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Coronavirus Is China Developing Covid-19 Vaccines?

There are several vaccine candidates that are being developed by Chinese companies. They are not quite there yet, but you can hear that the Chinese have also started clinical studies. However, they have not yet been finally published. In addition, one hears that some vaccines are already being inoculated; Rumor has it that various vaccines are already being used in the military.

At the moment the problem is that you can't do such large vaccine studies in China because there aren't that many cases there. But Chinese companies are also going abroad with the studies. Studies are currently being carried out worldwide in the US, but also in Brazil and India where there is a lot of activity.

The problem with vaccines in China will be that if they worked well and the studies were convincing, they would probably be very difficult to get to in Europe. So we will have to concentrate on what is currently being developed in Europe and the USA. There are some on the way - not only Biontech or Moderna, but of course many other companies are also working on it.

I think there are over 200 vaccine candidates at the moment, and about 40 of them are in clinical stages. Not all of them in the late phase, but there is a lot on the way, so one can expect not just one or two vaccines to be approved in 2021, but probably several.

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