Who are the speedsters of the superhero comics

Everyone becomes a superhero here | Ami builds 1966 Batmobile in series

From now on the Batmobile is rolling off the production line! Car maker Mark Racop, a fan of the comic superhero, has the license from DC.-Comics to recreate the movie car from the TV series of the 1960s. The cool bullet is even street legal in the USA!

Whoever gets into the speedster is the hero on the street - and will feel that way too.

Because the makers of Fiberglass Freaks attached great importance to original details when recreating the Batmobile! At the push of a button, a 60 centimeter long flame even shoots out of the drive turbine at the rear ...

Inside: a flashing green radar screen called “Detect-a-scope” adorns the dashboard, and the “Batbeam” is also indicated. In the TV series, Batman could use it to cut through thick steel or concrete. So this is how high-tech was imagined in the 60s!

Even at the start of the TV series on January 12, 1966, it was clear that the original Batmobile would be one of the great classic cars in film history - created by the “King of Hollywood automakers” George Barris, who also built vehicles for stars like Elvis Presley and John Wayne . Later he was at K.I.T.T. from the series "Knight Rider" involved.

The basis for Barris' 1966 Batmobile was the one-off Lincoln Futura from 1955. Barris bought the study in the mid-1960s, then built the car for the TV series in just three weeks.


The basis for Racop's now built Batmobile is a 1970 Lincoln Town Car. The chassis, engine and gearbox are retained, the entire shell with the tail fins is remodeled and is made of fiberglass.

Eight hot runabouts are to be built per year. Unfortunately, only wealthy fans will be able to afford the replica: a copy should cost $ 149,999 (approx. 110,475 euros).

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The originals are much more expensive than replicas. A new record result is expected at the auction of the original James Bond car:

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