Is there a psychological test for loyalty

Loyalty - definition and a self-test

In the following we explain what loyalty means and how it can be promoted. In addition, everyone can test for themselves how good their own loyalty is in comparison to others.

Definition and meaning

The word loyal comes from the French and stands for legal, thus according to the law. In German, loyalty means more the inner connection and loyalty to a person, a project or a company.

Synonymous with loyalty

A frequently used synonym for loyalty is the word solidarity. The difference is: loyalty is more the inner attitude, while solidarity is an outer expression. Loyalty, connectedness, fairness, sincerity, propriety, honesty, honesty, dependability, devotion, and persistence could also be seen as synonyms, with similar meanings.

How is loyalty noticeable?

For example, employees who turn down better-paying job offers from other companies are considered loyal. This means that employees do not always act in their own interests, they put the interests of the company first. This can be, for example, a waiver of salary adjustments in times of crisis, willingness to work overtime, making suggestions for improvement, or a change of residence when relocating. Only employees who fully support a company and identify with it remain loyal to it in the long term. Customers who remain loyal to a product, brand or company and do not purchase competing products can be loyal in the same way, even if they offer discounts.

Loyalty at work

Loyalty has nothing to do with addiction. Rather, it is the voluntary willingness to feel connected to the team, the company or a group. Of course, loyalty also requires other social skills such as reliability, fairness and decency.

Loyalty between employees and superiors

A loyal leader is willing to put his own goals and interests aside in favor of others, even if these are temporarily to his own disadvantage. Loyalty to employees is particularly crucial. It is particularly evident in how a manager assesses an employee's underperformance or a mistake made. Loyalty means here to separate person and behavior, that is, to criticize a behavior or a performance without questioning the person and their abilities or motives. For the employee, the loyalty of his manager is shown by the fact that he supports the employee even in the event of misconduct or misconduct.

Promote loyalty in the company

The first step to foster loyalty among employees is to exemplify this through managers (see above). In addition, the team must have goals that all group members can identify with. Of course, areas of responsibility must be well planned and delimited so that employee motivation and thus loyalty does not decrease.