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Mental Health: Attributes of Mentally Healthy Personality

American and German scientists working with psychologist PhD Wiebke Bleidorn at the University of California have examined the question of whether mental health is related to certain personality traits. With the help of statements from psychologists, students and experts in positive psychology, they developed an index in which the characteristics of mentally healthy people are summarized on the basis of 30 facets. This includes, among other things, a great openness to feelings, many positive emotions, simplicity and a low degree of neuroticism. Mentally healthy people also have a pronounced self-esteem, are optimistic and know themselves well. They can resist spontaneous impulses, control their behavior and focus their attention. They are less prone to stress and rarely show aggressive or antisocial behavior. "All in all, they have numerous characteristics that can be ascribed to a mature personality," the authors say. These characteristics are most pronounced in middle adulthood and help reduce the risk of mental illness. The instrument developed by Bleidorn and colleagues can help to better understand and diagnose mental health and illness in the future. ms

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