Life is boring without travel

Why traveling shouldn't make you happy

19th October 2013

Fuck, i love to travel.
Over and over again.

It just doesn't get boring, even after such a long time.

Travel does something to my soul. Something special.

No, I am not unhappy at home in my on-off homebase Berlin. My basic feeling is basically positive, no matter where I am.

But traveling, being on the go with my backpack, is a wonderful icing on the cake.

It's like relationships and your own happiness. Basically, you should be (more or less) 100% happy with yourself alone when you're single. A partner shouldn't serve the purpose of making you happy or complete. A relationship is there to perhaps intensify your happiness, to be able to share it, but not to supplement the missing part of your 100%. Anyone who believes that has misunderstood something.

The same goes for traveling. Therefore, the title of this blog post applies to the 100% minus proportions of happiness.

In times when I was well below the 100% mark, I often travel to run away from something, to seek my happiness elsewhere, which I couldn't really find at home. That often went in the pants. No shit, man. Not just once. (I'll write about my travel companions another time ..)

On the way, I keep meeting people who have gone on a longer trip to flee from a relationship that has ended, a meaningless career or other reasons.

And then those who “want to find themselves”. Who have no idea what they want to do with themselves and their lives and think that a journey will give them the answer. I've met a lot of them in the last month here in Mexico alone.

And I really understand what motivates these people. We are shaped by hopes. We hope that a trip will give us answers. We travel to clear up question marks. We travel to be with ourselves, to achieve freedom for our thoughts. Fuck, there are a million reasons why people pack their backpacks and go.


There should be no “to” reason for a trip.

Look for happiness in you. Find the meaning in you. Look for the answers in you.

You have them all in you.

Journey for the sake of travel. Not to use her for something she probably can't give you.

Not to make you happy. Not to protect yourself from anything. Not to distract you.

Travel because traveling is the icing on the cake for your life.

Then it does something to your soul too.

Enjoy the ride, kids.


PS: If you want to discuss 100% accuracy and other definition hit here in the comments, you are wrong here. All other objections and thoughts are, as always, very welcome. Keep it positive, dear ones.