Who needs event planners

Events and events: building blocks for a successful implementation

The Event organization as well as the implementation and follow-up of Events are something like the supreme discipline of office management and organization in a company. The launch of a new product may depend on the success of a trade fair, and the reputation of the entire company depends on the program of a congress.

If your tasks in the secretariat include organizing events from start to finish, you know that this task is very demanding and fragmented. At the same time, it can also be a lot of fun. The activities of the event organization start with the question: "What exactly do we want to do?" And do not end with the farewell to the last guest.

The organization of the event is often in the hands of the secretary. You can read about other typical tasks in a secretariat in our office organization section.

The various events that can be on the agenda of a company and that all want to be planned range from the trade fair appearance to the field service conference and team building measures to the annual Christmas party. The requirements that you have to face can be very different. At an external event, you can find a suitable hotel and book catering.

At an internal party for the employees, the question is perhaps in which office you can safely set up a playroom for the participating children of the colleagues. If you are planning to take part in a trade fair, the date of the event will be specified externally. If you organize a congress yourself, you have to keep an eye on other events in the immediate vicinity, etc. Each event has to be planned and prepared individually, but the basic steps in event management are often similar. Event organization is often also done in a team, especially at major events. Exact agreements are then essential.

From preparation to follow-up: organize perfect events

Every event costs money. With good preparation, make sure that you are spending the budget wisely. This ensures that your company actually achieves the goals it is aiming for with the event. A few of the most important keywords relating to the preparation and implementation of events have already been mentioned: Event organization is about the definition of goals, the framework conditions and financing.

The alpha and omega of your event organization: the preparation

It is crucial that you start working on an event early on. The further the time advances, the more difficult it becomes, for example, to find a suitable hotel at a reasonable price or to book your boss's preferred speaker. When organizing an event, you often have to think in very long periods of time. In addition, your invitation should not be received by your desired guests too late, so that their calendar is not too full.

Orientate yourself to the following questions when preparing your event:

  • What do we want to do exactly?
  • What is our goal with the event?
  • Who should attend
  • When should our event take place?
  • Where should it take place?
  • Who is responsible for what?

Of course, these are only the overriding questions, the answering of which entails many more questions and work steps. Numerous texts on various aspects of event organization have appeared on sekretaria.de. You may also work with event agencies - then communication usually takes place via your desk.

Important tools for event management:

The implementation of your event

After many weeks of preparation, the time has come! The day of the event is dawning. First of all, that means a lot of stress. Your guests arrive, need to be looked after and are excited about what to expect. Keynote speakers and speakers want to discuss final details for their presentations with you. The caterer needs a signature from you, the event technology has a dropout and so on. But at a certain point in time you realize: it works! Now at the latest, good preparation pays off for you.

No matter how good your event organization was in advance: you will have to intervene again and again. There is always a problem at some point. Get an overview of possible problem areas around your event in good time so as not to experience any nasty surprises. With the articles and work aids on sekretaria.de you can arm yourself in advance.

The follow-up to your event

Once all the guests have left, the materials and documents have been collected and the hall and conference rooms have been cleared, the first thing to do is to celebrate the success of the event as a team and to enjoy the words of praise. If everything went as planned in advance, if everyone involved from your boss to the last participant is happy and satisfied and if you have achieved your specifications, you can be proud of yourself and your event organization.

However, it would be wrong to rest on your laurels. The next event is sure to come and that too should go off without a hitch. So after a while, it makes sense to take a more critical look at the past event and its organization: where is the problem after all? The following texts will help you to discover weak points and to become even better.

Prepare, carry out and rework trade fairs

Trade fairs are a special form of event - and also particularly important for many companies. As a secretary, you are often closely involved in the preparation together with the clerks. Or you are even planned as an employee to supervise the stand at the trade fairs on site. Of course, this is especially true if you work as an assistant in a sales or marketing department.

Participation in a large international trade fair requires thorough preparation. Trade fair appearances are expensive: the more important the trade fair, the higher the costs. And that doesn't just apply to the trade fair stand itself. The rates in hotels in the immediate vicinity and further afield rise by leaps and bounds as soon as a trade fair opens its doors. Inexpensive tickets for train rides or flights are also no longer available and those who do not book exhibition service providers in good time may pay express surcharges. You should therefore start planning and preparing your trade fair presence in good time.

Internal event management: organize staff parties, Christmas parties and the like

In addition to external events such as customer events or trade fairs, almost every company also has internal events. The importance of summer parties or the Christmas party for employees should not be underestimated. And also not the effort that the event organization causes here. Employees expect the employer to come up with something to show their appreciation, at least by the end of the year. The activities that you have to plan and prepare range from a simple joint dinner in a fine restaurant at the expense of the boss to a major event with its own show and large buffet in the festively decorated company canteen.

Tip: In particular, plan the Christmas party in time. Popular restaurants are often fully booked for this wedding of the year as early as spring.