search for a term that fits your industry.

I noticed that “#digitalmarketing” has almost 900,000 posts, so I click on it first. Here is the result:

Nine photos at the top. These are viewed as “top photos” because they have been posted by users with many followers, or because they have a lot of likes and comments.

One or more of these photos was shared by a power user - someone who has a lot of followers.

I click on the photo of Warren Buffett.

I immediately notice that this photo has 1,230 likes. That's a lot of likes.

I also notice that the photo was posted by @successfield. I may never have heard of @successfield, but they seem to share photos in my niche. And these photos are apparently popular.

So I click on her name in the top left corner. Then I see the following:

I notice that they have 69,600 followers. That's a huge fan base. I want to follow your followers.

And here is the logic behind that strategy. If those 69,600 people chose to follow @successfield, then they might choose tome to follow. I work in the same industry and I also offer added value (if not more)!

I click on the number 69.6 to see the list of followers.

Now I can follow any of these users by clicking “Follow”.

You should repeat this process several times in order tomore Find influencers in your area. You should also filter out the influencers who offer the most engaged audience.

Repeat the process daily if you want to gain new followers. The experience is a little different every time. Experiment with this strategy until you find a pattern that will get you the most followers.

And here is the process in bullet points:

  • Click on the search symbol.
  • Click on the search bar.
  • Click on or scroll to the tags.
  • Enter a day that is relevant to your industry.
    • There are probably dozens, if not dozenhundreds of tags that you can use. And that's why you have to split up your energy and experiment with different tags.
    • I recommend exploring the “related” tags that Instagram shows at the top as well. You can use this list to find valuable tags and users that people enjoy engaging with.
  • Click on one of the leading posts with that hashtag.
  • Make sure the account has a lot of followers (rule of thumb: you should have more followers than people you are following.)
  • Click on the number of followers.
  • Follow their followers.

Step # 7: Follow 50 users per hour.

How many users can you follow, and with what rate?

Nobody, except a few Instagram developers, knows the exact numbers.

Of course, Instagram wants to prevent its users from taking advantage of the system by spamming people with useless information. So there are some restrictions that keep you from following too many people.

The limit appears to be 7,500.

It will be a long time before you hit 7,500. So what can you do?

Follow at least 50 users per hour. If you try to follow too many people within a certain amount of time, you will no longer be able to follow other people.

Instagram will not block your account. They are just going to make the "Follow" button stop working.

What can you do? Wait an hour, then try again. You will probably be able to follow more people again.

Do you think 50 users are taking too much time? It doesn't.

And that's how it works. You can do this in a matter of minutes.

Repeat this process as often as possible.

If you follow users, many of them will follow you too. If you actively publish content, get involved and offer added value, you will quickly attract a following.


Step # 8: Become an active member of the Instagram community

Instagram isn't just a content posting platform. It is oneCommunity with people who help each other, offer added value, learn and grow.

Personally, I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram. I've met a lot of people there and learned new things. It's a great place for personal development and networking.

Here are a few things you should be doing in order to become an active member of the Instagram community while growing and cultivating your audience:

  • If someone follows you, follow them too. Of course, you should avoid spam accounts.
  • If someone comments on your photo, respond with a comment addressed directly to the person. Mention the user by using @ in the comment.
  • Add a heart to photos that have hastags that you are interested in.
  • Comment on photos that contain hashtags that you're interested in.
  • Add heart to other people's comments on photos you are interested in.
  • Send direct messages to people you're interested in or who add a lot of value.
  • Mark users you know personally or with whom you have established a relationship on Instagram in your photo.
  • Ask questions or ask for feedback.

What makes a difference whether you only publish content on Instagram or are an active participant in the action.

I advise you to become an active participant.



Instagram is a useful place for personal branding and sales. It's easy to throw in the towel because it seems like a big challenge to build a fan base there.

But there is a way to build a “herd” of targeted followers.

With this strategy, I and my customers have been able to gain more than 300 followers a day.

It gets better. These followers are loyal. As long as I provide valuable content and contribute regularly as a member of the community, I will not lose it.

They will tell other people about me and my fan base will continue to grow.

At some point you will reach the point where you no longer have to follow other users so aggressively. Instead, people will come to you.

Then all the hard work has paid off and you are well on your way to becoming an influential Instagram brand.