What do you mean by cloud computing?

What do you mean by server?

Over time, computers experience increasingly significant changes. from function to form. One of the uses of computers is to make it easier for us to process data and to display it in information.
Data or information is stored in a place or we can call server data. But do you know what a server is? and the type? The following is a little explanation of understanding the server and its functions

Understand servers

server is a computer system that provides certain types of services on a computer network. The server is supported by a scalable processor and large RAM, which is also equipped with a special operating system called the network operating system (network operating system). Management software is also running on the server that controls access to the network and the resources it contains. B. files or printers (printers), and provide access to workstations of network members.

The server is divided into different types according to its function depending on the type of server

1. Application server

2. Data server

3. Proxy server.

Server function:

The main task of the server serves a client computer and is divided into different functions depending on the type of server. The following explanation

1. Application server
Servers are used to store various applications that clients can access.
This type of server is used to store various data, both data that has not been processed and data that has been processed into information. This data can be accessed by clients using applications residing on the server.
3. Proxy server
While the proxy server manages the network traffic through the proxy settings. Laypeople are more familiar with using proxy servers to connect client computers to the Internet.
Therefore, read a brief description of the server and its functions, as well as the article on cloud computing