Why do people watch child pornography

Child pornography versus child abuse images

Ruud Bullens writes “It's only 3 clicks away” in his therapy program for men who have viewed, downloaded and / or passed on images of child abuse (so-called “child pornography”) on the Internet. He expresses how easy it has become in the age of the Internet to get pictures (or videos) that show real sexual abuse of children.

Even the so-called “selfies” were practically never taken, in order to exist forever in the accessless inerasability of the Internet and to be able to be viewed by every man.

We avoid the trivializing term “child pornography” and instead use the term “child abuse images” - because it describes much more clearly what it is actually about. Viewing, downloading and passing on these "pictures of abused children" constitutes a violation of the law (STG §207a), which will be prosecuted.

We want to help men who are sexually or otherwise attracted to these images to learn to understand their mechanisms. We also want to accompany them in the process in which they learn and at the end of the work have learned not to harm themselves or other people through their behavior.

The consumption of child abuse images can lead to the viewer seeking direct, abusive contact with children. A timely, therapeutically supported dispute can avoid this and help to end the download behavior permanently.

Hundreds of men have received therapeutic care from us in group and individual sessions over the past 25 years.