Tesla's cybertruck is a joke

Tesla Cybertruck an Amphibious Vehicle: Another of those infamous Elon jokes?


Elon Musk jokes on Twitter are often laughed at twice. Because often enough, even the craziest announcements come true. There is therefore a certain chance that the Tesla Cybertruck can also swim, become a kind of boat.

Admittedly - the angular design of the Tesla Cybertruck can be transformed into a boat with a little imagination. But very few people thought that the electric pick-up could actually become an amphibious vehicle. Maybe children who locate the e-truck in the low-poly design in the sea, together with robot dolphins.

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We're pretty sure that Slav Popovski didn't really have realistic ulterior motives when he published a computer-generated video on Instagram that shows him fishing in the open sea, sitting on the back of the cybertruck.

"I think we can do that"

But a screenshot of the video, which was shared on Twitter, also saw Tesla CEO Elon Musk. His dry comment: "I think we can do that".

Sentences like these shouldn't be weighed on the gold scales, but they carry a completely different weight with Musk than with most other CEOs. Because the SpaceX founder and visionary repeatedly announces things via his favorite medium, Twitter, which most people dismiss as infantile jokes, but which actually find themselves a short time later in the Musk universe. A few examples from the recent past.

Musk is apparently a fan of amphibious vehicles. He bought the buoyant Lotus Esprit from 1977, which starred in the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me". He already wanted to convert this vehicle into a functioning amphibious vehicle. However, this has not happened to this day.

Do you think there will be a swimming cybertruck soon? Or is it all just a joke, like the Burger King advertisement, in which Tesla Model 3 apparently confuses the restaurant chain's logo with a stop sign and automatically stops? Vote in the survey and enjoy discussing it with the editors and other readers below this article or in the social networks.

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