How can I create ads for free?


Do you want a offer or a Request publish?
In which category should your ad appear?
You can either link your ad to a city limit, or mark them as nationally valid.

images Add images to your ad. The first picture is shown in the overview, the others directly in your ad.

The heading should describe the ad content briefly and concisely. "Flat share in the S├╝dvorstadt" is better than "Roommate wanted".

in the Ad text you should describe your offer or request in full. Use #hashtags and emojis ­čĺí to increase your reach.
HTML tags are not allowed. Contact information does not belong in this field.

If you have a E-mail address it is published, but masked by an image so that e-mail collection robots cannot read it.

Give in the contact details Address or phone number that a prospect needs to reach you.

With the password you can extend or delete your ad. If you don't provide one, it will be a system generated one password displayed. You should make a note of that.

Usually the ad stays online for 2 months. You can influence that by choosing another running time select.