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Self-sufficient life - 10 steps to more independence

02/15/2021 I A contribution by Michelle Tempels and Katharina Klenner I Images: Unsplash, Pixabay

More and more people are living as self-sufficient and for good reason: Self-sufficient life means to be independent - independently of ideals and conventions, of business and corporations. Besides, it means that to shape your own life - Free from globalization, profit and performance, completely (or largely) without system constraints such as tax returns and contribution payments. Instead, you live in the specially created freedom and Subsistence farming. For many, however, the radical exit is too big a step. However, even a partially self-sufficient life can do a lot independence bring: Here you can find out how you can make your life more independent in ten steps. We also clarify what exactly “self-sufficient” actually means and what the advantages are.

Definition of “self-sufficient” living - from beetroot plants to photovoltaic systems

What does it actually mean to live self-sufficient? The adjective autark translated means “not to be dependent on anyone's support or direction”. People who live self-sufficiently try to equip themselves with the essential things and to take care of them. Instead of buying carrots and the like in the supermarket, groceries are planted in the home garden. Instead of buying furniture from a Swedish furniture chain, they build them themselves. Self-sufficient people also sew their own clothes and the power supply is separate from the general power distribution network. However, a life of self-sufficiency does not mean: I alone against the rest of the world! Many communities have already formed, such as so-called eco-villages, who live and live together and thus pursue the goal of an autonomous and at the same time more sustainable life.

There are many benefits of living self-sufficient. We present six advantages to you below.

1. Greater independence

You can safely put the appointment calendar aside, because from now on you alone are responsible for when, how and where you want to do something. Do you want to build a chicken coop on your property so that you can be supplied with fresh eggs from guaranteed organic farming every morning? Get to work At your own pace and the way you want it.

2. Assumption of personal responsibility

Do you fancy a raised bed full of berry plants that you can harvest in spring to create your own strawberry jam? Then do that! Nobody is stopping you. Do what you feel like doing.

3. Healthier diet

You create your own supermarket full of nutritious foods. Hidden industrial sugar and additives such as flavor enhancers or preservatives can only be found in the food industry. Your rolls don't come off the line, but fresh from your oven. In this way you also develop an awareness of good and healthy food. Food that not only tastes good, but is also good for your body.

4. More exercise

A vegetable patch, chickens and the like want to be looked after and cared for - by you! On the one hand, this means entering into an obligation to take care of plants and animals, on the other hand, it also means more exercise in the fresh air, which at the same time strengthens your health.

5. Greater awareness of nature

A self-sufficient life means a life in and by nature. You will automatically feel more and more connected to nature and, over time, develop a greater awareness of nature.

6. Less rubbish and hardly any packaging

Zero waste is not just a trend, it is now firmly established in many people's everyday lives. Hardly any other life is so predestined for producing so little waste and, above all, packaging waste as life as a self-sufficient person.

If you were not convinced of the self-sufficient life before, you probably are after this list of advantages at the latest. But how can you make your life concretely self-sufficient now? Here are 10 steps to a more independent life.

10 steps how you can make your everyday life self-sufficient

Every beginning is difficult. For those who find the “complete exit” too radical, the following 10 steps can help you gain a large part of your independence and at the same time benefit from the advantages of an independent life. It is completely sufficient if you only integrate a few steps into your everyday life.

1. Growing food yourself

It's super easy to grow your favorite vegetables like iceberg lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes or zucchini yourself. The garden doesn't have to be particularly large to harvest abundant quantities of vegetables. For example, you can grow a few tomatoes yourself on your balcony. Many plants bear fruit all summer long. Some vegetables such as cucumbers, radishes and winter lettuce can also be planted and harvested in winter.

Greenhouses ensure that plants can grow better and faster. There are now some greenhouses that even fit on your balcony - like this one:

Mini greenhouse JULIANA Balcony

“If the space is tight and the greenhouse space is large”, you can resort to this mini greenhouse. It can be screwed to the wall or placed on the balcony.

Alternatively: Raised bed for the balcony (*)

2. Keep farm animals

A few chickens in your own garden not only exude a certain rural idyll, but also produce eggs that can be incorporated into the nutritional plan in a variety of ways. And who doesn't taste much better eggs from happy chickens than those from factory farming? Sheep or goats can also be kept in your own garden with enough space after registering with the veterinary office.

3. Own supply of drinking water

In order to be able to supply yourself with enough fresh water, you have to dig deep enough for a well to get to the groundwater, with the approval of the local authority. According to the Drinking Water Ordinance, you can drink your own well water, but you are liable yourself. The water from the tap also consists of groundwater, but is treated in waterworks in accordance with the applicable guidelines of the Drinking Water Ordinance for drinking water quality and thus cleaned of possible impurities. With a water filter for your well, however, you are on the safe side and can enjoy your own drinking water without hesitation.

We present such a water filter to you here.

