Why is grit important

Grit - the alternative to oyster shells

Poultry of all kinds need sufficient calcium to have a good eggshell quality. Here the lime grit is available as a source, which is generally sufficient.

Grit intake is important for healthy digestion in poultry. In the wild, birds etc. peck their food from the ground, where they always swallow small stones. These fulfill in the stomach, as a grinding stone, an important task to digest food and provide important nutrients for the body. B. are important for the formation of a good calcium coating around the egg.

The lime grit can be spread over the litter in the barn. The chickens are thus motivated to their natural behavior, the scratching. There is no need to fear excessive intake, as the chickens only peck as much as they need.

Grit is a good alternative to the sharp-edged oyster shells, which experience shows that chickens don't like to eat.


The advantages at a glance:

  • no feed displacement due to ingestion of the grit
  • better feed conversion, as the grit supports the stomach function (as a grinding stone)
  • improved eggshells in a short time
  • less feather pecking


We recommend the feeding amount per animal and day: 5 - 10 g

Grain: 1.8 - 4.0 mm

Calcium carbonate content: approx. 95%

Rakonit Grit is available in the following container sizes:

New in the range: resealable buckets


8 kg plastic bucket € 15.00 / including shipping and statutory VAT

25 kg plastic bag € 18.00 / including shipping and statutory VAT

1 Euro pallet = 42 x 25 kg 190.00 € This price is only valid for Baden-Württenberg

Other federal states on request