What is Joe Biden famous for?

United States - We learned these 5 things about President Joe Biden on his first day in office

We learned these 5 things about President Joe Biden on his first day in office

The 46th President of the United States is anything but “procrastination”. That was already evident in his first few hours in office.

Joseph Robinette Biden Junior has been on the political stage in the American capital for almost 50 years. As a Democratic Senator, he once represented his home state of Delaware (something like the Canton of Zug in the USA because of its business-friendly tax laws). He served as Vice President in the Barack Obama administration from 2009 to 2017. And as a presidential candidate he ran unsuccessfully twice (1988 and 2008) before the third attempt finally worked out.

The first day in the highest office made it clear what kind of president the 78-year-old will be.

1) Joe Biden wants to make Trump forget quickly

In his almost 21-minute speech after his inauguration, Joe Biden did not mention his predecessor in any syllable. The fact that Trump broke with tradition and did not attend his successor's inauguration ceremony did not seem to bother Biden in the least. On the contrary. The first official acts of the 46th US President made it clear that he wanted to make the Trump era forget as quickly as possible. Biden signed no fewer than 15 decrees in the Oval Office yesterday allowing him to take certain decisions without the approval of Parliament.

Among other things, he ordered the construction of the border wall to Mexico to be halted immediately, the planning of the Keystone XL oil pipeline was frozen, all state buildings must be masked, the United States stopped leaving the World Health Organization and let the world know that his Country wants to adhere to the provisions of the Paris Climate Agreement in the future. The resolutions leave no doubt: Biden wants to lead America out of the Trump era in big steps and correct the political failure of the 45th US president as quickly as possible.

2) Joe Biden ends the war on "Fake News"

Donald Trump had repeatedly referred to the media as "the enemies of the people" and accused them of reporting wrongly about him and his politics. Recently he had barely given the journalists the opportunity to ask questions. Joe Biden wants to change that. His spokeswoman Jen Psaki appeared yesterday for the first media conference of the Biden administration in front of the assembled group of reporters in the press room of the White House and answered the questions of the media - even if she did not give a concrete answer to every question seven hours after the president took office would have.

Psaki announced that from now on there will be daily press conferences again and corresponding opportunities to ask questions. "The best way to fight false information is with accurate information," she emphasized.

3) Joe Biden brings Faith back to the White House

The Bible, which the devout Catholic Joe Biden read at 11:49 a.m. in front of the Capitol in Washington D.C., was twelve centimeters thick. has sworn his oath of office. The holy book has been in the family for over 100 years. Biden is only the second Catholic in America's highest political office after John F. Kennedy. Early in the morning before his inauguration, Biden had attended a service in the capital.

His belief has always been important to Biden. Fate hit him hard early on. He was just 30 when his first wife and daughter, who was just under one year old, were killed in a car accident. Five years ago he also had to bury his son Beau, who had died of cancer. No wonder, then, that Biden also wants to count on the support of higher powers as president. One of the few photos that he had placed on the table behind his “Resolute Desk” in the Oval Office shows the Pope.

4) Joe Biden has many famous friends

Glitz and glamor, as his predecessors Barack Obama and Donald Trump both had, are missing in the rather dry Joe Biden. The president apparently has plenty of glamorous friends and supporters. The national anthem was performed by the pop superstar Lady Gaga. Jennifer Lopez also serenaded the newly sworn president. The celebrations in the evening - they also took place without a live audience - hosted the Hollywood star Tom Hanks. In addition to Justin Timberlake, Bruce Springsteen and Katy Perry, John Legend and Jon Bon Jovi also performed.

Four years ago, Donald Trump had much more trouble finding prominent artists for the musical framework of his inauguration. His wish list was long: Andrea Bocelli, Elton John Celine Dion, Kanye West, KISS, Cher, Katy Perry. But all of these superstars gave Trump the cold shoulder and canceled.

5) Joe Biden doesn't think much of America First

“We first,” that was the leitmotif for everything that President Donald Trump had decided during his four years in power. Not anymore. Biden made this clear in his first moments in the Oval Office. The US, Biden said, will not leave the World Health Organization as Trump planned, on the contrary. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's top epidemiologist, whom Trump has often criticized, will lead the American delegation, which is due to arrive at the World Health Organization in the coming days. In addition, America will adhere to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

The message to the world is clear: America is back at the negotiating table. It remains to be seen whether the positive change from a European perspective will pay off for the United States. The next national parliamentary elections are due in the USA in two years. They are the next big yardstick by which Biden will have to be measured.