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The Food in australia was strongly influenced by British cuisine. Salt, pepper, meat pie, eggs & bacon, fish & chips, beans, sausages, potatoes, lamb and a cold beer to go with it. The claim that the 5th continent does not have its own food culture is therefore certainly partly true, even if a lot has changed in this regard over the years. The influences of other cultures in particular have a strong impact on the country's cuisine these days and leave nothing to be desired.


Culinary delights vs. British cuisine

This is because more and more non-British immigrants established their characteristic Australian cuisine and thus put together an extremely varied range of all imaginable culinary delights. Whether Indian, Italian, Thai, Lebanese, Greek or Chinese, there is something for everyone here. But especially the Southeast Asian food in Australia has left its mark. There is hardly a supermarket in which there is not just about everything that the Asia lover needs for cooking. Furthermore, the fish offer is very large and is a standard part of Australian cuisine. If you want something more unusual and “typically Australian”, you can of course also eat kangaroo (available in every supermarket and very healthy and cheap), crocodile, emu, camel or possum meat. There is also an excellent selection of fresh fish and extremely tasty seafood.

Of course, those who prefer Central European specialties don't have to go without a cheese, sausage and bread breakfast. It should be noted, however, that good cheese is quite expensive and the selection is certainly not characterized by the versatility that can be found in France, Germany, Switzerland or Austria. In addition, good bread, as one is used to at home, is not exactly easy to find. The supermarket bread can in no way be compared with the German bread standard and even the highest quality types from bakeries are characterized by their low weight, their high fluffiness and their low degree of saturation. If you are looking for a really high-quality bread, you will most likely find it in the well-stocked markets, which have a great range of fruit, vegetables and culinary delicacies. Incidentally, one of the most typical Australian foods is Vegemite (yeast extract that is used as a spread), which tastes somewhat like Maggi, and which should not be missing in any Australian household.


BBQ, BYO & Bush-Tukker

BBQ (also called "Barbie") and BYO are abbreviations that stand for Barbeque and "Bring Your Own". The BBQ is undoubtedly one of the most popular leisure activities for Australians. You meet up with friends or family in the park, fire up the grill and have a really good time. In almost every city you will find parks with BBQ areas with gas grills that can be used free of charge by everyone. Often times, a BBQ session is also a very good opportunity to get into conversation with Australians, as you share a common barbecue and the first “Cheers Mate!” After 2 minutes at the latest. Even if drinking alcohol in public is forbidden, you can often enjoy your cold beer carefree during the BBQ in the park. BYO is common in almost all restaurants, as it is very expensive to purchase an alcohol license and the staff also need a permit to serve alcohol. Therefore, it is more convenient and cheaper for many restaurant owners to put a large BYO sign on the door and allow the guest to drink their own alcoholic beverages there. For us Europeans this may feel a bit strange at first, but it is absolutely normal in Australia.

Bush tucker is the Australian name for all food in Australia that can be found in nature. Be it beetles, honey, maggots, mushrooms, herbs, nuts or reptiles, this type of food is enjoying increasing popularity these days. The roots of the Bush-Tucker diet naturally lie with the Aborigines, who all nourished themselves from nature. If you are interested in the variety of Bush Tucker food, you can take part in guided tours under indigenous guidance and be introduced to the exciting topic.


Special restaurants & tours with delicious food

All gourmets will also get their money's worth in Australia's restaurants. Both the classic dishes from the world's kitchens and excellent local specialties can be tasted here. Whether with a Michelin star or for budget tourists, there are countless restaurants for every palate and budget. But the combination of "lunch / dinner + adventure tour" is also very popular on the 5th continent.

In the following we list special restaurants (e.g. Sounds of Silence Restaurant or Sydney Tower Restaurant) that are an absolute must for every connoisseur due to their breathtaking ambience, but also because of the high standard. In addition, you will find many popular tours that, in addition to a great program (e.g. boat tour, harbor tour, visit to the opera, whale watching, antique tram ride, etc.) include a delicious meal in the overall package. All offers can be booked directly online and at the best prices.

We wish you a lot of fun and bon appetite!

Note: This selection consists of the 15 most popular tours & activities in this category. You can find our full range of offers with many other exciting activities related to food under the menu item "Tours / Culture, Gourmet & Events".


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