Is Juice Plus Bio

Vegetable and fruit extracts from Juice Plus

The Juice Plus product range is marketed by the US company NSA Inc. (National Safety Associates) and includes dietary supplements, bars, protein shakes, soup powder, etc. The dietary supplements consist of fruit, berry and vegetable extracts.

That is why the advertising emphasizes the natural origin, even though the products are highly processed. Because they are also enriched with vitamins and secondary plant substances (e.g. carotenoids). The advertising for the products also suggests that these dietary supplements are just as valuable to health as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Scientific findings from studies that prove the beneficial health effects of fresh fruit and / or vegetables cannot, however, be transferred to dietary supplements. Rather, the combination of different components of fresh food provides the health value.

The entire spectrum of vital and bioactive substances is therefore only absorbed when the whole fruit or vegetable is consumed. This is especially true for the dietary fiber, which capsules and similar products hardly contain in the end product. Little is known about the bioavailability of the products, i.e. the ability of the organism to absorb the substances.

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There are currently no legally prescribed maximum amounts for vitamins and minerals in food supplements. Still can concentrated vitamins in excess harmful to the body be.

The vitamins in the vegetable, fruit and berry capsules contained in Juice Plus are vitamins A, C, E and folic acid. On the website, a daily intake of 2 capsules each of fruit, vegetable and berry capsules is recommended in the Juice Plus Premium package. The amount of vitamin E absorbed is almost 100% higher than the daily nutrient requirement of an adult.

In the Juice Plus Premium pastilles package, folic acid is 50% above the recommended daily requirement. An added health benefit through the additional supply of nutrients beyond what is required is not to be expected, an overdose of vitamins harbors risks! Especially since the vitamins contained in the Juice Plus preparations (with the exception of folic acid) are already ingested in sufficient quantities by the majority of the German population through their diet.

Basically, there is a possibility that there will be interactions between food supplements and drugs. This can increase, decrease or even block the effect of drugs. If the metabolism of drugs is inhibited, it can lead to an accumulation in the body with possible symptoms of intoxication. Anyone taking medication should discuss the intake of dietary supplements with their doctor in advance.


Distribution channels:

Juice Plus products are sold via the Internet, through medical practices, alternative practitioners or direct sales (multi-level marketing, MLM). Doctors violate the medical professional code by selling food supplements in their practice.

For direct sales, NSA Inc. likes to use laypeople who not only use the funds themselves, but are also always on the hunt for new customers and employees. Because a pyramid-like earnings system lets them share in the profits. Motto: The more customers and sellers are recruited, the higher the income. The money for your own ration of capsules should be generated without any problems. The complete package of vegetable, fruit and berry capsules costs an impressive 300 euros for 4 months. A single order - without a 4 month subscription - is not possible.

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