Why don't Australians tip

Tip in Australia

Everyone in the service industry is paid well compared to the US.

Tip waiters and bartenders only for exceptional service or friendliness, or just leave the change.

Most of these places have a tip glass that is split between the staff you interact with and the staff you dislike - like the kitchen doing the dishes.

I tip people / places where I felt good when they didn't have to and when I have some money and especially when I am a regular customer.

It is never bad not to tip. We know that not everyone has extra money to tip and we know that we are all paid pretty well compared to other people. Some of us will even ask you to instead offer your tip to a charity collection box that we may have on the counter!

The types of places that would insist on tipping are the types of places that add a corresponding fee on the bill. Don't tip in places where this happens - you would tip twice.

A taxi driver would have to absolutely astonish me for me to want to tip. Unfortunately, it is far more common for a taxi driver to be bad or even cheat you a little, e.g. B. a longer distance than necessary.

Personally, I like the taxi drivers who obviously just immigrated from another country. Sometimes their English is not very good, but they often try hard as Australian drivers rarely would, and racist Australian passengers will have a hard time. It's a business where people get exhausted very quickly. Only encourage the good guys.

But never tip a cab driver who is acting like he is expecting a tip, especially after hearing a North American accent. I would put this under the scam category.

Overall, I'd say the most common tipping practice in Australia is attractive young bartenders! You are the only ones who get really noticeable additional income from it. And they are the ones most likely to get tips from people who say they never tip (-: