How do you follow leads on Facebook

10 practical tips to optimize the performance of your Facebook ads

2. Narrow down target groups

Danger: Drastic effects on current target groups put them back into the learning phase! Especially with target groups or ad groups that are already running satisfactorily, you should avoid optimizations of this kind if possible. Instead, duplicate the ad group and then set it up including your optimizations. ⚠️

If you have already collected meaningful results, you canbreak downby gender / age / placementetc. and gain exciting insights into the potentially strongest age ranges, genders etc.

The emphasis here is on "meaningful" and a lot has to be taken into account in the evaluation. Wrong conversions will cost you a lot of hard work. This is especially true for placements. An example of a wrong conclusion here would be:

You key out the campaign results according to placement and see: Instagram feed works best! As a result, you only want to play on Instagram feed in the future. This conclusion could be premature!

Apart from Facebook's very capricious algorithm and thus different results, just your ads that you used in this campaign could have been more suitable for Instagram. Other future ads may still perform as well or even better on other placements.

It could just as well be that in the observation period of your results - or in the target groups used - you simply against a lot of advertising competitors You had to compete on certain placements, which is why these did not work. With a different audience, the same ads could generate different results within the placements.

OnlyAge and gender are probably the most significant overall results about your target group as a whole.


Either way, a few unwritten rules apply when narrowing down the target group:

  • Let sleeping dogs lie: Do not change the target group attitude of a (well) running target group. Instead, duplicate them before making the changes. Test the newly restricted audience with the same ads as the original version. This is the only way to have a meaningful comparison!


  • Size matters: Restrictions on the demographic or placement level usually result in massive restrictions on the original Audience size. You should with the new choice of yours Budgets consider. Most of the time, less than half of the original budget is optimal for the limited target group!


  • No overengineering: Age 18-24, interested in A + B + C, are taken, only live in big cities, placement Instagram feed and Facebook Messenger etc ... Stop!Don't restrict too much. Only in the rarest of cases do target groups like this perform best (and for the longest). Facebook's algorithm values ​​a lot more freedom and opportunities to learn as quickly as possible which users are the right ones. So deal with these restrictions sensitively!