How sick of telling someone about it

Fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm

Times ago there was a tailor who had three sons and only one goat. But the goat, because it fed everyone together with its milk, had to have good food and be taken out to pasture every day. The sons did this one after the other. Once the eldest took them to the churchyard, where the most beautiful herbs were, made them eat and jump around. In the evening, when it was time to go home, he asked: "Goat, are you full?" The goat replied:

"I'm so full,
I don't like a leaf: Muh! Muh! "

"So come home," said the boy. At home the old tailor asked: “Has the goat got its feed?” “Yes, it is so full, it doesn't like leaves.” But the father wanted to see for himself, went down to the stable, stroked the dear animal and asked : "Goat, are you full too?" The goat replied:

“What should I be fed up with?
I just jumped over Gräbelein
and found not a single leaf: Muh! Muh! "

“What do I have to hear!” Called the tailor, ran up and said to the boy: “Oh, you liar, say the goat is full and has starved it?” And in his anger he took the stick from the wall and chased him out with blows. The same thing happened to the second and third sons as to the first. The malicious goat lied and, believing her, the tailor beat the boys out the front door with his stick.

The old tailor was now alone with his goat. The next morning he went down to the stable, caressed the goat and said: "Come on, my dear little animal, I will lead you to the pasture myself." In the evening he asked: "Goat, are you full?" I'm so full, I don't like a leaf: Muh! Muh! "

"So come home," said the tailor, led her into the stable and tied her up. When he went away, he turned back again and said: "Now you are full for once!" But the goat did not improve it and called:

“How am I supposed to be full?
I just jumped over Gräbelein
and found not a single leaf: Muh! Muh! "

When the tailor heard this, he was startled and saw that he had cast out his three sons without cause. As he sat so lonely in his house, he fell into great sadness and would have liked to have his sons back, but no one knew where they had migrated to.

The eldest had been an apprentice to a carpenter, where he studied hard. When his apprenticeship was over, the master gave him a table that was not particularly prestigious, but it had a good quality. If you put it down and said: “Little table, cover yourself”, the good little table was suddenly covered with a clean handkerchief: There was a plate there and a knife and fork lay next to it. There were also bowls of boiled and roasted food and a large glass with red wine glowed that made your heart laugh. The young journeyman was very happy and went out into the world. At last it occurred to him that he wanted to go back to his father, his anger would have subsided, and with the tablecloth he would be happy to take him back.

On the way home in the evening he came to an inn that was filled with guests. He proudly showed them his special little table. He put it in the middle of the room and said: "Little table, set yourself up." Immediately it was filled with food, as good as the landlord could not have brought. The landlord stood in a corner, watched and thought: "You could use such a cook in your inn." During the night when everyone was asleep, he very quietly fetched a table that looked like the wish-table, and swapped them. The next morning the carpenter paid his sleeping allowance, packed up his little table, did not even think that he had a wrong one, and went to his father. At home he received him with great joy. "Well, my dear son, what did you learn?" He said to him. “Father, I became a carpenter.” “A good craft,” replied the old man, “but what did you bring with you from your wandering?” “Father, the best thing I have brought is the tablecloth,” replied the son "If I put it down and tell him to cover it up, the most beautiful dishes will be on it." But when he wanted to show it to his father, the little table did not move and remained as empty as another table. Then the poor fellow noticed that the table had been switched and was ashamed that he was standing there like a liar.

The second son had come to a miller and had an apprenticeship with him. When his years were over, the master said: “Because you have worked so hard and well, I am giving you a donkey of a special kind, it does not pull on the wagon and also does not carry sacks.” “What is it useful for Asked the young journeyman. "He spits gold," replied the miller, "if you put him on a cloth and say 'Bricklebrit', the good animal will spit out pieces of gold for you, back and front." "That's a nice thing," said the journeyman, thanked Master and went out into the world. If he needed gold, all he had to do was say "Bricklebrit" to his donkey, it rained gold pieces and he had no trouble picking them up from the earth. Soon he thought: "You have to go to your father if you come with the donkey, he will forget his anger and take you well."

