What are a good five syllable words

miniLÜK language learning workshop 3 letters, syllables, words, from 6 years

Early Reading - Read and practice simple words for ages 6+.

This booklet contains a wide range of tried and tested tasks for beginners. Systematic exercises for syllable structure with given arcs of syllables follow after exercises on sound-letter assignment at the beginning, middle and end of a word. The segmentation of the words into syllables enables the children to grasp the meaning of the word more quickly. Supplementary exercises with rhyming words and word-picture assignments promote the development of visual vocabulary. Interesting observation tasks with license plates and football club logos loosen up the exercises, keep reading motivation and encourage reading difficult words. The exercises are suitable for different phases of the written language acquisition. With the careful help of adults, they can also be done by preschoolers. To work on this exercise book you need the miniLÜK solution device.

author Müller, Heiner
Product Type Books
Product type Children's book
target group
  • Boys
  • Girls and boys
  • girl
  • Elementary school students
Age 6 - 7 years
Game motivation
  • Learn
  • Think
  • concentration
Playing time short to 15 min
Number of players 1
Languages ​​of instruction DE
Security notice DANGER! Not suitable for children under 3 years.
Article number / EAN9783837741650

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