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The world is full of flavors, delicious smells and exotic recipes - we have made it our mission that healthiest kitchens to examine different countries. We discovered the secrets of nutrition-conscious nations and put their famous national dishes to the test.

Healthy cuisine in the world these 10 countries are doing it just right

We asked around in the world's healthy kitchens and we're up to it surprising results encountered. Did you know that the people of Monaco have the highest life expectancy in the world? Did you know that Israel's cuisine is made up of over 60 nationalities? Our top 10 healthiest nations are sure to amaze you!

10th place for healthy cuisine: Monaco

Monaco is tiny and incredibly rich. A mere 38,695 people live in it City-state on the French coast. Wealthy retirees like to retire here and let the good life wash over them.

In fact, the people here eat healthier than average and live on average 89 years old. That could be in part because their personal chefs and Nurses don't allow them to eat fast food.

National dish of Monaco: Barbagiuan, a type of deep-fried ravioli with a vegetable and cheese filling. That doesn't sound like a guarantee of health, but it seems to be good for the people of Monaco. It's just a real comfort food.

9th place for healthy cuisine: Japan

Healthy, healthier, Japan? The East Asian island nation rightly has the reputation of being one of the healthiest countries in the world. Why is that? The life and food culture of the Japanese is a holistic concept in which Body and soul in harmony are.

Three important pieces of wisdom for healthy cuisine from the life of the Japanese are easy to remember:

  1. Never eat much, but all the more high-quality products.
  2. Rather fish than red meat.
  3. Eat a low fat diet.

National dish of Japan: Sushi, the healthiest fast food in the world. The fresh fish, the colorful vegetables and the tasty algae are rich in protein, vitamins, zinc and iodine.

Do you want to find out more about one of the healthiest countries in the world? For example, why does it have the highest life expectancy in the world?

8th place for healthy cuisine: Greece

Admittedly. Here in the country we see Greek cuisine represented by untrustworthy looking restaurants, where we have huge Wash down mountains of meat with ouzo. However, Greek cuisine is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world.

The Mediterranean Diet (or the Crete Diet) is based on the Food habits of the inhabitants of Crete and the surrounding area - olive oil, yogurt, fresh vegetables, fish and garlic are at the top of the menu. Meat is only consumed a little for this.

National dish of Greece: Moussaka, a minced meat and vegetable casserole for the gods. Despite meat, cheese and bechamel sauce, moussaka is a vegetable bomb that provides you with healthy fats and proteins.

7th place for healthy cuisine: Korean

Koreans love meat, but they are right economical with the delicious animal product around. Rather, the dishes are based on vegetables, grains and a lot of exotic spices. The Koreans stay healthy and fit thanks to the wild mix of ingredients and the low-fat method of steaming that is often used here.

National dish of Korea: Kimchi, delicious pickled Chinese cabbage or radish. Kimchi has a strong taste and smell and is probably not the very first choice for every newcomer to Korea. Kimchi is full of vitamins A, B and C and, with potassium and magnesium, ensures healthy hair growth.

6th place for healthy cuisine: Italy

Italy is the land of enjoyment. People do not eat here to satisfy hunger - it is an activity that is pursued with passion. Traditional Italian cuisine is characterized by its unprocessed and fresh ingredients. A real Italian can only use a few weeks old olive oil as motor oil. Pizza, pasta, ham and herbs are holy sacraments that are given a lot of love.

National dish of Italy: Pizza or pasta? When it comes to the Italian national dish, opinions differ decidedly. In both cases, delicious spices like basil, rosemary and thyme play important roles.

5th place for healthy cuisine: India

India is on the rise - while the Asian subcontinent was largely unknown to us a few years ago, India is on everyone's lips today. The Food fascinates the Indians us at least as much as their customs and traditions.

Since India is a very poor country, most of the people eat The population is still vegetarian. This fact has made the chefs find incredibly creative ways to spice up their kitchen. Heavy spices are artfully woven into the rice and vegetable dishes. Ginger, chilli, curry and co. Are not only delicious, they also make you healthy!

National dish of India: India is several countries at the same time - to name just one national dish would be a sacrilege and a disregard for Indian food culture. Typically Indian is the thali, a large platter with various curries, rice, chapati and dips. Deliciously seasoned vegetables are always the main ingredient in healthy Indian cuisine.

4th place for healthy cuisine: Chad

Most people don't have this country in the middle of Africa on their radar, if they care about healthy cooking think. But the cuisine in Chad is something very special. Most of the food here is consumed unprocessed. Neither preservatives, saturated fatty acids nor refined sugar make it onto the Chaders' plates - their eating habits are strongly reminiscent of the Paleo diet (the so-called Stone Age diet) that many swear by today.

National dish of Chad: Daraba, a dish made from fresh okra pods, tomatoes and peanut butter. Peanut butter in particular is used in all kinds of dishes in Chad and gives them that certain something. With a lot of black pepper, it stimulates the circulation and digestion.

3rd place for healthy cuisine: Sweden

Sweden is one of the most developed countries in the world - the Swedish government is the The health of their people is a real concern and conscientiously informs every Swede about the recommended nutrient intake. A healthy diet for the Swedes consists less of colorful fruit and vegetables, but rather consists of dark grains, fresh fish and various berries.

National dish of Sweden: Husmannskost (home-style cooking) is what the Swede associates with his homeland - a colorful mix of Swedish classics are served here. Sill is for example pickled herring, which is served with mustard, onions and bread.

2nd place for healthy cuisine: Israel

Israel's cuisine is an interesting mix of many different national innovations. Over 60 nationalities have settled here since the establishment of the state and they all brought their own kitchen. As a result, the Israelis are one thing above all: keen to experiment. Mediterranean influences create a harmonious and healthy fusion with creamy hummus, shakshuka, sesame and co.

National dish of Israel: Shakshuka. Eggs, tomatoes, spices. That is the basic structure of this simple yet grandiose dish. The mixture is baked into a frittata in a hot pan. Sometimes feta, spinach or something similar is added.

1st place for healthy cuisine: Vietnam

Fresh, light, spicy - these are the three attributes that are attributed to Vietnamese cuisine. And it's true! who the low-fat and easily digestible cuisine loves, he's in the right place in Vietnam. Ingredients such as herbs, onions, vegetables and meat are processed fresh. Most dishes only take a few minutes to cook; so the important ingredients are not lost.

National dish of Vietnam: Pho soup, a dish that many Germans have now discovered for themselves. This delicious noodle soup consists of a strong beef bouillon, tender meat, rice noodles, various vegetables and fresh herbs.

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Healthy food can be found all over the world - in Africa as well as Asia and Europe. We should be aware that a conscious lifestyle is possible everywhere.

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There is infinite many reasons for a healthy diet. Some want to get leaner. Others try to manage their cholesterol. Still others try to take care of the environment. Healthy alternatives to conventional products are ubiquitous in Germany.

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