It so happened that he ended up in the same tavern in which his brother's table had been swapped. He led his donkey by the hand and brought it into the stable. The landlord found it strange that a guest wanted to take care of his donkey himself. But when the stranger reached into his pocket, took out two gold pieces and said he should only buy something good for him, the landlord widened his eyes, ran and looked for the best he could find. After the meal the guest asked what he owed, the landlord wanted to make a good profit and said he had to buy a few more gold pieces. The journeyman reached into his pocket, but his gold was just running out. “Wait a moment, Mr. Landlord,” he said, “I just want to go and get gold,” but took the tablecloth with him. The curious landlord crept after him, and as the guest locked the stable door, he looked through a small hole. The stranger spread the cloth under the donkey, called "Bricklebrit", and instantly the animal began to spew gold from behind and in front, so that it rained properly on the earth. "Well, a thousand," said the landlord, "that's how you get rich quickly!"

During the night the landlord crept down into the stable, led the donkey away, and tied another donkey in its place. The next morning the journeyman left with his donkey and said he had his gold donkey. At noon he arrived at his father's, who was happy to see him again. "What happened to you, my son?" Asked the old man. "A miller, dear father," he replied. “What did you bring with you from your wandering?” “Nothing more than a donkey.” “There are enough donkeys here,” said the father, “I would have preferred a good goat.” “Yes,” replied the son, "But it's not a normal donkey, but a gold donkey: When I say 'Bricklebrit', the good animal will spit you a whole cloth full of gold pieces." But when he spread his cloth and called "Bricklebrit", no gold pieces fell down, so that the son felt like a liar.

The third brother had been an apprentice to a wood turner. His brothers informed him in a letter how bad things had been for them and how the landlord had deprived them of their beautiful wishes. When the turner had finished his training, his master gave him a sack because he had worked so hard and well and said: “There is a stick in it.” “I can put the sack around my neck and it can serve me well, but what is the stick in it? It just makes it difficult. ”To this the master replied:“ If someone has harmed you, just say: 'Stick, out of the sack!' So the stick will jump out from among the people and dance around on their backs so merrily that they cannot move or move for eight days. And it doesn't stop until you say: 'Stick in the sack.' "

The journeyman thanked him and wandered out. In the evening he arrived at the inn where his brothers had been betrayed. He put his sack on the table in front of him and began to tell what kind of treasure he had that he had acquired and was carrying with him in his sack. The landlord pricked up his ears: “What on earth might that be?” He thought, “the sack is probably filled with precious stones; I should get that too, because all good things come in threes. ”When it was time to sleep, the landlord went into the turner's room to steal the sack. The turner, however, had been waiting for it for a long time and shouted: "Stick, out of the sack." The stick immediately came out, hit the landlord on the body and hit him. The landlord screamed and asked for mercy. Then the turner said: “If you don't give the tablecloth and the gold donkey back, the dance should start all over again.” “Oh no,” the landlord shouted meekly, “I'm happy to give everything back out, just leave the cursed goblin crawl back into the sack. ”Then the journeyman said:“ You should be forgiven, but don't cause any more damage! ”Then he shouted“ Stick into the sack! ”.

The next morning the turner went home to his father with the table set and the donkey. The tailor was pleased to see him again and asked him too what he had learned abroad. “Dear father,” he replied, “I've become a wood turner.” “An artful craft,” said the father, “what did you bring with you from your journey?” “A valuable piece, dear father, a club in the sack. "" What? ", Called the father," a club? What do you want with it? ”“ It's very special, dear father: If I say 'Stick out of the sack', the stick jumps out and does a bad dance with whoever doesn't mean it well to me, and leaves no sooner than until he lies on earth and asks for mercy. You see, with this club I brought back the tablecloth and the donkey that the thieving landlord had taken from my brothers. Now let them both be called. ”The turner put a cloth on the floor of the room, led the donkey in and said to his brother:“ Well, dear brother, talk to him. ”The miller said:“ Bricklebrit ”, and immediately the gold pieces jumped down on the cloth as if a downpour were coming, and the donkey did not stop until everyone had so much that they could no longer carry. Then the turner fetched the table and said: “Dear brother, now talk to him.” And no sooner had the carpenter said “Little table, set yourself up” than it was set and filled with the most beautiful bowls. A meal was held there such as the good tailor had never seen in his house, and everyone was merry and happy, and from then on lived in joy and glory.