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Galliano Vanilla Liquore 30.0% 0.7 ltr.

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Taste: Vanilla, herbs and a hint of anise.

Small product knowledge:
In 1896 the Italian Arturo Vaccari from Livorno in Tuscany created an intensely yellow herbal liqueur, which he named after Major Giuseppe Galliano. The Galliano was actually only created for the Italian market, but thanks to its excellent taste it soon gained international renown.
It is a mixture of up to 30 different herbs. Its various ingredients are individually distilled in five bundles and also stored individually. After ripening, which can take up to three months, the individual components are first mixed together with extra alcohol and sugar to make the liqueur. The color originally came from saffron, but it has since had to give way to a dye.
Today we distinguish between two variants. The standard Galliano has only 30% alcohol and was called Smooth Vanilla. It has not been manufactured since 2008.
Only called Galliano Vanilla, it has a light vanilla note and some herbal notes. The vanilla is clearly noticeable in the taste and aftertaste.
Such an old recipe has of course changed and adapted over time. There was no dominant vanilla flavor in the original recipe.

The new Galliano L'Autentico is based on this original recipe. With him, the herbal aromas are more emphasized and the alcohol has been set to 42.3%. It is considered a herbal liqueur.
Depending on the variant used, cocktails mixed with it are of course very different. In addition to the yellow Galliano Vanilla and L'Autentico, there are two other Galliano liqueurs: Galliano Ristretto, an espresso liqueur made from Arabica and Robusta beans, and Galliano Balsamico, a liqueur with balsamic vinegar. They are also offered in the characteristic tall bottle, but not marketed in Germany.

Suitable for: Cocktails, long drinks, desserts, for flavoring coffee.

Recommendation: Bossa Nova: 3cl Galliano, 3cl white rum, 1cl apricot brandy, 8cl pineapple juice, 1cl lemon juice, 1/2 egg white shake with ice, strain into a long drink glass half filled with ice. Garnish with fruit.

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