How does censorship affect the world today?


Germany is a country without censorship - at least that's what the Basic Law says. But is that also true? The Space Frogs take a closer look at the term "censorship" and wonder whether - and if so, where - there is censorship on the Internet.

The Space Frogs are among Germany's best-known and most successful YouTube stars: Strong-opinion, funny and occasionally a bit crazy, they explain the analog and digital world to their community of over a million subscribers. Now they are on the road “on behalf of democracy” and are investigating the big questions of network policy: Will the Internet be censored? What is net neutrality and how does it affect us? And how do algorithms and artificial intelligence influence what we see on the internet?

This video appeared on October 30, 2018 on the YouTune channel "Space Radio".

additional Information

  • Production: Jan M. Schäfer
    Editing: Dominik Rzepka and Sebastian Schöbel
    Social media: Sami Rauscher

  • Production: 10/30/2018

  • ed. from: Federal Agency for Civic Education / bpb

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