Which random event influenced the story enormously

The phenomenon of society and the riddles of history

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  • Hermann Helbig
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Emergent phenomena can also be observed in business and society, such as B. the work of the 'Invisible Hand' (Adam Smith). The question must be asked whether it is even possible to establish regular relationships in socio-economic events, and what role chaos and chance play. In particular, mass psychological phenomena often result in unpredictable phenomena (such as a stock market crash or a traffic jam). A fundamental question is the role of individuals in history and the relationship between the psychology of the individual and social or economic phenomena. Here the 'topos of the unintended consequences of intentional action', which can be observed in emergentism, can be observed again and again (Norbert Elias). This creates the strange dialectical phenomenon in history that very often the actions of larger groups or even states result in something that none of the actors involved wanted. This is particularly evident in the area of ​​tension between war and peace. Nevertheless, regularities, invariants or even historical cycles can also be observed in socio-economic events, some of which are still controversial and far from being precisely researched. Another area of ​​tension, which is also important for living together in a larger community, is between power and morality and between law and justice.

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