Why aren't we all the same?

Inequality: Why we don't all have to have the same amount

  • The self-righteous

  • My counter-program - for common sense and solidarity
  • Written by: Sahra Wagenknecht
  • Voiced by: Viola Müller
  • Playing time: 12 hours and 20 minutes
  • Unabridged

Urban, diverse, cosmopolitan, individualistic - for many today, the left is primarily a question of lifestyle. Political concepts for social cohesion fall by the wayside, as do poorly paid women, poor immigrant children, exploited contract workers and large parts of the middle class. Whether in the USA or Europe: Those who concentrate on gender asterisks instead of equal opportunities and thereby neglect the culture and sense of belonging of the majority of the population are working into the hands of the political right.

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  • Objective, proportionate sense of reality

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