Can you correct this sentence 2?

With us you read
24 lecturers the riot act.

Our correction process

For us, proofreading is more than just proofreading.

It goes without saying that we are proficient in traditional manual corrections. In doing so, we use the correction symbols that are listed in the Duden dictionary "The German Spelling".

But mainly we correct digitally. That means we work in PDF or Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). We mark incorrect or questionable passages in a PDF. Text editing tools can be used to create comment fields in which we type corrections, comments or suggested wording.

You can easily identify the corrections that we make for you in Word documents using the tracking function and accept and implement them with a click of the mouse. Or decline, because of course it remains your text!

Last but not least, we can also make corrections directly in your system. Thanks to connectors, the connection can be automated and the correction process runs completely without media discontinuity. Feel free to contact us so that our IT experts can exchange ideas.

In all of the procedures, it does not matter whether it is a matter of correcting marketing texts or scientific proofreading. However, it is by no means irrelevant that we always adhere to your preferred approach. For a really good text that consequently relieves you in your further work.

As you can see, there are many proven ways to proofread. We all know them.

How can we optimize your texts?