How can I find out someone's birthday

How to find someone's birthday

If you're the generous type and want to find out someone's birthday so you can throw a surprise party or sign them up as a prank on some dubious products, this post is for you. I'm going to show you different ways to find out someone's birthday. What you do with this information is up to you!

There are many reasons why you need to find someone's birthday. Perhaps you have forgotten the date of birth of your significant other, you might want to get a gift in time, you might want to book a weekend to celebrate or something completely different. Perhaps you want to do this without finding out that you forgot or that you are planning on anything.

Regardless of the why, here is the how.

Find out who's birthday

There are a few sneaky ways to find out someone's birthday that will give you the information you need without them adhering to it.

Use social media

Most people are very happy to put their birthday on their Facebook page so it is a logical first place to look. You can either go to your friend and choose About or Events and then Upcoming Birthdays. When the person has entered their birthday, your search is over. If not, try one of these other methods.

call a friend

If you are planning a party or want to get a gift on time, consider inviting a mutual friend. Remember to ask them not to let you forget!

Check your calendar

When you visit your friend's house, go to her kitchen and check out her calendar. Most people, or their partners or family, will circle a date and say "name big day" or "my birthday" or something. Just make a great excuse to be in the kitchen!

Okay google

If your friend has a social media presence or works online, a simple Google search can tell you what you need to know. Type in their name and city on Google or any other search engine to see what comes up. Sometimes links to public dates appear or your date of birth is compiled from publicly available information by the search engine.

Find records

Sites like ZabaseArchiv or your local Public Records Office may have online resources for reviewing dates of birth. Some limit what data is available online, but Zabasearch is pretty good at finding information about people. It only has access to public information but is a useful resource to try out.

Talk about famous people

Celebrity culture is all around us, to start a conversation about celebrities should be easy. Talk about anything you like or admire, then postpone the conversation to their respective ages and birthdays. Then ask the other person if they have the same birthday as a celebrity. If they say yes, they can tell you the date. If they don't tell you the celebrity but the date, you can check back later.

Take them somewhere that will be scribbled

If you are in your teenage or twenties, going somewhere that you are likely to need an ID is a useful trick. When they bring out their driver's license, comment on the photo or ask if their new license has the same license plates as your older one, or compare pictures. The date of birth is there to be seen.

You can do the same for a college ID or passport if you're not old enough to drink or have a driver's license. While booking, a trip can be an expensive way to find out someone's birthday, instead you could compare the photo trick.

Try the Birthdatabase

The Birthdatabase is a clearly laid out website with the birthdays of over 120 million people. Visit the page, enter your friend's full name and estimated age, and hit Search. The website will check out everyone with that name and approximate age and give you a list of returns. It doesn't cover everyone, but it is an option. It's a little spirited, however, and doesn't always work that way, don't rely on it alone.


If you're really serious about finding out her birthday, you can do a background check. It costs, is a bit stalker-ish, but gets the job done. Discipline yourself enough not to see anything other than your birthday in the report. You never know what skeletons a person has in their closet!

I'm not saying I forgot birthdays, but I used a few of these myself, mostly to card the person as this always seems to work. Are there any other ways you can find out someone's birthday without them finding out? Tell us about it when you do!