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Why we should all have a cat

There are some myths surrounding these meowing friends that have earned them a bad reputation over the years.

Last update: 07 June, 2018

“Because they are utterly wonderful creatures,” those who are convinced of the benefits of kittens will certainly answer the question of why we are all at home have a cat should. And that should be enough. But if you're one of those people who still doubts whether or not you should choose a cat as a pet, here are a number of arguments to convince you.

Cats: from bad reputation to wonderful reality

There are some myths about meowing friends that have earned them a bad name over the years. However, that bad "press" against kittens goes away when you see reality.

It is said that those who don't like cats do so because they have never had one. To check that out, you have to try it out. Of course, with absolute responsibility on your part.

If you have a If you choose any pet, you need to know that you have to take care of it every day.

It is often said that those who don't like cats do so because they have never had one. So here are some reasons why you should have a cat and share your life with it.

Adopt a cat and you won't regret it

Before adopting a cat - which is undoubtedly the best option - remember that you need to provide her with:

  • Eating, adapted to their age and characteristics
  • Fresh and clean water that is always available
  • hygiene
  • Regularßige control at the vet
  • Vaccinations and deworming
  • Socialization and education
  • Right movement
  • And of course: love, games, toys and even more love.

This is too much? Surely this is nothing compared to the love, joy, and good times your furry friend will give you. And sooner than you think, you will surely have taken her in as a member of the family. Just remember, she's part of the family, but she doesn't stop being a cat. For the good physical and mental health of your cat, you should never humanize it.

Having a cat is healthy

Haven’t we managed to convince you that you have a cat should? Wait. We now turn to specific arguments.

Cats bring innumerable benefits to the physical and emotional health of their owners. For example, they reduce stress and anxiety. And they fight feelings of loneliness and depression.

For this Reason they also reduce the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. It has also been proven to regulate blood pressure and pulse.

So there is nothing wrong with saying that the best preventive medicine is to petting a cat. Feel her purr or play with her for a long time. And you can also just have fun watching your cat. You will see how quickly you forget your worries and a feeling of well-being invades you.

And as if that wasn't enough ...

But there are many other advantages for you. So you should seriously consider living with one of these smart, beautiful, and lovable cats. Note the following:

  • They are very clean animals. If you provide her with a litter box and change the sand regularly, the kitten will meet its needs there.
  • You will always see her clean as she spends a good part of the day brushing her tongue.
  • Except when not neutered, cats are usually calm and not noisy at all. They get used to being in the house very well. Although it is ideal that they have a window, balcony or terrace - taking all precautions so that they do not suffer accidents - where they can enjoy some sun and fresh air.

Why you should have a cat

We could also list a ton of reasons why you should have a cat. But the good thing is that you will discover them for yourself. We bet your list of reasons why you should have a cat will grow to be huge in no time.

And most likely, you suddenly become a photographer and spend the day chasing your cat in order to photograph it. Or before you know it, you will be sharing videos of your pet on social networks.

Beyond that Your cat can also give a good boost to your social life by making it a topic of conversation. Always in the right amount, of course. And maybe, sooner rather than later, you will convince others of the benefits of having a cat.