What is the importance of our house

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Meaning overview- +

  1. 1. Building made of walls and roof for people
    1. a) for living, residential building
    2. b) public, dedicated building
    3. c) "home, at home" there, where you live (all the time), home
  2. 2. the totality of the persons belonging to 1
    1. a) [colloquial] all residents of a house
    2. b) family
    3. c) Dynasty
    4. d) Audience (in the theater)
    5. e) Representation of the people, representation of estates, parliament
  3. 3. Housekeeping, family economy
    1. [obsolete] ⟨make a (big) house⟩
  4. 4. [colloquial] shell of the snail
  5. 5. ...
    1. [casually, jokingly] ⟨a happy house⟩
    2. [confidential] ⟨old house!⟩


Building made of walls and roof for people
a large, multi-storey, new, stately, modern, quiet, homely, ugly, dilapidated, shabby, empty, abandoned, bombed, burned down house
his father's house is debt free
Build, erect, clean, repair, furnish, demolish, tear down, rebuild, buy, own, sell, manage, rent, move into, inhabit the house
look after the house (= stay at home)
the children play in front of the house
have a mortgage on the house
the house stands on the mountain, faces east, protrudes, catches the eye, and blends in well with the overall picture
the house is a listed building and houses several families
the house has changed hands and will last for generations
going in and out of a friend's house
Colloquially an invitation, a letter flutters into the house
Colloquially, guests snow into the house
Colloquial, joking Postcard is enough, come to the house (= declaration of willingness to help)
annoy somebody out of the house, grieve
steal from the house
to chase away sb. from house and yard
you are no longer the master of your (own) house! (= you have nothing more to determine in your own family!)
proverbial the ax in the house saves the carpenter [↗SchillerTellIII 1]
deliver the coals and potatoes free of charge
to build houses on sth. (= to rely firmly on sth., to firmly trust in sb. in a thing)
to fall into the house with the door in a colloquial manner (= to express one's concern bluntly, without further ado)
colloquially turn the (whole) house upside down (= make disorder and noise)
to be completely excited (= excited, beside oneself, excessively funny)
colloquial, derogatory to run into the house (= to constantly visit sb.)
public purpose-built building
GDR, the house of youth, teachers, young pioneers, and culture
the house was filled to the last seat
our house is sold out
Company, trading company
an employee of our company will call on you
the house of the Lord God (= the church)
a public house (= a brothel)
the White House (= the official residence of the President of the USA)
Cakes also outside the home (= notice in cafes, restaurants that they also sell cakes to take away)
as soon as the bankruptcy of the house B. Grünlich takes place [↗Th. MannBuddenbrooks1,237]
⟨Home, at home⟩there, where you live (all the time), home
to bring sth. home, to create
Escorting guests home
Send a letter home (= to the relatives in the hometown)
he studied abroad and was only rarely able to go home (= to his home country, his hometown)
we spend our vacation at home (= in our hometown)
she is at home in Hungary (= Hungary is her home country)
the child felt at home with the relatives (= felt at home)
he left home at 7 a.m.
colloquial, transferred
Many old customs are still at home in Lusatia today (= common)
to be at home in a subject, a subject (= be familiar with a subject, know about a subject)
not for sb., always to be at home (= not for sb., to be always available to speak)
all of the persons belonging to 1
Colloquially all residents of a house
the whole house is out of town
the house had appeared complete
the master of the house (= the head of the family) (= the host)
the lady of the house (= the hostess) received the guests
to take sb. into the house, to receive
he had good manners by nature (= family)
the misfortune hit me and my house
to be from a good family
obsolete travelers gained insight into the best houses (= the most distinguished families) in the city
Sending house to house greetings
the royal house (= the royal family)
Audience (in theater)
Perform in front of a sold-out, empty house
the house applauded for minutes
Representation of the people, representation of estates, parliament