Seccua UrSpring filter elements

The Seccua UrSpring filter elements have shown full retention of bacteria, viruses and parasites in tests. The suspended solids are automatically flushed out of the filter.

4. Preserve food

There are so many foods that you can make longer shelf life in different ways. The process of making it last longer offers not only the obvious one, but also other advantages: Preserved jam simply tastes much better than bought one, you know exactly what is in your jars and the fermentation process is also a real pampering program for your intestinal tract - it takes care of it namely with valuable intestinal cultures that he needs to absorb and process the nutrients. So, let's go, get to them Mason jars! (*)

5. Exchange the car for a bicycle

It is no secret that the bicycle is the best choice in the category of means of transport thanks to its climate neutrality. A nice side effect is of course the positive effect on your health. In the long run, the bike only puts minimal stress on your joints and your wallet, but it still keeps you fit and on your toes.

Still looking for your dream bike? At Lucky bike you will find it! (*)

6. Use solar energy

How can one generate energy in a more environmentally friendly way than from the largest energy producer of our time, the sun itself? And best of all: You are no longer dependent on electricity providers, as you can now produce your own electricity. You don't have to be equipped with a complete photovoltaic system to do this. Even smaller gadgets can make a big difference!

Here are two products that will help you make your life more independent in the future.



The principle of the solar lamps from SONNENGLAS® is very simple: The SONNENGLAS® stores energy during the day via a solar solar module in the cover, which it emits again in the dark in the form of light. This method of generating light is sustainable, represents an easy way to live in an environmentally conscious way and is simply fun. As soon as you flip the magnetic toggle switch, you make your SONNENGLAS® glow. The highlight: The interior of the lamp in the form of a preserving jar offers plenty of space for creativity: Dried flowers, for example, look great in it.
The SONNENGLAS® is a real fair trade product from South Africa. SONNENGLAS® production in Johannesburg has created over 65 jobs for the previously unemployed. Production is almost entirely done by hand, true to the motto "Quality over Quantity".
When the light has reached the end of the product life cycle, the company offers a further offer in addition to a battery exchange program: you can return your old module and receive an upgrade module including a € 5 voucher. This is how your SONNENGLAS® becomes "light for life".

                                                                                                                   - display end--

SOLARA mobile solar modules

With these mobile solar modules from SOLARA you can generate electricity no matter where you are and even in diffuse light and in months with little light. No installation is necessary and even greater climatic loads cannot damage the solar modules.

7. Reduce waste and plastic

The same applies here: Even small changes in everyday life can make a big difference. For example, if you use loose vegetables and fruits in the supermarket instead of the already packaged goods, you are taking a step in the right direction. Why not visit the unpacked shop around the corner?

Zero waste is also becoming an increasingly important issue for cosmetic items: in drugstores you can already find solid shampoos, conditioners, deodorant creams, etc. in the standard range.

Here are some companies that specialize in zero waste.


At Puremetics you will find plastic-free, vegan beauty products with no harmful ingredients. In addition to solid soaps and shampoos, you will also find lip care, cosmetic pads and much more in the online shop.


Hellosimple sells vegan natural cosmetics such as solid shower and hair soap, as well as deodorant creams, but also organic detergents and solid dishwashing creams. All without plastic packaging, of course.


The clean box is a set with which you can easily make detergents and cleaning agents yourself. You can use tried and tested home remedies to clean in a more environmentally friendly way.

8. Composting

If you already separate the garbage, why not get added value directly from it? Start throwing your leftover food and organic waste in a composter. The result: Fresh soil packed with valuable nutrients for your own bed.

Worm box

The worm box is a normal composter with additional support for up to 2000 worms, which help to turn your kitchen waste into valuable worm humus.

9. Repair broken objects yourself

Why always buy new things when things can be repaired in a few simple steps? Your favorite socks have a big hole or your bike has a flat tire? Until now you've just bought new socks or brought your bike to a workshop, but why? There are now enough tutorials on the Internet that explain step by step how you can repair your broken clothes, objects, etc. yourself in the future.

10. Consume less

In today's consumer society there is a tendency to follow every trend: You always want to have the latest smartphone, "what bell-bottoms are in again?" And the furniture in your own four walls must now look like that of a well-known influencer - everything is constantly being replaced and renewed. But why actually? Your current cell phone can still serve you well for the next few years. If you rearrange a few pieces of furniture, there will be new momentum in the apartment and you will not have to completely rearrange yourself. And bell bottoms ... really?

Believe me, your wallet and the environment (and you, too, in a few weeks) will thank you for not following a trend that will soon be out of date.

Self-sufficiency is key

You notice: The soft version of self-sufficient life does not require as much effort and money as it might seem at first glance. Nothing is easier than using what is already there. The good thing is that there are already many products, such as mobile solar cells, that make a self-sufficient life much easier. So you don't have to do everything all by yourself. So you can easily bring a little self-sufficiency into your everyday life with small changes. You will notice that the step towards more freedom and independence is not as big as you might think. So, what are you waiting for?

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