Why are chocolate chip cookies so delicious

25 biscuits & bars that you'll want to bake over and over again

The perfect sweets for parties, birthdays or just in between

If, like me, you can't resist sticky Nutella biscuits, this recipe collection is for you! From sugary almond biscuits to nutty muesli bars, we've put together our 26 favorite biscuits and bars for every occasion.
No matter whether you are a passionate dessert lover or prefer hearty snacks - you are sure to find the right recipe for you here. My bonus tip: Prepare twice as much so that you have enough supplies for the whole week. Your future ravenous self will thank me!

1. Double Chocolate Cookies with Salted Caramel

These crispy biscuits are prepared with a double portion of chocolate: cocoa powder and chocolate drops make the dough particularly rich and irresistibly tasty. A liquid caramel core awaits you inside. If you want to make the recipe a little lower in calories, you can do without caramel and hazelnut spread - and still not eat delicious biscuits!

2. Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are a must have for all peanut lovers and people who are gluten intolerant! You don't need flour to bake particularly buttery cookies.

3. Nutella biscuits with 3 ingredients

This 3-ingredient recipe is ideal for those who have little time to bake. Mix Nutella, bananas and oatmeal, bake and you have a simple, delicious chocolate biscuit in your hands.

4. Soft tahini biscuits with orange

Orange and tahini: two unusual ingredients that complement each other perfectly, make these cookies super soft and give them a light citrus note.

In this recipe you combine the power of nuts, seeds, oat flakes, almond butter, coconut oil, dates and dried cranberries to get everything out of the muesli bar. The recipe can easily be adjusted to your personal taste, so feel free to experiment! For even more inspiration, try our no-bake alternative.

These deliciously soft biscuits are not only a delicious snack, but also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, proteins and antioxidants. Enjoy them for breakfast, on the go or after exercising!

7. Fruity lemon wedges on shortcrust pastry

With so many lemon bar recipes to choose from, it's not that easy to choose one. We make your life easier and have developed the really best recipe for fruity lemon wedges with a crispy shortcrust pastry base for you.

8. Christmas creme brulee biscuits

Got some gingerbread spice left over from Christmas? Then use it for those creme brulee biscuits that add a celebratory touch to every afternoon. Flambéing the vanilla pudding topping gives the biscuits an even more intense taste.

9. Rosemary cookies with chocolate chips

Nothing is more sophisticated than baking with herbs. Refine your chocolate chip cookies by adding chopped rosemary to the dough and enjoy the smell of summer while baking in the kitchen.

These delicate, crispy, chocolate-covered Florentines are the kind of biscuit you can't keep your fingers off of - they literally melt on your tongue!

11. Chocolate tahini bar with 3 ingredients

Think of these chocolate tahini bars as a grown-up version of the classic chocolate bar: a harmonious blend of dark chocolate and roasted sesame seeds with lots of crunchy fun with every bite!

Can't choose between chocolate and peanut butter? Then simply combine both ingredients and bake what is perhaps the tastiest biscuit in the world!

I have a weakness for soft snickerdoodles: these biscuits rolled in cinnamon and sugar get their uniquely delicate consistency from tartar.

For blondies, classic butterscotch is used, which gives them their typical taste and their golden brown color. However, this recipe uses brown muscovado sugar instead, which gives the blondies a hint of caramel.

15. Shortbread cookies with maple syrup and pecans

Are you bored of classic shortbread cookies? Then try this crispy variation with maple syrup and pecans!

I love the combination of peppermint and dark chocolate! These chocolate mint thalers taste particularly refreshing straight from the refrigerator. My insider tip: Chop up the biscuits and sprinkle them as a topping over ice cream or parfaits to give them a mint note!

17. Chocolate cookies with a soft core

Here comes the next recipe for the chocolate fanatics among you. Apart from the crispy exterior and the coating of powdered sugar, these cookies are so rich in chocolate that you could easily mistake them for brownies.

18. Chocolate bar with caramel

Half Biscuit, Half Chocolate Bar: This British sweet requires a little patience to prepare so each layer can cool down. But it's worth the wait - imagine a biscuit filled with salted caramel that sits comfortably between a layer of biscuit dough and chocolate.

19. DIY subway cookies with smarties

These biscuits remind me of my elementary school days - but even now as an adult I still enjoy baking (and eating) biscuits with colored chocolates!

Never underestimate the simplicity of shortbread cookies. These cookies taste good on their own, but you can also cover them with a sweet icing of your choice.

21. Honey and caramel biscuits with salted peanuts

A little bit of rum in these honey-caramel biscuits provides a subtle hint of vanilla. The topping with salted peanuts and a pinch of fleur de sel ensure a perfect harmony of sweet and salty flavors.

22. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

Cookies don't always have to be baked: These no-bake bars are made up of a layer of dark chocolate and oatmeal as a binding agent. Quick, easy and straight from the refrigerator.

23. Oat cookies with frosting

Most oat biscuits contain raisins, but in our recipe we use roasted coconut flakes and dates instead. If you prefer a lower-calorie biscuit, you can also do without the sugar-sweet topping. A very special biscuit with cinnamon, nutmeg and coconut!

We know it sounds strange at first - a cookie in the pan? But believe me, this cookie will convince you! The best thing is that with this recipe you bake everything at once, saving you a few intermediate steps and waiting. A biscuit to share with friends - perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!

These Austrian mandrel are usually reserved for the holidays, but honestly, they taste good any time of the year! Dusted with powdered sugar, these delicious cookies go so well with a warm cup of tea!

Published on May 11, 2019