Eat Pokemon other Pokemon

We here at PewPewPew (i.e. me) are known to be interested in the inner logic of fictional universes. The world presented to us in Pokémon corresponds to a utopian vision of the future of our earth after two devastating wars (Fan Theories: Origin of Pokémon and the Great Poké War) drastically changed life, but fundamental aspects of human existence have been preserved. So even if we can teleport and shrink little monsters, humans must of course continue to ingest food. But what exactly do people in Kanto, Johto and the rest of the Poké world eat?

Earlier editions of the manga featured a cat and the series featured a lobster, but these aspects have been reduced as the publications become more homogeneous. Today Ash, Red and Co. live in a world that is populated exclusively by Pokémon. But if there are no other animals on earth besides humans, what exactly is the meat that Ash, the Pokémon and the rest of the inhabitants eat? Modern Farmer has dealt with this disturbing question and comes to the terrible conclusion: Soylent Green is people!

Simply put, it is a fact that people eat Pokémon. In the original television show, Farfetch’d, a duck-like Pokémon, was hunted to near extinction because of its delicious taste, similar to the blue fin tuna today. Early in the series, there was evidence that real world animals did exist, but that has largely been attributed to the then-undeveloped universe.

Even if you discount early examples, there is the matter of the Slowpoke tail. Slowpoke is a water-based creature with very low intellect. In the second generation of games, the criminal organization Team Rocket hatched a plan to cut off “tasty, nutritious” Slowpoke tails and sell them for a huge profit. The item description said it all: “Very tasty. Sell ​​high. "

In an interview, Takao Unno from Game Freak rejected the idea, but only on the assumption that better ways would have been found in the technologically more advanced Pokémon world. Of course, that's in stark contrast to what you see in the series. So it's official, Ash is a terrible, terrible person.

Modern Farmer:The Food Politics of Pokémon